Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chun Leng Chai Traffic Policeman

This is part II of the Chun Leng Chai ..... I can't sleep lah, recalled another leng chai - gee - I could be near the mthly thingy leh - so so miang - asyik thinking leng chai , LOL. This was Uni time, I 'boh lui' bought car - 1.5 yrs baca in MO tak ada kereta - very sin kor one lah. Finally when I got my internship, I managed to buy a second hand car with my first paycheck - felt wonderful - total freedom. Today got my car, tomorrow - straight pulled my buddy Ring Ring - drove from Jefferson City to St. Louis liow ( 2 hours drive - i think - forgot liow). That was a daring decision lah, since I wasn't familiar with the traffic rules, driving on opposite direction, not familiar with my American car which used hand gear leh .... so so so so in St Louis, I violated traffic rules - a few times. Then, the most dangerous one was didn't stop on red light where cars from other directions already moving .....aiyuh yuh - of course lah, Ring Ring and myself first time travelled far far , we kelam-kabut with road, directions, maps , all sort of things. So, I was stopped by a policeman. He's so cowboy - spoke with typical Southern slang - tapi hah - damm chun - super duper leng chai - he is like Brat Pitt level lah. I dah biasa back home with fat polis, right there - he pula super fit, tall, cool cowboy hat, great charming smile - mannnn....Ambui , Ring Ring and me both shoik lah. Instead of being scared, I actually flirted with this Brad Pitt - so cool. Firstly, politely gave him a sweet smile, pejam mata a bit, then showed the sad takut face, air mata almost mengalir kind of eyes - then spoke Chinese , with some very broken English ( pretended tak tahu English well - so he susah got info from me mah, like chicken vs duck conversatio ......aiyah - the pity 'kor lien' hampir nangis look on my face - kow tiam everything ..... Leng Chai looked down at me ( I duduk dalam kereta mah) , gave me a Marverlous smile - AIYUH , pengsan....then explained the bahaya-ness when I violated the red traffic light. Then, he said - he would let me go - wow , little trick worked well, and we 2 ladies had great short moment with Brad Pitt. We were so thrilled ... I always remembered that incident well :) - too bad lupa ambil gambar with that Brad Pitt lah. See, US cops leng chai fit fit. Another time, car broke down at highway, winter lagi. Police car stopped, checked on us, and again - also good looking leh. I think may be the recruitment criteria terbalik - in US - air stewarders old, tak cantik.....but the police force pula - must be leng chai & fit , hehe.

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