Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drive In Cinema - Batman Begins

Wuahahahaha - it's so so so great to watch movie :) Tonight, I tried something new, drive-in theatre - watch movie in a car. Tonight macam Ladies nite - cheaper ticket - USD 4. So 5 orang carpool loh. Well, I being kiasu and nice also - offered to drive my camry - tot more comfy for 5 person - then I driver mah, sure sit in front - better view :) ......Eh, quite laku leh, banyak cars, people bawa chairs , pillows, comforter, some turned their trunk into slumberbed leh ....kinda cozy. For us, first time kampung gals and guys - just squeezed inside 1 car - kinda 'pik' and tak comfortable lah , i say lain kali hor - 2 org satu kereta best ! The real problem to me - cuaca. At night cuaca sejuk lah , especially Bahija - I freezing ...... it's a great experience.
Batman Begins - not bad , i quite like it, enjoyed a few dialogs of them - "Why do you fall ? so that you can learn to pick yourself up AGAIN. " hehehe. On my way home, I tot about this drive-in thingy , u know - I ego sikit. Anywhere outside KL, I've no problem going to the cinema alone one , but but but I just can't do it in KL loh, may be I takut friends nampak I - think I pethatic kuah.....aiii ,oh well - so if KL has Drive-In theatre - it basically solved my ego problem, I just drive my car, enter the field last minute - last spot , watch those nice movies - then habis, first to start engine and belah , yey ...... jalan leh !


Kancil said...

Me super suaku. Never try before. Is a good experience actually.

anti-ringgit said...

We have it as well these days, organised by Nokia. It is called something like Starlight Movie where you go to the park and set up your pinic under the moon. You and your family can watch the big screen at the park.

However, about watching movie alone in KL and I have no problem with that as long as you shut your mind on how other people think about you. Watching alone does not mean you are highly undesirable. Just that Mr right is not here yet. So enjoy the freedom while you can! Nothing wrong with it.

Live your life with how you want it to be and NOT how other people wants you to be.

ringgit said...

I am dating and I have seen only 3 movies! No time for movies when pak tor, I say. So enjoy your time!!!
:P :P :P

rotitelur said...

I don't like to watch movie by myself either, even after I am married. I do this few times in Hong Kong but everything I go it late and leave as soon as it is over. I would pay H$8 extra for internet ticket rather than queing up for ticket, less chance for people bump into me. I think last time I was afraid people to think that I had no date, now I am afraid people to think that I have no friend. Pathetic!!!

May be this is a woman thing....