Monday, September 22, 2008

6 more days ......

Aiiii , 6 more days - sept 28 - will be 3 mths since I left In-Kei , aiiii - the truth is Bahija really deeply misses her wonderful working life in In-Kei. Bahija needs to move forward , for the past 3 mths, I have been constantly reminding myself to be positive , to explore the new things ....don't look back , just be greatful that I have had those great moment in In-Kei.
Sept 28 , I will also let go or forfeit more than 1000 shares ( they are under-water now ) , aiii - that is a great loss to me :(


点点滴滴 said...
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点点滴滴 said...

I totally agreed with you.
Even after 2 years now I still have the "feeling" with In-kei and have to keep on reminding myself to look forward.