Saturday, November 22, 2008

busy nov 22 ...

Nov 22 - is my eldest sis bday as well as CC's bday too .... Bahija's weekend has always been very fruitful, I hardly get to sit N rest at home...I don't even have time for my sweety Black-B, she hasn't taken her bath for > 3weeks liow, she's very very dirty, I'm very pai sek when friends hopped in to my dirty car. Well - sabar la , what to do , her owner is busy cum lazy too..

Today, early morning, I'll go visit a handicap center, an event organized by University Hospital Epilepsy Society, the center is called Shuang Fu Disabled Home , located at Old Klang Road. Too bad , due to system peak time, my customer aka the Tax Dept can only scheduled 22/11 for me to work, what a good timing yea :( ... the system downtime is from 8 am to 8 pm. Bahija has to go Shuang Fu Disabled Home in the morning at 8:30 am , then go to work from 12 noon to 8pm. It's my first visit to Shuang Fu, I hope I won't miss out the fun time when I have to cabut early ...I want to finish my work ASAP , praying hard all the database related tasks run smoothly , as I'm going for a fun chat at 6 pm .... already postponed my sister bday dinner to next Sunday -> discovered this little italian restaurant at Medan Damansara - yummy food , next sunday when I go for the feast, I'll snap some photos and show yea :)

Pray that I have good rest now, that I'm re-charged and have all the energy to enjoy Nov 22 ...
Oh , Happy Blessed Birthday to my dearest sweetest sister Ms DaiKarCher , and dearest chee mui CC :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

mentality ....

Ringgit blogged about 'wayarless' .... it's hillarious how we translate english into malay , eg komunikasi ( communication ) , fleksible ( flexible ) , motivasi ( motivation ) .... this week , in our country , there are another 2 gila things .
Firstly, govn't allowed our cab drivers to sell phone cards and drinks inside the cab ...hmmm , when I heard about this , I laughed it out , I would never dare to buy any drinks from the cab driver , who knows he/she is a good cab driver ? would he / she put 'special' pills into the drinks ? selling phone card ? why ???? what's the reasons ? As it is , our cab drivers are not reputable, our cab drivers are labelled one of the worst in Asia, now coupled with selling drinks and phonecard - aiyuh , I can imagine it's so rojak ....

Secondly, utara-selatan ( north-south ) highway , 10% discount from midnite to 7 am ... memalukan to the rakyat actually, it's better that they remain status qua than to propose this idea. To encourage drivers to travel within midnight to 7 am. Some rakyat called to radio station and commented that the toll company is not 'sincere' about giving their discount , as in they are not caring for the road drivers. This discount idea clearly promoting night travellers, whom most of them said dangerous to drive at night , harder on eyes , tired body , more prone to accidents, or even some culprits could easily setup 'fake accidents' in the dark night ...

Aiii , I pray that people use some of their brain juice , put themselves in the 'rakyats' shoes, think wisely and suggest more feasible , sensible ideas , sometimes it's quite memalukan reading all the hillarious jokes .... 'msia boleh' , I sincerely wish 'msia maju' lor , can we ?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm happy.......

This year , Bahija managed to read quite a few books , i think I broke the record this year :) .... I've learned to find the joy from reading, I've learned to find encouragement from the books .... lately, I'm busy reading and trying to catch up with all the books I bought , sometimes too kat cheong that I forego my beauty sleep - that's not a good habit ... I am also thinking how I could plan my schedule, so that I can go Cameran Highland or Genting Highland or Cherating - just relax, lepak, do nothing and read books .... a time to clear my mind , recharge my soul

Tonight , I had dinner with Ringgit and Mystic_Grey, Mystic_Grey bought me a gift - a book ( the bottom one ) ---> I already sensed that it's going to be a good read when I received it from her :) , Mystic_Grey , TQ so Much !

Monday, November 10, 2008

benefits for OKU

Firstly, OKU stands for Orang Kurang Upaya , which means the disabled folks. The disabled folks can go to JKM ( Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat ) , get the OKU application form, then go to government hospital , and get the doctor to fill in the form, then submit to JKM for application. Once approved , a red OKU card will be given. For those who is poor, underprivilleged, they can also apply for mthly allowances - they carry a different OKU card.

For red OKU card , following is the benefits :-
1. Bus - 50% discount
2. Kommuter - 50%
3. LRT - 50% from Prasarana Negara Berhad
4. Airplane - 50% discount on MAS domestic
5. Car - 50% discount on national car sales tax for OKU ( those not physically challenged )
6. Telekom - free mthly rental, free 103 service
7. Income Tax - tax deduction on OKU or parents who are taking care of OKU
8. JKM - mthly allowance for OKU who is working and mthly salary < $750
- custom tax deduction on equipments for OKU
- free to attend training or rehabilitation organized by JKM
9. Immigresion - free on passport frees
10. JPA - pension fund for selected folks
11. Education - $25 mthly for primary and secondary student
- $25 mthyl for student in Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti ( KDK )
- $300 mthly for student in IPTA and polytechnique
12. Hospital - free for government hospital and clinics
13. Parking - can enjoy the handicap parkings

*** our country is still trying to improve its social services. When I was young , it's very tedious and hard to bring Teddy Bear shopping , as we didn't know how or where were the facilities. Thesedays , handicap facilities have improved .... theseday, if I bring Teddy Bear out , I will park in 'Handicap' parking lot , display his OKU card, to show others that I need that facility, it makes my life so much better :) .....

so so , please help educate those folks who simply like to park at the handicap lots even though they are physically fit ....those are very bad behaviour