Monday, August 31, 2009


I grew up in Jalan Ipoh , most of my good friends are from the Kepong area....I'm quite familiar with this area. Yet for many years, I've never done a hiking trip at FRIM. I always drove far far away to Ulu Langat, Semenyih, Jln Gasing , padahal the nearest to me is FRIM. Always couldn't find the right person to bring me there lor .... aiyuh , mana tahu, my Tai Poh knows this place well. This morning , to celebrate my country 52th Independence Day , I went for a hiking trip at FRIM. It's a nice hike. Enjoyed the company & the time I spent with Tai Poh. My medical report shows that I'm boarder line on Uric acid, cholesterol high at 6.7 - very bad leh. So, better get started to maintain my health ... plan to go hiking every week ( hope la - hehe )

Not granted

Our first grant was rejected, finally received an email last friday late evening - really 'sow heng' , on the eve of the holidays. My partner have had her sad moment. Luckily she's OK now, we'll improve and try again in September :) Jia You !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

technopreneur grant

last mth, my partner and I worked on a business proposal, we are trying our luck to apply for a RM150k government grant, from MDEC. Submitted the proposal July. Last Tuesday Aug 18, we were called for presentation, I was away on vacation, thus my partner went alone. Aug 24 was suppose to be the decision date , the date to notify us if we get it or not , I've been checking emails whole day - yet no news ....perhaps the judges are still reviewing , perhaps the good news will come soon , hmmm , of coz I still wish for a positive reply from MDEC , if that happened, it is another path for me , to explore being a technopreneur - though I'm really not a techgy person. Life is always busy for me , I wonder when will I settle down, focus on my dreams .... or when will I ever start planning to work on my dreams , indeed it is one of my weakness , for not being strategic , being a good planner .....hey , still - I'm happy with my life wor :) - that's most important for me lor ...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Face Cleanser

I am using this face gentle cleanser. It's very good and price is very reasonable. 118ml for RM16. I read about this product from a Health magazine. It's gentle , a no form cleanser, this is the kind of cleanser which was recommended by my skin doctor many many years ago.

It's available at Guardian , give it a try !!

wonderful Aug ....

This mth is a fruitful month for me and my family ...sister, brother from USA and Hong Kong came back for family gatherings...Aug 9 - we had our family photo session. It's a month filled with many makan :) , until Bahija put on 4 kgs in 3 weeks - Wow ! it's happy fat :) ....

I'm trying to compile some nice photos , publish and share with my friends, stay tune yea :)