Wednesday, April 01, 2015

19 years liow

Bahija started work on April 1 , 1996. Today I celebrate 19 years working anniversary , fast nya ... zooooom , dah 19 yrs ..I feel that time passes real fast. Thankful for the job I have now , at least it feed me and my family. Jia Yu !

Friday, July 26, 2013

Tak bayar tax

the other day , went to customer office , saw a pretty young girl with 2 luggages .. The officer told me she was at airport and immigresion stopped her from leaving country , why ? Sebab she tak bayar taxes.  So from KLIA she took cab to CJ tax office.  in a way , it is padan muka for her leh , tak bayar taxes and wasted her flight ticket etc ..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

journey of recovery for friends ....

last year Aug , a close friend of mine, her healthy hubby suddenly had aneurysm in the brain ( blood vessel burst in the brain ) ... admitted ICU for mths , and he encountered miracle , today he is 100% recovered and started going back to work force , PTL.

last year Dec, another friend discovered stage 3 nose cancer ... she's an insurance agent and well to do, started treatement at private hospital and after 3 mths of treatment, she is free of cancer cells now ..

this year Feb , a very young fantastic young adult- father of a 1.5 yr old toodler , suddenly developed pain in stomach , then found out it was leukimia , admitted to hospital for chemo treatment and many other treatment ... he is still fighting for his survival now , wishing him luck, praying for miracle for him too , he is such a wonderful young man..

last month, another friend dignosed with cancer , she is also starting her treatment ...

tonight I am attending a wake service, my helper's dad gone home with the Lord , he fought his liver cancer,  PTL that he accepted Christ and did his water baptism 2 sunday ago ,  he is in better place now.  the Big C - is indeed a silence killer ,  on and off - I just hear who and who having stage 3 cancer,  kind of kia lang ....

One thing I am pleased to see is that , all those who recovered from the big C , they have a new perspective of life ,  they turn into a better person ( in my humble opinion ) ,  I like the new 'them' very much ... sometimes I like to think that maybe it is a lesson for them , to learn and be a better person , who can contribute more to others , in any area.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

cheapest hair cut ...

today, I brought mama for a hair cut ... at one of those 'quick' cut outlet, just cut aje, without wash and blow dry facilities ... only $15 each cut.  It was my first cheapest hair cut ..hahaha. usually my hair cut cost me $80 la ,  so now , trying for cheaper alternative.  For the month of may and june, it is parent day celebration,  for anyone who is 55 yrs old and above ( 50 also they accept liow ) , bring another person less than 55 yrs old , it is $16 sahaja ,  it is $1 for senior ,and $15 for normal $16 for 2 person , super dai leh if you have senior at home, bring them la ... sama2 go hair cut , trim shorter a bit since weather so panas ...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comedy Musical 'The Producer'

Tonight Bahija went dinner with 2 friends, Cindy and LK.  Then we went to KLPac for The Producer musical.  Very good, the local performers are really good , standard very good.  It was a good performance.  Bravo .... tonight is LK's first musical, have to encourage her to attend more , hehe
Ciao ...nite nite !

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My 2nd AGM

Bahija is queuing registering to 'attend' mbank AGM, this is my 2nd time attending AGM as shareholder. I just want to check out he goodies nia ... Hope it is good and worth the effort ...

Monday, July 09, 2012

preparation for vacation

In 2 weeks time, Bahija will bring his elder 'special brother' to Hong Kong, mum and eldest sister also going along.  There is a lot of preparation this round, as it is my first time bringing brother overseas,  not sure if he can tahan the 4 hours flight.  I talked to 3 doctors for opinions, the answer was ' I am taking a risk, but it is do-able'.  For this trip , I contacted airline for special arrangement, special wheelchair and lift. Bought new lightweight wheelchair, received doctor letter, received special medication just in case he has non-stop seizures during the flight ( have to cucuk back side la , I oso takut ) ....special arangement with hotel , packing diapers etc etc like packing for a baby :)

Brother is very happy, he asked me to bring him to HK... I thought it would be a good idea to just fulfil his wish, as his water baptism gift ....those of you reading my blog, appreciate a prayer or chanting on my family trip , may we have a smooth and safe traveling.  thanks !