Saturday, June 11, 2005

busy busy busy

Bahija is not bored anymore :) yippie hippie hoo hooo hooooo....I'm a potato couch now, i watched TV non-stop. Just the other night, I watched 2 hours of F.R.I.E.N.D.S - so so hilariuos - really had good laugh. Geee, watched Chandler from skinny to fat - hmm, he tak leng chai lah when fat .... Joey also, hanya Ross aje yang stay in good shape. The dangerous part is - I may end up sapu all DVDs and bring home to collect dust :P. I hope to watch 'Desperate housewives' ...this is not shown back home ..... Currently, ada chances to visit other places liow - yey, that would be fun - now this definitely cheer me up 200%. I hope Yaya and HT can join me to Canada. Las Vegas, Grand Canyon - hmm- may be park aside first lah ....can't be too greedy...weekend liow - besok I ferry to San Fran - watch 1 musical and 1 comedy - weather forecast cantik - yey !!!

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