Monday, October 09, 2006

'wtc' with Taipoh ....

Last week Bahija msn-ed with yaya ....then Bahija mentioned that she spent more time keeping in touch with her friends overseas. Suddenly Bahija realized that TaiPoh had left SF and been home for > 1 yr, yet Bahija seldom meet her or talk to her ... and never go movie with her too sad huh, we are so close, yet so far, 'busy' with own life individually. Tonight, I invited her for movie 'World Trade Center' ... it was a good decision. We had great short time catching up with each other ....the movie was about Sept 11, 2001. My first visit to NY was with TaiPoh. We walked to the Ground Zero....I bet TaiPoh misses her life back in States ..she enjoyed the movie. To my readers who know her, she is still the super rajin designer , working late and rushing for projects most of the time :)

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