Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday @ BM MCC

Rushed to cross the PG bridge, heavy traffic after office hours , late for Good Friday service, no dinner .... Bahija visited Bkt Mertajam chinese church last year's a very neat, nice small community chinese methodist church. (I like the red color long big cross ). BM is a small town, yet when Bahija walked into this church, I'm amazed with the crowd, the community that this church has :) - it's a family church, active with a lot of good activities for various groups. Tonight - i was invited to listen to a choir from Taiwan. They sang very well & shared great testimonies - and one of the singer is called 'black pearl' as she's an african lady who speaks some chinese ... at 52 yrs old, she's looking great , young and sings well, I like to imagine her as Whitney Houston (WH) .... is it wonderful that a small town like BM, the community can enjoy one peaceful evening listening to WH look and sound alike songs ? To the believers, it's time to reflect what we've done, how we should move forward daily, remembering Him, His sacrificies, His commandments, be humble, be thankful, be loving, to share love, to have faith ..... and to the non-believers - they can take this time to remind themselves that material world is not that important, learn to reset the priorities in life, or simply just sit and relax, just unwind and listen to songs :)

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