Tuesday, April 25, 2006

fun shoppng nite...

2 years ago, Bahija bought 2 nice simple black evening dresses from Amerika - very cheap lagi ...at Target , I love those 2 dresses.... masalah here Bahija seem to pakai those 2 dresses whenever I was attending wedding dinners. I tried to add different accessories from time to time, but still the same dresses mah .... Bahija feels pai sek friends will notice why I kept wearing the same dresses. Tonight, to my surprised, I had a great shopping time with Sanguine. She brought me to this nice store , within 30 mins, she found me 2 nice dresses, and of course, pocket burned liow. It's so amazed that whenever I walked into this store, usually i walked out empty handed, my eyes just couldn't pick up any nice clothes --> that concluded that I'm have no fashion sense or gene lah. This Sanguine - I consider her as shopping expert, she walks around, can easily detect the nice items liow.....I know how to better utilise my time, next time whenever I need anything, I'll pick on Sanguine to go along with me , hehehe...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

addicted to volka-ribi-lime

My 2 dragon friends visited my house :) . One dragon prepared a nice drinks for us ....vodka, ribena and lime .... superb :) tasted great !! very easy to prepare , try it out lah

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bahija, Cambodia and her synchronocities

Hehehehe, I'm a fan of synchronocities .... during my last trip, 3 signs which caught my attention...

April 1 - while I was waiting for my flight at the new low cost carrier terminal, buka newspaper - saw the article 'The children of Siem Reap' ..... preparing me for my trip :)

April 3 - at Siem Reap airport, again waiting for my flight - saw a very huge clock , and I just laughed, quickly took my camera to snap a picture. Here is the clock --> guess Mido is saying hello to me & AR :)

April 3 night - at home , before went to bed, read a magazine, entah-entah - flipped to this page 'The Road Less Travelled' - described a 23 yrs old Msian living behind his good life in Msia, and spending his time in Cambodia helping the less fortunate folks ... I respect him for his courage & great works !

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Cambodia trip

Arrived at 11:30 am, checked in to the nice little La Villa Lotti hotel. It only has 8 rooms, small, quiet and surrounded by greens. The staffs were very nice, humble and friendly. I am glad that we checked in to this quiet cozy balinese style guest house.

We spent the first day lepaking around Siem Reap town, visited Old Market, Central Market, Angkor Shopping Mall ( we tot it is a shopping mall, entah it is just a multi-storey shops selling souvenirs only). AR and myself went for foot massage, hmm , not up to our standard, thus decided not to waste money on body massage liow. The weather there was hot & humid, and roads were so dusty. We were happy to find the ONLY free wi-fi cafe in old market - it is the Blue Pumpkin bakery cafe ...the lemon tart there was very very yummy

At night, we went for a cultural dance and dinner show. The food and dance weren't that great either ...

Day 2, woke up at 4:45 am, met our local tour guide - the legendary Pon Heary. She's a petite strong woman, speaks softly, and very patriotic to her country, doing many things to help the poor children, as well as doing her part to preserve the temples...Both AR and myself have heard many good comment on her, we were glad to be guided by her. While she was telling us her stories, I thought of Habibi too, both of them are proud of their country, doing what they could to represent their country :)

We visited Angkor Wat for Sunrise, too bad it was too cloudy, couldn't get a good sunrise. Then, visited Ta Phrom - the temple in the jungle, Tomb Raider was flimed here. We prefer this temple, this temple was abandoned for a while and the strong bayon tree roots ruined the temple since then. Next, visited Angkor Thomb, then Bayon temple. Then, climbed up high to Bakheng temple for sunset, again, it was too cloudy, we didn't get sunset too :( , but it was OK, we have seen the temples .... Then, dinner with my PG's friends, yeah, great to meet my friends here , and had a sumptious dinner @ Old Market. Bahija cycled about 2 kilometers to the restaurant at Old Market - it was exciting for me, as I had never cycled so far in a busy car road leh , was nervous all the way - but it was fun cycling around town in the cool breeze , collecting dust on my face too , hehehe , and a bit of exercise too.

Day 3 - woke up late at 9 am, had a nice eggs and bacon breakfast, relaxed - and then said sayonaro to the nice hotel staffs, and headed home ....

My comment is that Angkor Wat as a World Wonder is not as magnificent as I'd thought. I would prefer Egyptian or China's civilization. It's great to be able to visit this third world country, and see how poor this country is, there are many young kids/children who have no education, life is generally difficult for majority of the population. But on the other hand, there are many corruption and the rich is getting more wealthier ...... sad to see this, a lot of hospitals, schools, facilities are 100% built, sponsored by the foreigners, temples are preserved by foreign countries ( including Msia ) , whereas those rich Cambodians did nothing or less to help their own country .....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

ten anni

Today, Bahija entered double digit celebration. April Fool day 10 yrs ago, I started my first working day :) with I-kei. Hehehehe, time flies .... a few of my buddies are getting their 10 yrs service awards soon .......too bad, Bahija already quit half way - no service award from I-kei, but I hope to receive one from In-kei though. To celebrate - I'm going to visit Angkor Wat - the lost city, it is super hot now at 40 degree celcius. Hope I'll have a great trip. Have engage a local tour guide , Bahija wish that he is 'Mido' look alike loh, good in story telling, and fun to be with :)

Enjoy , Have Fun & Happy Anniversary .......................