Thursday, June 23, 2005

Small world & 缘 份

Bahija met Susie at the Alpha getaway weekend @ Subang Hilton. We sat next to each other during lunch time, started conversation and kenal liow loh. Subsequently , I met her not more than 5 times lah - always during Alpha courses. A week before the graduation night, she told me she datang USA, San Fran area ...I was happy to hear that - said keep in touch loh. Then 3 weeks ago, Susie started emailing me, said she's goin to stay with her friend Darjeeling near SF, arranged to meet up ...... ting ting ting - world is indeed super duper small, how big is USA ? it's huge leh, pin pin Darjeeling also staying in the same town, in fact same road as I am ....aiyuh - dahsyat tak ? Last weekend, Darjeeling brought us to Malaysian restaurant - aiyuh - Bahija super happy makan my favourite Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik :) homely - the restaurant is called Banana Leaf ! Today, I took half day brought Susie to Lake Tahoe. Well - this was the first time both of us sat in the car, had long long conversations ( without any interruption or disruptions ) - geeeeeeee , what a wonderful time, being able to know each other loh. Initially I was worried what to talk about, entah-entah we had fun. She has great real life 'true' still hangat punya testimony loh, I'm so so greatful for spending time with her. Learned a lot from her, and how we - the children of God - should have faith and trust Father will protect us no matter what :) .....back to I meeting her , come to think about the whole relationship - how it started, how it is progressing now - just amazed loh, a few thousand miles away. 'Thing happens for a reason' - she came to me, passed or shared with me valuable experiences - both personal and spiritual. Ha Ha Ha ....
Eh eh , kat casino - just for fun aje - I masuk $1 - won 10 quarters, then masuk lagi $1 - won 90 quarters , hehehe - kinda ONG loh. We cepat-cepat bungkus - went makan sumptuous buffet watching sunset @ Lake Tahoe.

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