Monday, November 10, 2008

benefits for OKU

Firstly, OKU stands for Orang Kurang Upaya , which means the disabled folks. The disabled folks can go to JKM ( Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat ) , get the OKU application form, then go to government hospital , and get the doctor to fill in the form, then submit to JKM for application. Once approved , a red OKU card will be given. For those who is poor, underprivilleged, they can also apply for mthly allowances - they carry a different OKU card.

For red OKU card , following is the benefits :-
1. Bus - 50% discount
2. Kommuter - 50%
3. LRT - 50% from Prasarana Negara Berhad
4. Airplane - 50% discount on MAS domestic
5. Car - 50% discount on national car sales tax for OKU ( those not physically challenged )
6. Telekom - free mthly rental, free 103 service
7. Income Tax - tax deduction on OKU or parents who are taking care of OKU
8. JKM - mthly allowance for OKU who is working and mthly salary < $750
- custom tax deduction on equipments for OKU
- free to attend training or rehabilitation organized by JKM
9. Immigresion - free on passport frees
10. JPA - pension fund for selected folks
11. Education - $25 mthly for primary and secondary student
- $25 mthyl for student in Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti ( KDK )
- $300 mthly for student in IPTA and polytechnique
12. Hospital - free for government hospital and clinics
13. Parking - can enjoy the handicap parkings

*** our country is still trying to improve its social services. When I was young , it's very tedious and hard to bring Teddy Bear shopping , as we didn't know how or where were the facilities. Thesedays , handicap facilities have improved .... theseday, if I bring Teddy Bear out , I will park in 'Handicap' parking lot , display his OKU card, to show others that I need that facility, it makes my life so much better :) .....

so so , please help educate those folks who simply like to park at the handicap lots even though they are physically fit ....those are very bad behaviour


kingofking59 said...

i want to know what can i do with oku yellow card?

Fennie said...

from where i can get to apply the monthly allowance & pension fund?

OKU JOB DB said...

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OKU JOB DB said...

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