Monday, September 29, 2008

Black B

This is my new baby , the Black B ....welcoming her to my family, she's 56750 kilometers, born in 2003. Bahija hopes she'll be a great baby :)
Docker's Pant was the first passenger :) .... to all my fellow kakies , I hope you make it to my top 10 list ....


Sweety faithfully served me 12 years ... it's really hard to let her go, last weekend, I've been spending quality time with her, driving her around and kept thanking her , for her wonderful service. Both of us spent many wonderful time together, be it sad or happy moment ....some of you may think that I am crazy, somehow , she is 'alive' in my world. aiii, indeed I'm very sad to let her go ...... I didn't make it to 300,000 kilometers. Today, she finally changed owner, clocked in 297,854 kilometers for me... her new owner is in construction line , sweety will have to go to construction sites very often ....I wish her the best

Monday, September 22, 2008

6 more days ......

Aiiii , 6 more days - sept 28 - will be 3 mths since I left In-Kei , aiiii - the truth is Bahija really deeply misses her wonderful working life in In-Kei. Bahija needs to move forward , for the past 3 mths, I have been constantly reminding myself to be positive , to explore the new things ....don't look back , just be greatful that I have had those great moment in In-Kei.
Sept 28 , I will also let go or forfeit more than 1000 shares ( they are under-water now ) , aiii - that is a great loss to me :(

Finally .....sayonara to my sweety :(

Bahija has been talking on this topic for many years ....every time after calculating the mthly installment , I will park the 'desire' on one side. Lately the desire is back, this time - I prayed for it , I talked to people , contacted some friends for help, 2 phone calls came, 4:30 pm , Bahija and her BIL ( brother in law ) went to check out the car , 6 pm - paid deposit liow. Wow , thesedays I am really 'shocked' with Bahija, her decision making is so fast , too fast that it's kind of scary. Anyway , the deal is done. Surprisingly, I am not excited or happy yet, likewise, I am actually sad to let go of my faithful sweety, she's been with me for > 12 years ...gosh, now she only worth RM6k nia , so sakit hati..too bad I can't keep her with me :(

Sept 22 - may the new sweety be as sweet as my current one ...