Sunday, June 05, 2005

May the Good Force Be with All of Us !

I love to sleep, and don't have internal clock. Saturday slept till 12 noon leh – replenished all the rests I missed for months. Hehe. This morning, ingat nak ‘malas’ sikit, slept in……but but 9 am sharp, mata buka besar-besar liow – ting ting ting – Sunday service...dahsyat hor ?
So, got ready and went to a church near by my apartment. It’s a nice community church, running a lot of fun programs for the young kids – made me wanted to be an American kid now. Today, the local church I am visiting, is starting a new series - the 7 deadly sins. The title is ‘Christianity and The Dark Side’. The presentation was very cool. Firstly, the seats were so comfy, just like GSC or TGV punya kerusi, then the auditorium well equipped with big screen and nice stage. Plus, ada nice aroma hot coffee somemore …so so comfortable loh. 10 am sharp, the service started with Star Wars theme song …then followed by the sliding words in the galaxy background – for once, I tot I was watching Star Wars movie leh …. well done – interesting opening, or I should said creative. At least I wasn’t bored, and look forward to hearing the next one. Pastor delivered sermon and ended with ‘May the Good Force Be With You’ :) The different thing here is worshippers stand and listen to the musicians singing aje. I think it is better or fun to sing along, and praise the Lord ....One last thing, it’s refreshing after coming back from church, don’t know why, but I truly need the strong force and guidance :)

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