Saturday, April 01, 2006

ten anni

Today, Bahija entered double digit celebration. April Fool day 10 yrs ago, I started my first working day :) with I-kei. Hehehehe, time flies .... a few of my buddies are getting their 10 yrs service awards soon .......too bad, Bahija already quit half way - no service award from I-kei, but I hope to receive one from In-kei though. To celebrate - I'm going to visit Angkor Wat - the lost city, it is super hot now at 40 degree celcius. Hope I'll have a great trip. Have engage a local tour guide , Bahija wish that he is 'Mido' look alike loh, good in story telling, and fun to be with :)

Enjoy , Have Fun & Happy Anniversary .......................

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不精な猫 said...

tell us your trip when you r back :)