Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mysterious ....

AR and Bahija were walking - checking out travel information from various booths at m.a.t.t.a fair ....then suddenly - Ms Artificial & hubby walking towards us, then next to us was Ms Sexy pula. Aiyuh yuh - nah, that was 'Kiew' or not ? We 4 of us so excited, stood at that spot, talked and talked , laughed and laughed ... amazing eh - there were 4 different exhibition halls and full with people, yet - we got to meet sekali at the same time :) - ini lah sync from Egypt. After 1 year - we still remembered the trip so so well. Speaking of this, 1st yr anniversary party is coming soon, my fellow Egypt kakies - get ready @ the usual place :) Theme of the night - of course lah pakai the Egyptian customes we bought at the cruise :P

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