Thursday, June 16, 2005

SATC & baby name

Seeeeee, for some reason - i run around way too much when I'm back home. I hardly sit down in front of the TV, enjoy the movies, series I like most :), being away from home now, it is always the best time to relax myself and be different .... okay, I'm catching Sex And The City series ..yey! Tonight - those girls were out of Manhanttan to attend a babyshower, Charlotte was upset when her baby name was stolen / used by her friend ..... wow - Rotitelur and my Rubber Trees already broadcasted their reserved baby names, geeee - I think kena copyright or patent them lah - else takut nanti we may got into the similar fight as Charlotte leh :P . I have f.r.i.e.n.d.s kakis , at this moment, I wish I also have SATC kakis - Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha - to share and go thru those singlehood .....hmmm, who will fit me leh ? Of all, may be Charlotte better for me , hehe.


rotitelur said...

I udpated my daughter name. At first I wanted to name her Emma (Rachel's daughter's name in FRIEDS). Now I am thinking to name her Nisha Yan (恩)Rangan. I will consider Emma for second daughter.

As for my son's name, D has not found the first name he likes but I have found the middle name. Hym (谦)Rangan.

They follow cantonese pronunciation.

La Bona said...

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