Friday, September 23, 2005


11:30 pm, bro-in-law called, asked me if I met or heard anything from my eldest sister. I said nope...He then said he failed to contact her throughout the whole night, handphones not reachable. Usually, she's the one who calls home often, or call to check on others. Bro-in-law asked if I have her office number. Bahija quickly called her office, no answered. Then our heart betul-betul dropped - the worrying punya feeling wasn't fun, like a portion of the heart missing, like a heavy stone sinking in the water ...we called everyone at home, no one had any idea where she would be. Desperato, bro-in-law drove to her office, wanted to check and talk to the security guard. Bahija staying at home, the mind started wandering, thinking about all the nonsense - got so worried, at the end, I just prayed....At 11:50pm, Lalalililatappong FINALLY managed to get hold of her. Rupa-rupanya she's attending a party @ Hilton. ALAMAK - entah apa hal this time, she forgot to tell ...I was so relief knowing she's OK, no kidding. Besok, kena lecture/tease her sikit, I'm glad she's OK though. The key learning tonight :- we must have her colleagues /subordinate contact numbers, her hubby shld know her office number, we should always keep others informed of the whereabout - 吓死我 ...a great reminder to us to always pay attention to security, to appreciate people we love. I can sleep well now. Thank God !

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