Wednesday, September 07, 2005

traffic jam

Monday night, when I left office at 7pm, right after the first toll - stucked in traffic jam liow, bumper to bumper, extremely slow moving. That was serious as the jam started right after the toll plaza. My colleagues who left office since 5 pm, also faced the same problem. Those left at 9pm also kena. We were talking about LDP highway, a very busy imagined from 5 to 9 pm - thousands of cars passing that stretch of roads, and all sacrificed their valuable time in the car - why why why ? The answer is here 'King Cobra Charms Thousands'

There's this cobra appeared in this Indian temple, and people all kpc wanted to see the holy cobra, simply parked their cars by the highway - this had great impact on the motorists - traffic jam from Puchong all the way to CJ - to me, this is ridiculas, very the geram.....selfish folks doing things on the expense of others :( Why can't they park their cars nicely ? where were the traffic policemen - why didn't they tow away those stupid cars, or give them summons ... aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - betul2 BODOH

Sometimes I am sad for staying here in this country :(


Anonymous said...

Well, think about this - you got friends and family in KL and food is the best as compare to Roseburg, Oregon. So, not to bad at all living in KL. Living close to home and big city comes with a price, i.e traffic jam.
I'd trade KL for Roseburg anytime.
Feel better already after reading my comment?

Bahija said...

Howdeeee, I'm glad to hear from you - Roseburg :) that will be your blog name liow. Hehehehe

不精な猫 said...

On the bright side, aint this is a better place where people still care about what happens around them?