Saturday, September 24, 2005

finding special kid day care center ....

2 weeks ago, my work site organized a community service project. We visited old folk home. So kiew, Bahija visited this same home when I was in standard six, back then the home was in bad condition. Now it is so much better. My standard - this home is independent, in dirt good condition :)
Anyway, I am looking for a special children day care center. It should be a place where the family can send the special kid to this center in the morning, and pick up after work. If any of you hear / know of such center ( regardless of the locations - up north, south or anywhere ) , please let me know. Any contact will be valuable. I just need to start from somewhere. After a feasible study, getting a domestic maid is not a good idea yet ..

Friday, September 23, 2005


11:30 pm, bro-in-law called, asked me if I met or heard anything from my eldest sister. I said nope...He then said he failed to contact her throughout the whole night, handphones not reachable. Usually, she's the one who calls home often, or call to check on others. Bro-in-law asked if I have her office number. Bahija quickly called her office, no answered. Then our heart betul-betul dropped - the worrying punya feeling wasn't fun, like a portion of the heart missing, like a heavy stone sinking in the water ...we called everyone at home, no one had any idea where she would be. Desperato, bro-in-law drove to her office, wanted to check and talk to the security guard. Bahija staying at home, the mind started wandering, thinking about all the nonsense - got so worried, at the end, I just prayed....At 11:50pm, Lalalililatappong FINALLY managed to get hold of her. Rupa-rupanya she's attending a party @ Hilton. ALAMAK - entah apa hal this time, she forgot to tell ...I was so relief knowing she's OK, no kidding. Besok, kena lecture/tease her sikit, I'm glad she's OK though. The key learning tonight :- we must have her colleagues /subordinate contact numbers, her hubby shld know her office number, we should always keep others informed of the whereabout - 吓死我 ...a great reminder to us to always pay attention to security, to appreciate people we love. I can sleep well now. Thank God !

saman 50% discount

Besides mega sales, police also offer saman sales ... 50% discount until end of this month. My fellow readers, if you have not check , please do so - simple nia

Just SMS text 'Polis Saman XXX1234 Semua' where xxx1234 is your car plate. Then send this sms to DAPAT ( 32728). A report will be sent to you.

I have been a good girl, I paid all my samans. Yet, still have 1 outstanding dated 16/6/2000 - nasib baik $30 nia ( semalam I betul2 pulled out my old documents folder - tried to check if I've paid this saman tak )

Bad news I just checked online - 50% hanya applicable for fines > $40 and above , apa lah - anyway, we can pay online as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

parallelism ...

Tonight my QT will be a longer one...there are a few not so good news happening on friends and their families. Mum's friends called - most of them now having various kinds of diseases - she gathered a lot of the old aged stories, I view it positively now - that she has to prepare herself more towards ageing process, live a simple life and enjoy evey moment she has...she came to her children, hinted she wants her overseas trips liow ( my mum pandai one). It is so obvious when one reaches 70 years old, the ageing process speed up a lot. My earlier blogs mentioned I was too afraid to face that, and wish for wisdom to channel fear into positive energy - guess it's working quite well now :) - I'm thankful.

Besok, Beckam is doing sinus procedure. My friend's dad is hospitalized. Another friend's dad went thru surgery 2 weeks ago ....A good reminder to all, is that, as we mature in life, as baby is growing up, as we busy building our career, setting our own family, our dear parents also growing old in parallel...end with 'treasure whoever is/are important to you' :)

mysterious ....

AR and Bahija were walking - checking out travel information from various booths at m.a.t.t.a fair ....then suddenly - Ms Artificial & hubby walking towards us, then next to us was Ms Sexy pula. Aiyuh yuh - nah, that was 'Kiew' or not ? We 4 of us so excited, stood at that spot, talked and talked , laughed and laughed ... amazing eh - there were 4 different exhibition halls and full with people, yet - we got to meet sekali at the same time :) - ini lah sync from Egypt. After 1 year - we still remembered the trip so so well. Speaking of this, 1st yr anniversary party is coming soon, my fellow Egypt kakies - get ready @ the usual place :) Theme of the night - of course lah pakai the Egyptian customes we bought at the cruise :P

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

High water pressure ....

Tonight, the water pressure around my residential area suddenly shoot up ...the reading now is at 550 kPA. Geee, suddenly it's so great /shiock taking bath :) , unfortunately, a lot of houses /neighbour punya external water filters or water pipes burst - cannot sustain the high pressure, so before I go to bed - need to walk outside to close the main water input source - coz I taknak wake up besok in a flooded house :P

Sunday, September 18, 2005

my consultants ...

Last Saturday, while Bahija was watching s.t.o.m.p - I realized that I've 3 good musical consultants around me. What a lucky girl - from now on, before I buy an expensive ticket - I'll make 3 calls, this will guarantee I get the best deal :) - best R.O.I ,hehe. Some friends asked me how was s.t.o.m.p - hmm, I enjoyed the performance, quite interesting - performance not as noisy as I thought - simple stage design for small group of performers. Bahija just 'kek sim' for spending so much on this 'tong sampah music' ....on the same day - bahija spent $350 on a water heater which will last around 10 years vs 2 hours of tong sampah music for slightly less than water heater cost ...hmm, have to learn some Money Sense lah ....cari makan susah, especially petrol cost raising up - inflation up, up, up , up :(

Friday, September 16, 2005

Having what it takes .....

Read this article from the star....reminded me of Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear and mum are with me this weekend. Last month Teddy Bear was at 118 Kg. Tonight he is at 115 Kg. Last year this time he was 125 Kg. When I came back in August and bathed him, so obvious he shed off a lot of fat liow. At this point, we don't know if this is a positive indicator or reverse. We control Teddy Bear's meal, swap to brown rice, less sugar, no nasi lemak, curry laksa, eat healtier food. On top of this, he's also dignosed with diabetes - taking extra pills...actually now - the best name to describe him is Garfield, he always has sleepy eyes...a diabetic person may lose weight easily - this is not good. We were brought up in Rainbow neighbourhood ... my siblings - we usually stayed in the house, watched TV, no gossips with others. Anything happened outside our house, we were the last one to know .. stayed in that place for many many many years. 3 years ago, one neighbour told us that Teddy Bear is very famous. A lot of people knows him and my mum ...we were shocked - we bukan celebraties leh. Apparently - a lot of people have been gossiping behind us, passing negative comments - some said Teddy Bear was dangerous, garang, bad boy , etc etc - Aiiii, when my mum heard those invalid comments, she must be sakit hati. She used to be very sensitive on what others' think about Teddy Bear. Luckily, she's cool now, care less about what others have to say or their weird eye looks. I agree with the author of the article, it is never easy to take care of a special child.

new blogger

Today, I'm so happy - a friend of mine started blogging - hehehehe , sort of inspired by me wor , cool-nya. Another cucu so to speak :) Plus, some of my quiet readers also actively giving me comments now - showing support , hehehe ....

Friday, September 09, 2005

house hopping ....

When I was young, growing up, I never spent time slept over at friend's house, or lepak, or main-main in their houses. Mum only locked me up in the Rainbow house. Thus, I'm not used to staying overnight at someone's house, and if need to , I try not to trouble anyone .... I rather be a lone ranger :)
Now, things change liow for me. Just like this week - I spent a night at Docker's Pant house. 2 nights at Fish's house. Asked friends to fetch me - bring me to various places. Initially I felt uneasy - the 'asking favor' mentality just troubled me so much. Now, as I'm blogging, I'm feeling great, glad for this arrangement, coz I know my friends better, got to spend time meeting their family members as well :) - in other words, the concept of 'fellowship' is good. Thesedays, hectic life, we don't spend enough time growing our relationship, so this is best time for me to catch up with them :) - I just want to express my gratitute to all my friends who have hosted me so far ( including Roseburg, TaiPoh, Yaya, RotiTelur ) ...cheers !!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feeling uncomfortable ....

I received an invitation to attend a meeting next month. First thought came to me - of course happy and glad. Then second thought - also felt uneasy. Initiated a dialog session to clarify. Somehow, to me - my personal viewpoint, may be a rotation could be a better choice here. On the other side, it's a new place, a place I wanted to go for many times ...I sincerely 'pai sek' and didn't know how to share with 2 lovely girls. Keep thing simple - I accepted and planning for the trip. It's an opportunity indeed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

traffic jam

Monday night, when I left office at 7pm, right after the first toll - stucked in traffic jam liow, bumper to bumper, extremely slow moving. That was serious as the jam started right after the toll plaza. My colleagues who left office since 5 pm, also faced the same problem. Those left at 9pm also kena. We were talking about LDP highway, a very busy imagined from 5 to 9 pm - thousands of cars passing that stretch of roads, and all sacrificed their valuable time in the car - why why why ? The answer is here 'King Cobra Charms Thousands'

There's this cobra appeared in this Indian temple, and people all kpc wanted to see the holy cobra, simply parked their cars by the highway - this had great impact on the motorists - traffic jam from Puchong all the way to CJ - to me, this is ridiculas, very the geram.....selfish folks doing things on the expense of others :( Why can't they park their cars nicely ? where were the traffic policemen - why didn't they tow away those stupid cars, or give them summons ... aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - betul2 BODOH

Sometimes I am sad for staying here in this country :(

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Back to Normal ....

Overseas siblings went home liow, my house suddenly so quiet, party over. House is messy and dirty. I missed those fun times sleeping with my nieces and nephews ...they are so adorable, innocent and cute - took me some effort to be close with them. Aii, too bad, next round when we meet again, we are back to stranger. Those little folks commented that I have a lot of I-kei towels and T-shirts, and a few In-kei mugs :), good observation. BTW, HT is joining I-Kei on mid Sept - wishing her the best, I-kei is not a bad place to work :)


This morning I brought a new friend, Ewok to visit my church. He is Docker Pant's friend. Bringing visitor to church is a very common thing. But today - I felt funny. After the service, 5 pakcik came to see me - told me ewok is a nice decent man. That's the first time Bahija encountered a comment on a guy from 5 pakcik sekali gus - all strongly said he's good. I wonder what magic has he done to impress them :) Well, I agree he is a decent person. Too bad, ewok is too young and attached liow , hahaha :P

Thursday, September 01, 2005

1st anniversary soon ...

Aug 30 - My spy reminded me that matta fair is on sept 16 - 18. Hmm, brought me back to my 2004 Oct trip ---- the mysterious Egypt trip with my fav kakies , next - Habibi of course. Yuh, last sms was 3 months ago :P Too bad Kancil cancelled his Egypt trip, else Bahija would have a good excuse to contact Habibi liow ....

Aug 31 - Ms Artificial called me, I busy - missed her call ...

Hmm, reminders kut :)