Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fear of 'this' .....

Last Sunday, the church I'm visiting had a Baptism ceremony. And it was my first experience witnessing the water baptism thingy. I'm happy for those who participated. However, the whole exercise put me into 'fear'..... I don't know why - but I do know I'm not ready yet - I've QT with Father Lord that he has got to work with me on this. I takut pastor come ask me to attend class - and do it loh - which I'm goin to tell pastor - I can't do this yet ................

some pictures ....

This was taken during last Sunday cycling trip along American River ..... nice kan ?

This is the Rainbow Bridge - and my partner bikey :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good usage of IM

Sometimes, I do feel good - flattered with some special attention ( from guys ) lah ...personally, I also know very well - relationship is something I never ever should play a fool with - simply because I don't want to hurt anyone or may be myself .....heart broken is damn 'siong' one. Tonight - there is this fan of mine - persistently expressing his affection on me. Well, like i said - as a normal woman, it is indeed sweet - but I'm also uneasy - coz truly I dun want to give any hope , or to have him think of any hope - so , Deboss helped to compose the message and I took the courage to say what I need to say - a long and clear messages - and diplomatic i think ....oh, the beauty of IM - make my life so much easier - and not so 'kam kai' loh....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dreams .....

When I was in U, my dear friend Ring Ring and myself went to Wal-Mart- spent USD 130 bought a pink mountain bike each. Back then, we cycled 15 mins to Wal-Mart to do our groceries - Bahija wasn't a good biker, I learned , I was slow, I was afraid of the tiny and bumpy roads ..... I also lost control of the bike easily - in other words hor - I selalu jatuh - then the veges or groceries all also jatuh ....hahaha - pengsan :) - there was once - I tak sempat break while goin downhill , so I went all the way to the middle of the road - and that really scared the hell out of the drivers ...... I know - I was so bad girl , that was safety violation, and I could caused accidents. After that, I didn't cycle much, sold my pink bike to my junior when I graduated. Last Sunday, I had this golden opportunity to try cycling. This time, I was lucky, I had a professional biker - he taught me how to use the variuos gears - FINALLY, after so many years - I learned to cycle properly, now goin uphill - tak susah liow loh - haha - the experience was wonderful, knowing how to cycle right - really ease the effort - and cultivate the interests :) - I took the American River trail - passed by wonderful scenic route across a historic bridge and lovely American River so cantik - mother nature is so magnificent... Tomorrow, Bahija is cycling again - this time I want to see sunset ( only problem - I'm hitam manis now - tan - aiii )
Tonight - I did 3 movies marathon - 7pm ( Sleepless in Seattle ) , 9pm (You've Got Mail) and 11 pm (Fools Rush In) - Hahaha - all lovey dovey movies yeah. Well, I think this is woman thingy, woman tends to enjoy watching romantic movies ....right ? This 3 movies are my favourite, seen them many times liow, yet still suka. 'Fools Rush In' talked about 'Signs are everywhere" - hehehe - I love signs :) - I've got synchronicities in my life. It also showed Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Nevada and Arizona stateline ---> the places I wish to visit - and if I make it to the stateline, I also want to be like Izabel - throw a wishing coin :) hehe !

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Forensic Security

Okie, kampung girl just learned about this Forensic Security .... hehehe. I spent half day here - reading the backend components - rupa2 nya Bahija punya new role is to support the security databases...... wow. Kalau macam ini - I have high chance of getting my connection - to learn more on the security from user application side yeah - eg, how to detect hacker, stop intrusion - may be I can be a Forensic Security Officer one of this day ..... hmmm, kena tengok more C.S.I series liow ....

My favourite songs sekarang ....

Both from Les Miserables

I Dreamed A Dream ....
'I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted'.......

On My Own ......
'Sometimes I walk alone at night
When everybody else is sleeping
I think of him and then I'm happy
With the company I'm keeping
The city goes to bed
And I can live inside my head.
On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone, I walk with him till morning
Without him
I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way
I close my eyes
And he has found me' ..........

Fun of blogging ......

I want to dedicate this to my great grand xi foo - Ringgit, and a big welcome to Dr.Love. Ringgit got Mystic_Grey to start blogging, then me, then rotitelur .... and I also branched out created my downlines - hehe ( geee - macam multi-level marketing aje). We've been trying to get AR to be in the group .....well, at least I did, I tried a few times - and kena rejected - so so menyakitkan hati saya :P. It must be the fun stories - the chains which go around us - that impressed si AR, FINALLY - his blog is up ! WOW, great news eh :)

Friday, June 24, 2005

17th Miles Drive

17th Miles Drive ( Pacific Ocean - Pebble Beach )

Last weekend, went to Monterey - a town south of San Jose. Rich people place. Monterey Aquarium is great - one can spent hours exploring the cute sweet underwater fishes....Next to Monterey, is the private super duper rich man area - like Bukit Tunku in KL - there is a private road named 17th Miles Drive - 17th miles long lah, each car has to pay USD 8.50 to access this private road. This road leads to Pebble Beach - the famous golf course where Tiger Wolf main one leh ..... facing Pacific Ocean - cantik ... see the picture - blue sky , breezy strong wind and suara ombak - nice getaway :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scary - no privacy !!!

Bahija kenal a few new folks who are good in computer security. You know, I memang dun pay much attention on this particular topic. My Ex was super alert on this area since his family background were in those secret agent thingy ...... Anyway, one of the guy came to me, told me he found out my IC No and most of my personal particulars - he listed some to me - I was like mulut mata besar cannot tutup ....aiiii - when I heard that - what do you think I will do or what would be my reaction ???? Fear loh , so menakutkan hor.... geee, why would he want to korek my information ? nak tahu how old am I ? nak tahu where I stay ? nak tahu my phone number ? I think I better sewa a PO Box liow lah ..aiiiii. It's kind of good to know this , but I don't know what should I do ...... Anyway, tonight, I went to seach my name - my name is cute - all of them can be last name. Geeee , so many entries - found some Dr, Professor carrying sama name ...found my brother's name as well ..... so someone betul2 did some serious search or they have special tools to do so kuah. My readers, if you have any Best Known Practise ( BKM ) - share with me, how would you handle this internet security thingy ?

p/s : sebenarnya I think I have curious fan/s who are eager to read my blogs, so they are searching high low ....well, even though blog is public - Ringgit dah try to 'open my mind' for a few times - I still dun feel OK , comfortable inviting anyone to read mine ..... those reading by accident and enjoy reading - good. But those whom I personally ajak - are truely my circle of friends whom I want to share my bits and pieces with loh :) - it's an honor to you eh - hehe.

Me vs younger generation

Aiyuh yuh, this days - all the new colleagues I met or new friends I met - all of them younger than me .....errrr. You know - it make me like a 'Big Sister' leh....padahal - I truly dun feel like it loh. Of course - I also dun want to be in that shoe , haha ! Geee - does this mean I'm hanging out with wrong age group of folks ? hmmmm, let me go think harder on this ..... zzzZZZZ

Small world & 缘 份

Bahija met Susie at the Alpha getaway weekend @ Subang Hilton. We sat next to each other during lunch time, started conversation and kenal liow loh. Subsequently , I met her not more than 5 times lah - always during Alpha courses. A week before the graduation night, she told me she datang USA, San Fran area ...I was happy to hear that - said keep in touch loh. Then 3 weeks ago, Susie started emailing me, said she's goin to stay with her friend Darjeeling near SF, arranged to meet up ...... ting ting ting - world is indeed super duper small, how big is USA ? it's huge leh, pin pin Darjeeling also staying in the same town, in fact same road as I am ....aiyuh - dahsyat tak ? Last weekend, Darjeeling brought us to Malaysian restaurant - aiyuh - Bahija super happy makan my favourite Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik :) homely - the restaurant is called Banana Leaf ! Today, I took half day brought Susie to Lake Tahoe. Well - this was the first time both of us sat in the car, had long long conversations ( without any interruption or disruptions ) - geeeeeeee , what a wonderful time, being able to know each other loh. Initially I was worried what to talk about, entah-entah we had fun. She has great real life 'true' still hangat punya testimony loh, I'm so so greatful for spending time with her. Learned a lot from her, and how we - the children of God - should have faith and trust Father will protect us no matter what :) .....back to I meeting her , come to think about the whole relationship - how it started, how it is progressing now - just amazed loh, a few thousand miles away. 'Thing happens for a reason' - she came to me, passed or shared with me valuable experiences - both personal and spiritual. Ha Ha Ha ....
Eh eh , kat casino - just for fun aje - I masuk $1 - won 10 quarters, then masuk lagi $1 - won 90 quarters , hehehe - kinda ONG loh. We cepat-cepat bungkus - went makan sumptuous buffet watching sunset @ Lake Tahoe.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drive In Cinema - Batman Begins

Wuahahahaha - it's so so so great to watch movie :) Tonight, I tried something new, drive-in theatre - watch movie in a car. Tonight macam Ladies nite - cheaper ticket - USD 4. So 5 orang carpool loh. Well, I being kiasu and nice also - offered to drive my camry - tot more comfy for 5 person - then I driver mah, sure sit in front - better view :) ......Eh, quite laku leh, banyak cars, people bawa chairs , pillows, comforter, some turned their trunk into slumberbed leh ....kinda cozy. For us, first time kampung gals and guys - just squeezed inside 1 car - kinda 'pik' and tak comfortable lah , i say lain kali hor - 2 org satu kereta best ! The real problem to me - cuaca. At night cuaca sejuk lah , especially Bahija - I freezing ...... it's a great experience.
Batman Begins - not bad , i quite like it, enjoyed a few dialogs of them - "Why do you fall ? so that you can learn to pick yourself up AGAIN. " hehehe. On my way home, I tot about this drive-in thingy , u know - I ego sikit. Anywhere outside KL, I've no problem going to the cinema alone one , but but but I just can't do it in KL loh, may be I takut friends nampak I - think I pethatic kuah.....aiii ,oh well - so if KL has Drive-In theatre - it basically solved my ego problem, I just drive my car, enter the field last minute - last spot , watch those nice movies - then habis, first to start engine and belah , yey ...... jalan leh !

Another Sync

I'm still curious why July 5 Tuesday is a holiday for my company, that means July 2 - 5 is the upcoming super long 4 days weekend. Since I knew it 2 weeks ago, I've been thinking high low - getting suggestions, compiling ideas of how I can explore new places .....initial thought was to cross to Canada to Vancouver....then last Monday - decided it's too rush or impossible to get a visa. so plan changed loh. Then HT - a friend who stays in Oregan invited me to visit her, she plans everything - program, hotels, sightseeings - and presented a great plan for me to choose :) Yuh, Bahija is so so so kam tung .... and I tot i had everything plan nicely, my oncall coverage and various mode of contacting me , and I'm a bit 'sombong' lah, ingat Boss sure OK with my plan, setup meeting with him this morning ( 7 pagi 8 pagi leh ) ....However, last night when I had my QT - this came to me 'When God Says No' , bingo - deep within, I sort of had the feeling something is not going quite well. Then tidur. This morning, boss betul2 rejected my application - which I truly supported him, quarter end closing and I'm covering for most mat sallehs who'll be out of town , it is my duty to be onsite if crisis happened. Well, I suppose I already meditate 'When God Says No' during my sweet dream, so I'm taking this NO pretty well. Things happen for reasons - dah lah I pening about missing my 7-deadly sins punya sermons if I'm out of town - C C , now all work out well, I get to attend church service, and watch fireworks at Lake Tahoe, may be have HT over to visit me pula , hehe - whatever it is, just dun make me go back to office during that weekend lah - that is 'dai kat lai see' loh .......takutnya !

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer is Here !

Well, 11:35 pm here - Summer begins :) Yuh, I takut temperature goes up till > 100 degree fahrenheit lah , way too hot and dry. Anyway, one of my Rubber Tree is so gracious - planning a wonderful trip for my July 4th long weekend :) - looking forward to enjoying her great company ....

Kampung girl part II

I've been bad girl lately - I spent a lot of time on others - that I ignored my soul and ME. Last week busy with lunches and dinners, weekend busy exploring, that I tak rest well. Me merajuk liow ...opssss. Tonight, I rejected a dinner invitation, decided to come home, switched on my favourite channel - F.R.I.E.D.S - had some laughs, and cooked a nice dinner....wonderful peaceful time for myself :) , enjoyed that !! Here is kampung girl part I ......I've been stucked with makan porridge aje - coz I dun hv rice cooker just so natural to me that the function of microwave is to heat up food AND boil a cup of hot water aje therrrrrr - seeeeee - I finally figured out boleh cook rice. HAHAHA. A simple dinner with my favourite cauliflower, cherries and tofu and RICE, and had to finish the wine ( super duper cheap 1.99 aje for a bottle of red wine - ok lah for my standard - i just need it to boost metabolism aje - my doctor said a bit of red wine or Yong Meng Chow or Dome daily - helps to reduce cholesterol lah)

Microwaved Siam Nasi :)

When Dockers' Pant come to stay with me, I can prepare nice dinners with rice liow, baru lah ada standard - pai sek u know makan porridge aje ( orang lain also tanya I why makan bubur eje , why not nasi - aiii ) - learning yeah , lol

Friday, June 17, 2005

cashless society

I worried tak cukup cash to survive my business trip here .....I use credit card on almost everything - groceries, meals, shopping etc etc etc. I don't know how much is consider too low to use CC here. Back home, merchant usually put a sign - 'transaction above RM50 sahaja can use CC'. Here, sometimes, I also felt pai sek, if amount too too small, my definition here is USD10 and below - I would asked the casher - ok to use CC ? Then usually - their eyes besar sikit - and replied 'absolutely, sure , of course, definitely' ...hmmm, as compared to a simple 'yes'. Now, USD 5 also I bayar CC, my CC bank shld suka me lah - so many transactions ( business leh ). That day, I was queuing in Post Office ( PO selalu ramai orang lah - just like Pejabat Post - same - long long long queue - and slow lah) .... Suddenly, the PO officer came to me - invited me to go use automated machine and use CC or debit card ..... I told her I'll pass sebab mine hanya lapan puluh sen sahaja lah ....she said no problem at all - in view of the long queue - I tried the machine - so created my lowest CC charge - USD 0.80 = RM 3.20 niah .....joking tak ? I wonder if I ever get a letter from CC's bank - dear so and so , please do not charge anything less then RM 10 , hehehe. Cashless society can only happen kat sini , not back home ....

Thursday, June 16, 2005

SATC & baby name

Seeeeee, for some reason - i run around way too much when I'm back home. I hardly sit down in front of the TV, enjoy the movies, series I like most :), being away from home now, it is always the best time to relax myself and be different .... okay, I'm catching Sex And The City series ..yey! Tonight - those girls were out of Manhanttan to attend a babyshower, Charlotte was upset when her baby name was stolen / used by her friend ..... wow - Rotitelur and my Rubber Trees already broadcasted their reserved baby names, geeee - I think kena copyright or patent them lah - else takut nanti we may got into the similar fight as Charlotte leh :P . I have f.r.i.e.n.d.s kakis , at this moment, I wish I also have SATC kakis - Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha - to share and go thru those singlehood .....hmmm, who will fit me leh ? Of all, may be Charlotte better for me , hehe.

Bak Kut Teh 肉 骨 茶

For years I hardly ate Bak Kut Teh - reason being I too jelak of it ....friends around me tot I anti-Bak Kut Teh ..... Story macam ini :- Long long time ago, when I was far far away schooling kat MO, boh lui mah - I entered USA with USD 3500 cash sahaja. Back then, I was very very scared that I couldn't complete my bachelor degree. So so, after the first semester, I applied kerja kat Uni loh, minimum wages $4.50 per hour - not bad also lah - a big help for daily expenses. So I enrolled maximum 5 subjects ( 15 credit hours - nak finish asap) and worked in 2 computer labs loh. I hardly had time to lepak lah sometimes .....early morning at 5:30 am winter time, was the horrible experience, had to pakai a few layers of thick baju - long john was a MUST - no way I stepped out without it, had to walk 5 blocks to open computer lab - aiiiii, extremely COLD one lah , sometimes -16 degree celcius - very horrible. At that time, I definitely need a hot shower, and a cup of super hot chocholate , then only can walked out of the house. Okie .... sometimes, I ada banyak assignments, plus programs to hantar, plus projects, plus exams, betul2 lack of time - I baca, buat kerja rumah till wee hours, and I knew I couldn't wake up on time, so I would dressed up in T-shirt & jeans and tidur sekali just like that day - woke up, brushed teeth - put on a cap - minum hot chocholate - then belah for classes and work liow :) (most malaysian girls were like me - ching ching chai chai aje , unlike our fellow Indonesian, Hong Kong or Taiwanese friends - they dressed like birds - pretty ). Anyway, that's my lifestyle lah and worked fantastic for me ..... okie, then food wise hor , to save money, kena cook at home lah. Broccoli , Cauliflower and lettuce super cheap - 0.99 kat walmart, or 3 for $1 kat chinese market, so that's my favourite, almost every week same vege. Meat wise, the simplest to cook was Bak Kut Teh - beli ribs, or chicken, eggs, pre-packed spices - threw everything in a big pot - cook besar-besaran - macam kenduri - ai sek man - makan for 1 week .... initially makan Bak Kut Teh - heaty - sore throat .....lama-kelamaan - got used liow I supposed. Makan like water har, when I graduated balik kampung - of course I stayed away from it.

Last year when RotiTelur balik kampung - Ringgit belanja us kat Kepong - wow, since then - the 'kick' datang balik, I had Bak Kut Teh minimum once a month. Brother came back - we makan at this oldest store - kind of original with onion rice kat Jalan Raja Laut, then Kancil visited me - brought him and friends to a semi Klang Bak Kut Teh near my house, my sisters and myself tried a few stores around Klang as well ..... yummy loh :) Tonight went for chinese buffet - gosh - ada pork ribs - teringat nak makan Bak Kut Teh liow lah .... may be I should go to chinese market besok - try to get the ingredients - and organize a little kenduri with my friends here - let's see how is it like hah ..... :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chun Leng Chai Traffic Policeman

This is part II of the Chun Leng Chai ..... I can't sleep lah, recalled another leng chai - gee - I could be near the mthly thingy leh - so so miang - asyik thinking leng chai , LOL. This was Uni time, I 'boh lui' bought car - 1.5 yrs baca in MO tak ada kereta - very sin kor one lah. Finally when I got my internship, I managed to buy a second hand car with my first paycheck - felt wonderful - total freedom. Today got my car, tomorrow - straight pulled my buddy Ring Ring - drove from Jefferson City to St. Louis liow ( 2 hours drive - i think - forgot liow). That was a daring decision lah, since I wasn't familiar with the traffic rules, driving on opposite direction, not familiar with my American car which used hand gear leh .... so so so so in St Louis, I violated traffic rules - a few times. Then, the most dangerous one was didn't stop on red light where cars from other directions already moving .....aiyuh yuh - of course lah, Ring Ring and myself first time travelled far far , we kelam-kabut with road, directions, maps , all sort of things. So, I was stopped by a policeman. He's so cowboy - spoke with typical Southern slang - tapi hah - damm chun - super duper leng chai - he is like Brat Pitt level lah. I dah biasa back home with fat polis, right there - he pula super fit, tall, cool cowboy hat, great charming smile - mannnn....Ambui , Ring Ring and me both shoik lah. Instead of being scared, I actually flirted with this Brad Pitt - so cool. Firstly, politely gave him a sweet smile, pejam mata a bit, then showed the sad takut face, air mata almost mengalir kind of eyes - then spoke Chinese , with some very broken English ( pretended tak tahu English well - so he susah got info from me mah, like chicken vs duck conversatio ......aiyah - the pity 'kor lien' hampir nangis look on my face - kow tiam everything ..... Leng Chai looked down at me ( I duduk dalam kereta mah) , gave me a Marverlous smile - AIYUH , pengsan....then explained the bahaya-ness when I violated the red traffic light. Then, he said - he would let me go - wow , little trick worked well, and we 2 ladies had great short moment with Brad Pitt. We were so thrilled ... I always remembered that incident well :) - too bad lupa ambil gambar with that Brad Pitt lah. See, US cops leng chai fit fit. Another time, car broke down at highway, winter lagi. Police car stopped, checked on us, and again - also good looking leh. I think may be the recruitment criteria terbalik - in US - air stewarders old, tak cantik.....but the police force pula - must be leng chai & fit , hehe.

1st impression may be wrong ....

I met Deboss sometime end of 1997 or 1998 @ Embassy Discotheque .... He's Roti Telur good friend. My first impression of him was BAD BAD BAD - just found him too arrogant & playful. since then - I never bother to pay attention to this person. Thru Roti Telur, Yaya got to know him as well. Whenever both of this ladies mentioned about Deboss - i closed my ears :) , couldn't be bothered actually ...... so, that 1st impression somehow had a deep deep negative image registered in my mind. Last Friday, Deboss contacted me - a lot of sharing, it's cool to refresh the good old times - those fun Uni memories ...... He's such a super duper active alien. So yeap, he's not as bad as what I tot ..... slowly - I removed my negative impression off from him. He openly admitted he's still arrogant as usual, but he has great point - he is who he is, no mask and just be frank aje - just like mat salleh punya gaya lah - i suppose. Hah, make sense. Roti Telur said if Yaya can put up with Deboss, then Bahija shouldn't has problem as well :) - guess so !!!

NY & Friends

New York 2004

This picture taken last year February on a ferry to Statute of Liberty, New York skyline .... Just wanted to blog this after reading Rotitelur's 'new' blog , nice to have her back ! I enjoyed the NY trip so so much, had a great company with me mah :) . When I visited NBC near Rockerfeiller's center - I saw the F.R.I.E.N.D.S studio setup - the first thing came to my mind was - How I wish all my Friends kaki were with me, and we could take our posts and snap a really nice cool photo together :) - that moment - the sense of belonging was great - I miss my Friends ! 2 nights ago, while I was passing by highway 50 - I saw a restaurant 'Friends' nearby the highway - OH - I need to check it out - see ada Rachel coffee girl tak ? ada cute slim Chandler tak or naive looking Ross tak , hehehe

Chun Leng Chai

On my first trip to this CA work site, I met this super leng chai, back then he worked in the same organization, so I got a lot of opportunities to 'jeguk' him. I tak kenal dia punya. Just admire his 'leng chai-ness' aje ... So far, for every trips that I made, I still get to 'ter-meet' him - cool ....kekeke ( he no longer work in my organization liow, he moved to another floor) .....

so so , this trip - tar tar --> today , while i was rushing for a meeting, I ter-met him, wow - wonderful :) HAHAHA. I quickly walked faster, so I was directly behind him - he has nice hairstyle, very neat looking, very 'yeow ying' , very cool look, nice features - like super star loh - macam Ross - but far far more leng chai than Ross , OH - pengsan liow I, while I was driving back to work after lunch, see see - ambui, he was driving his nice black Infinity, in front of me - aiyuh - needless to say lah, Si Bahija busy 'observed' his hair, his cool sunglass especially masa red lights ..... betul-betul leng chai. Oh, I also purposely parked next him, and walked behind him AGAIN - wow :P

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Les Miserables

Firstly, I truly miss TaiPoh , previous trips to SF, I always spent a nite at her place, parked my car cheap cheap ..... Now, without her around, I 'eat myself' ....oh boy !

Weekend over, Bahija drove twice to SF. Saturday - went to Beach Blanket Babylon at North Beach for comedy - it's like the Instant Cafe Theatre in KL - pulling jokes on politicians, celebrities - this one the costumes were hillarious - all of them wore huge hats or wigs. Expensive 1.5 hrs of good laugh .....those in town, interested to sample local jokes , while makan some Italian food nearby North Beach - check this out lah

Sunday, I drove to SF again - excited - to watch Les Miserables - the musical which my friends have seen, and said nice nice nice .... so here it was - Finally. I managed to get a ticket on this date ( how i wished it was on Saturday sekali with the comedy yeah ) - anyway- the total effort and cost on this musical trip .... 3.5 hours drive round trip, $15 gas, $16 carpark, $6 tolls, $54 tickets = $91 or RM 346 .......Hmmm, the question kept popping into my head 'Is it worth the effort ?'

Stories macam ini - Les Miserables started at 7:30 pm, 3 hours performance. I arrived 6:15pm, cari cari carpark - now that I was alone, I needed to find carpark - aiiii, horrible experience. I found one at Union Center Garage - parked then walked 1 block to Curran Theatre. I surveyed - making sure I know the way back to my car after the musical - cannot afford to get lost, bahaya walking alone at 10:30 pm. When siap, as usual - tradiotional meal before musical in SF - fastfood. Ordered and sat down makan alone, so much into eating & enjoying my yummy cheese burger, suddenly, an african american guy sat next to me. He started conversation with me, I saw him waving with his fellow friends outside of the fastfood store ....geeee, my appetite kaput. I scared - kiasi liow. From then on, I wallap my burger, fries and drinks - it was tasteless, i ate too fast that my tummy didn't like it. I was rude to the man, I didn't answer some questions he asked me ....just kept quiet and makan makan makan ....then belah. Walking towards the theatre, homeless folks came asking for money , all this scared me. I worried about getting back to my car later ..... Reached my rear balcony far far away seat, sat down, stomach like bloaded - not comfy - mind wandering - takut worried about 10:30 pm.....Luckily, when show started - I could focused and enjoyed the wonderful touching stories ......( but tummy tak comfortable lah). End of the show, when curtain was down, I super fast, walked fast fast to my car, luckily people from the musicals also walked along , same directions, so I had company to walk to the garage. Aiiiii - got in my car, and drove home safely.

On my quiet 1.5 hrs journey home, reflected the activities happened - I think I went through a test, a proven test telling me that I could never backpack and travel to any country alone. The man who sat next to me at the restaurant said this to me 'He likes adventures, try new things ....then only get to taste whatever things he is doing' ..... to me, I guess I tried it tonight - it wasn't fun to be in fear, and truly made my Les Miserables trip - an unforgetable one ! My sister and some colleagues said I'm too 'siow' went all the way just for this musical. Aiiii, I guess I'm glad I made it. It was a wonderful show ! Oh, I also valued the importance of 'company'. Next time tell u why I so so paranoid about this whole thing of a stranger talking to me ....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Home vs Here

My teammates ajak I over to their houses for home cook meals - entah last week - i was so homesick & sad & lonely. They were so nice to have me over and helped to cheer me up ! The reality is the more houses I went, the more depress I got myself into ...aiiiiii , why leh ?

Aiiiii, I know I know we cannot compare life like this, it is not apple to apple ...but I am still a human being, I have feeling loh, so this things will kick in and satan me :(

U see, I'm eyeing for car upgrade - never ever dream of Toyota Camry, that is far way expensive. My teammates here, they are driving nice big cc cars - Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Honda Oddseey, Nissan, Merz ...their houses equipped with swimming pools, nice lawn, nice garage etc etc ....compared to back home, what they have - i called it mansion or bangalore liow loh. If I were to stay here, by the time I reach at their level - I should be able to have what they have..kan. But if I stay put back home, when I reach their level, I'm still no where as compared to them ( like having their kind of lifesytle - we are not talking about millionaire lifestyle, just a normal middle class aje ) .....So, for once - this idea of 'migrating' hit my heart ...Bahija - did u make the right decision 10 yrs ago ??? People tell me taxes here are high, property taxes, sales taxes bla bla bla .... hey - I still think most of the items are affordable lah. As compared to back home, taxes also high what , and where can I enjoy the benefits ?? Afta open markets, how come car price still increase ? when I'm unemployed, do I get unemployment allowances from Govt ? Emily paid USD 5 for Benji's medical insurance mthly, and he is covered for ALL his medical & surgical expenses ( it is partly sponsored by CA state govt) ...

A lot of my friends are working on migration, some already achieved their goals ....aiiiii, wonder what should I do with mine ....

busy busy busy

Bahija is not bored anymore :) yippie hippie hoo hooo hooooo....I'm a potato couch now, i watched TV non-stop. Just the other night, I watched 2 hours of F.R.I.E.N.D.S - so so hilariuos - really had good laugh. Geee, watched Chandler from skinny to fat - hmm, he tak leng chai lah when fat .... Joey also, hanya Ross aje yang stay in good shape. The dangerous part is - I may end up sapu all DVDs and bring home to collect dust :P. I hope to watch 'Desperate housewives' ...this is not shown back home ..... Currently, ada chances to visit other places liow - yey, that would be fun - now this definitely cheer me up 200%. I hope Yaya and HT can join me to Canada. Las Vegas, Grand Canyon - hmm- may be park aside first lah ....can't be too greedy...weekend liow - besok I ferry to San Fran - watch 1 musical and 1 comedy - weather forecast cantik - yey !!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

surprise visitor

Rubber trees, someone knocked on my mum's place. Surprise ! She came with her husband and children. Unfortunately, since the crime rate is high, people just can't afford to be 'friendly'. My mum didn't call me to verify, and she never allowed / invited them to go into her house ....the whole conversation only took place outside of house, at the gate as the matter of fact. So, who was she ?? aiiii

Mrs Bernald Lim - she was my form two form teacher, also the Diciplinary teacher at one time. Wow ....I have never ever kept in touch with her since I graduated from highschool. It really took me by surprise that she could find her way and located where I stayed ....geeee- shocked loh. But , sad thing is she only left me a note said 'Bahija, best wishes to you, from Mrs Bernald Lim' ....THAT's ALL lah ....aiyuh yuh ...How I wish she could have written down her correspondence address or email or phone number's like she went so far to locate me, why stop there .....errrr. She told my mum she migrated to Australia, and she's back for a short vacation. See, I am very curious that she rang the door bell, and I also want to say HELLO to her now ..... how ?

In Australia, is there a search engine on yellow pages - where I can locate her ? how to search where I only know her by Mrs Bernald Lim sahaja wor ....

Sunday, June 05, 2005

May the Good Force Be with All of Us !

I love to sleep, and don't have internal clock. Saturday slept till 12 noon leh – replenished all the rests I missed for months. Hehe. This morning, ingat nak ‘malas’ sikit, slept in……but but 9 am sharp, mata buka besar-besar liow – ting ting ting – Sunday service...dahsyat hor ?
So, got ready and went to a church near by my apartment. It’s a nice community church, running a lot of fun programs for the young kids – made me wanted to be an American kid now. Today, the local church I am visiting, is starting a new series - the 7 deadly sins. The title is ‘Christianity and The Dark Side’. The presentation was very cool. Firstly, the seats were so comfy, just like GSC or TGV punya kerusi, then the auditorium well equipped with big screen and nice stage. Plus, ada nice aroma hot coffee somemore …so so comfortable loh. 10 am sharp, the service started with Star Wars theme song …then followed by the sliding words in the galaxy background – for once, I tot I was watching Star Wars movie leh …. well done – interesting opening, or I should said creative. At least I wasn’t bored, and look forward to hearing the next one. Pastor delivered sermon and ended with ‘May the Good Force Be With You’ :) The different thing here is worshippers stand and listen to the musicians singing aje. I think it is better or fun to sing along, and praise the Lord ....One last thing, it’s refreshing after coming back from church, don’t know why, but I truly need the strong force and guidance :)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'm back ....

Howdee, greetings from sunny sunshine California :) - geee, everyday lotion from top to bottom, then sun block skin cannot breathe lah ...yet still itchy ! Okie, Did I 'Sleepless in Seattle' ? Did I meet someone there ? cerita sambung sini.

Enjoyed the relaxing short trip to Seattle. Been there, seen it - happy :) Some highlights, visited the first original Starbucks cafe leh, it's just in front of the Pike's market. Started in 1912 leh. Of course, must minum, act a bit yau ying lah, kan. Ringgit - believe me, I actually stood at the counter for a while , thinking, using my 386 processor, processing if I should get him the really really nice big starbuck mug loh - which ada 'original' logo ...oh well, seriuos thought for a while, return code = 08 wor. Sebab I just need to keep my luggage light & easy, hate to pay extra care to bring back a fragile mug, plus I truly hate to deliver a broken one as well, tai kat lai see meh :P .... may be u sendiri honeymoon there hor :P

Original StarBucks Cafe

Visited the MUST see things in Seattle - Seattle Center - Space Needle, waterfront, Farmer's market ( famous Pike's fish market ). Food wise, I memang suka claim chowder, so got a tip must try the Seattle famous claim chowder wor - so I walked and walked - bought myself lunch cum dinner - a set of claim chowder, scallops and fries set. Sat down at the breezy waterfront area and makan sambil menikmati the keindahan surrounded me lah. What a pity the mat salleh deep fried those super huge nice sweet fresh scallops loh ....geee, the chinese way of 'steam' scallop would be a real delicacies loh .... fried - cannot bring out the best .....Then, while i was makan-ing, so so so sad - see - this Bahija hah - like i said 386 processor aje - betul2 careless or down syndrom one lah, ter-dropped my expensive camera - really big drop - the LCD screen pecah - kaput liow - so sakit hati .....aiiiii, there goes the happy fun mood ....

The famous yummy Ivar's claim chowder ...

This round, I stayed alone in the motel. Took Metro bus from airport area to downtown, got to see some locals and their surrounding. Quite a different experience. Boo Boo thing - didn't realize the daylight time was so long, I super kiasu cepat2 caught the bus balik hotel at 6 pm. takut langit dark, downtown area dangerous for me mah. When I reached hotel, it's 7pm, it's still extremely bright. I opened the curtain every hours to check ....repeated 3 times - baru langit jadi dark - that's 10 pm - OH MAN - wasted 3 hours sitting in the hotel do nothing .....lulu tak ?

Went up to Space Needle, it's a nice view of the whole Seattle. Good view on Lake Washington, Lake Union, Washington State University , oh - the famous houseboat for 'Sleepless in Seattle' ....all in all - captured at Space Needle. This round, met 2 nice gentlemen, Roy, the airline officer - helped me carried my luggages to the check in station. This days, everything in Seattle airport is e-ticketing, e-check in, e-bla bla bla , sort of tak ada human touch, Roy so pro-active, tolong I, may be I do have this 'kampung girl' look kut , haha....Next, another gentleman tak tahu nama apa, didn't even talk to him at all .... he stepped down from bus, and waited for me to get down, helped me to carry my luggages .....he wasn't interested to talk to me at all, just took luggages, then said bye. I only managed to bow my head and said 10Q 10Q 10Q aje these 2 gentlemen, who made part of my trip sweet and memorable - 10Q !!