Sunday, June 12, 2005

Les Miserables

Firstly, I truly miss TaiPoh , previous trips to SF, I always spent a nite at her place, parked my car cheap cheap ..... Now, without her around, I 'eat myself' ....oh boy !

Weekend over, Bahija drove twice to SF. Saturday - went to Beach Blanket Babylon at North Beach for comedy - it's like the Instant Cafe Theatre in KL - pulling jokes on politicians, celebrities - this one the costumes were hillarious - all of them wore huge hats or wigs. Expensive 1.5 hrs of good laugh .....those in town, interested to sample local jokes , while makan some Italian food nearby North Beach - check this out lah

Sunday, I drove to SF again - excited - to watch Les Miserables - the musical which my friends have seen, and said nice nice nice .... so here it was - Finally. I managed to get a ticket on this date ( how i wished it was on Saturday sekali with the comedy yeah ) - anyway- the total effort and cost on this musical trip .... 3.5 hours drive round trip, $15 gas, $16 carpark, $6 tolls, $54 tickets = $91 or RM 346 .......Hmmm, the question kept popping into my head 'Is it worth the effort ?'

Stories macam ini - Les Miserables started at 7:30 pm, 3 hours performance. I arrived 6:15pm, cari cari carpark - now that I was alone, I needed to find carpark - aiiii, horrible experience. I found one at Union Center Garage - parked then walked 1 block to Curran Theatre. I surveyed - making sure I know the way back to my car after the musical - cannot afford to get lost, bahaya walking alone at 10:30 pm. When siap, as usual - tradiotional meal before musical in SF - fastfood. Ordered and sat down makan alone, so much into eating & enjoying my yummy cheese burger, suddenly, an african american guy sat next to me. He started conversation with me, I saw him waving with his fellow friends outside of the fastfood store ....geeee, my appetite kaput. I scared - kiasi liow. From then on, I wallap my burger, fries and drinks - it was tasteless, i ate too fast that my tummy didn't like it. I was rude to the man, I didn't answer some questions he asked me ....just kept quiet and makan makan makan ....then belah. Walking towards the theatre, homeless folks came asking for money , all this scared me. I worried about getting back to my car later ..... Reached my rear balcony far far away seat, sat down, stomach like bloaded - not comfy - mind wandering - takut worried about 10:30 pm.....Luckily, when show started - I could focused and enjoyed the wonderful touching stories ......( but tummy tak comfortable lah). End of the show, when curtain was down, I super fast, walked fast fast to my car, luckily people from the musicals also walked along , same directions, so I had company to walk to the garage. Aiiiii - got in my car, and drove home safely.

On my quiet 1.5 hrs journey home, reflected the activities happened - I think I went through a test, a proven test telling me that I could never backpack and travel to any country alone. The man who sat next to me at the restaurant said this to me 'He likes adventures, try new things ....then only get to taste whatever things he is doing' ..... to me, I guess I tried it tonight - it wasn't fun to be in fear, and truly made my Les Miserables trip - an unforgetable one ! My sister and some colleagues said I'm too 'siow' went all the way just for this musical. Aiiii, I guess I'm glad I made it. It was a wonderful show ! Oh, I also valued the importance of 'company'. Next time tell u why I so so paranoid about this whole thing of a stranger talking to me ....


ringgit said...

Wow.. dangerous experience. Anyway, I hope it is worth it. Les Mis is my favourite musical of all.. even better than Phantom, in my opinion. The songs will get to you once you hear them more and more.

To commemorate your "being alone", I'll email you "On My Own", the song that was sang by Eponine when she was alone and thinking of her lover, Marius.

Enjoy K. Blog more about the musical lar... ;)

Kancil said...

What a scary experience. Me better than you. The Queen Theater is located in China Town, when I walked back to the underground, it was safe.

I like the song "I dreamed a dream" by Fantine and the moment she mati. Really touching. I guess this is the best Fantine that I have seen. I am so proud of her because she is an Asian. She was playing Kim in the Sydney Miss Saigon and after for so many years she promoted to sing with a matured voice. At first I also doubt on her performance and voice. But she really a good performer. She can sing so well with two voices.

Another thing that I noticed. The song On My Own sang by Eponine. The performers nowadays follow the way Lea Salonga sing the song. The original cast sang the song without any life. But Lea Salonga sang it differently. You may refer to the Les Mis DVD. :)