Monday, July 09, 2012

preparation for vacation

In 2 weeks time, Bahija will bring his elder 'special brother' to Hong Kong, mum and eldest sister also going along.  There is a lot of preparation this round, as it is my first time bringing brother overseas,  not sure if he can tahan the 4 hours flight.  I talked to 3 doctors for opinions, the answer was ' I am taking a risk, but it is do-able'.  For this trip , I contacted airline for special arrangement, special wheelchair and lift. Bought new lightweight wheelchair, received doctor letter, received special medication just in case he has non-stop seizures during the flight ( have to cucuk back side la , I oso takut ) ....special arangement with hotel , packing diapers etc etc like packing for a baby :)

Brother is very happy, he asked me to bring him to HK... I thought it would be a good idea to just fulfil his wish, as his water baptism gift ....those of you reading my blog, appreciate a prayer or chanting on my family trip , may we have a smooth and safe traveling.  thanks !

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