Wednesday, June 15, 2005

NY & Friends

New York 2004

This picture taken last year February on a ferry to Statute of Liberty, New York skyline .... Just wanted to blog this after reading Rotitelur's 'new' blog , nice to have her back ! I enjoyed the NY trip so so much, had a great company with me mah :) . When I visited NBC near Rockerfeiller's center - I saw the F.R.I.E.N.D.S studio setup - the first thing came to my mind was - How I wish all my Friends kaki were with me, and we could take our posts and snap a really nice cool photo together :) - that moment - the sense of belonging was great - I miss my Friends ! 2 nights ago, while I was passing by highway 50 - I saw a restaurant 'Friends' nearby the highway - OH - I need to check it out - see ada Rachel coffee girl tak ? ada cute slim Chandler tak or naive looking Ross tak , hehehe

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rotitelur said...

I will try to blog more often la...tolong 'bong chan'.

I will forever miss Friends. I am watching Joey now, brings back lots of memory of Friends.