Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kampung girl part II

I've been bad girl lately - I spent a lot of time on others - that I ignored my soul and ME. Last week busy with lunches and dinners, weekend busy exploring, that I tak rest well. Me merajuk liow ...opssss. Tonight, I rejected a dinner invitation, decided to come home, switched on my favourite channel - F.R.I.E.D.S - had some laughs, and cooked a nice dinner....wonderful peaceful time for myself :) , enjoyed that !! Here is kampung girl part I ......I've been stucked with makan porridge aje - coz I dun hv rice cooker mah.....it just so natural to me that the function of microwave is to heat up food AND boil a cup of hot water aje ....so therrrrrr - seeeeee - I finally figured out boleh cook rice. HAHAHA. A simple dinner with my favourite cauliflower, cherries and tofu and RICE, and had to finish the wine ( super duper cheap 1.99 aje for a bottle of red wine - ok lah for my standard - i just need it to boost metabolism aje - my doctor said a bit of red wine or Yong Meng Chow or Dome daily - helps to reduce cholesterol lah)

Microwaved Siam Nasi :)

When Dockers' Pant come to stay with me, I can prepare nice dinners with rice liow, baru lah ada standard - pai sek u know makan porridge aje ( orang lain also tanya I why makan bubur eje , why not nasi - aiii ) - learning yeah , lol


Kancil said...

From the picture I thought is potato salad. :p

My last night in Rome, I bought 500gm of Cherries for my dinner.

Anonymous said...

Docker's pant know how to cook rice using pot. She has been doing it for few months while waiting for her rice cooker replacement part... hehe...