Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TQ ...

Bahija had a request with Him, if I get more than a certain amount in increment, I shall give that as offering to my church Dialysis Center building fund ( the fund drive has been setup for years, until today , we still haven't collected enough fund to build the center to serve the community)...My wish was granted, I'm glad and thankful, pleased that I'm able to contribute. I think I will also sponsor a child this year (guilty as I spent on a luxury anniversary gift). Perhaps sponsor a Cambodian child , as I can get AA ticket easily and fly to meet him/her in future - heee

Swap topic , a friend of mine adopted 6 cats , 9 cats died earlier termakan by her 5 dogs , whenever she saw any abandoned cats or dogs, she'll adopt them....she just has the passion for the animals, her mthly expenses on the animals are high too, includes medication, food, cleanliness care, dog care when she's out of town....I like the animals, some are cute adorable, some can be bodyguard eg dogs for the blind..nothing against them. But given a choice, I'll rather help a human being than animal - it's just me , my style ...SPCA is not the place Bahija will visit

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MG said...

hey congrats on the increment.