Saturday, April 07, 2007

sweets sweets sweets .....

Heeeeee - a few of my friends will be smiling at me when they see these , thanks to all the angels who brought them over here .... enjoy !!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

one of my fav ....

For unknown reason, Bahija likes batik :) , i like the hand drawn nice creative drawings or, visited a Batik factory, and ternampak batik table cloth - wow - can't resist the temptation, and bought a batik hand-drawn 100% cotton table cloth - which was told will not fade in color when washed, and the patterns are available on both sides. Bahija visited Yunnan Province last year, I almost spent the same amount of money on one similar table cloth, luckily I didn't - as that one the color will fade , plus it's from China... today, I'm happy to put on this piece of batik cloth on my dining table ...when I host foreign visitors for meals at my home sweet home, they'll be able to see the beautiful handicrafts from my country .... plus this piece of cloth shall be passed over to the next generation ( provided it can last long la - hee ) , so to me, it's money well spent :) , it's an inheritage item in my dictionary

snack ...

A relative of Fish enjoys this 'great' snack from gurney drive .... only available at night --> take a look .... do u know what is it ???? ...... crispy fried chicken skin wor. She bought me this whole pack - and I only tasted 2 pieces .... the rest buang - haaaa. it's crispy like eating KFC chicken lah, but hor - this one only skins and the fats , plus lots of bulu ... i can see the bulu bulu everywhere - so tak ada selera liow
Folks like to eat this with beer ....those who like this, try kat PG Gurney drive la

Good Friday @ BM MCC

Rushed to cross the PG bridge, heavy traffic after office hours , late for Good Friday service, no dinner .... Bahija visited Bkt Mertajam chinese church last year's a very neat, nice small community chinese methodist church. (I like the red color long big cross ). BM is a small town, yet when Bahija walked into this church, I'm amazed with the crowd, the community that this church has :) - it's a family church, active with a lot of good activities for various groups. Tonight - i was invited to listen to a choir from Taiwan. They sang very well & shared great testimonies - and one of the singer is called 'black pearl' as she's an african lady who speaks some chinese ... at 52 yrs old, she's looking great , young and sings well, I like to imagine her as Whitney Houston (WH) .... is it wonderful that a small town like BM, the community can enjoy one peaceful evening listening to WH look and sound alike songs ? To the believers, it's time to reflect what we've done, how we should move forward daily, remembering Him, His sacrificies, His commandments, be humble, be thankful, be loving, to share love, to have faith ..... and to the non-believers - they can take this time to remind themselves that material world is not that important, learn to reset the priorities in life, or simply just sit and relax, just unwind and listen to songs :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TQ ...

Bahija had a request with Him, if I get more than a certain amount in increment, I shall give that as offering to my church Dialysis Center building fund ( the fund drive has been setup for years, until today , we still haven't collected enough fund to build the center to serve the community)...My wish was granted, I'm glad and thankful, pleased that I'm able to contribute. I think I will also sponsor a child this year (guilty as I spent on a luxury anniversary gift). Perhaps sponsor a Cambodian child , as I can get AA ticket easily and fly to meet him/her in future - heee

Swap topic , a friend of mine adopted 6 cats , 9 cats died earlier termakan by her 5 dogs , whenever she saw any abandoned cats or dogs, she'll adopt them....she just has the passion for the animals, her mthly expenses on the animals are high too, includes medication, food, cleanliness care, dog care when she's out of town....I like the animals, some are cute adorable, some can be bodyguard eg dogs for the blind..nothing against them. But given a choice, I'll rather help a human being than animal - it's just me , my style ...SPCA is not the place Bahija will visit

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 1 .....

Last year this time, Bahija treated herself a trip to Cambodia...This year, Bahija rewarded herself an expensive item, something that YaYa already did years back with her first paycheck's my 11th yr anniversary gift, I think I'll treasure this little gift ... April 3 - meeting boss to receive my performance evaluation, hope to get good news lah , most important hope I can perform the promise I made with Him la .... will see :)