Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm happy.......

This year , Bahija managed to read quite a few books , i think I broke the record this year :) .... I've learned to find the joy from reading, I've learned to find encouragement from the books .... lately, I'm busy reading and trying to catch up with all the books I bought , sometimes too kat cheong that I forego my beauty sleep - that's not a good habit ... I am also thinking how I could plan my schedule, so that I can go Cameran Highland or Genting Highland or Cherating - just relax, lepak, do nothing and read books .... a time to clear my mind , recharge my soul

Tonight , I had dinner with Ringgit and Mystic_Grey, Mystic_Grey bought me a gift - a book ( the bottom one ) ---> I already sensed that it's going to be a good read when I received it from her :) , Mystic_Grey , TQ so Much !

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MG said...

you are most welcome!!!
hope the book will provide you the encouragement you need.