Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sleepless in Seattle

Weeks ago, I thought of watching this movie 'Sleepless in Seattle' before my departure , but busy schedule, never had the time..... HeHeHe, amazingly, today flipped newspaper, ter-saw TV2 movie program, viola - it was ON tonight at 10pm. Just the night before I belah to Seattle :) - so wonderful ........

Last year, I went to New York Empire State building (ESB) - Stood at the roof top, 'Sleepless in Seattle' was in my mind. What I saw from the movie, I finally made it there to ESB. That night, I also met a one-time friend, he accompanied me to ESB. Had a good windy cold night with him at ESB.

Now, I'm heading to Seattle, hmmm - should I wish to meet someone special , say at Space Needle this time ? I do welcome a good company , make my trip more memorable :)

Sleepless in Seattle - here I come !!!!!!

From Midooooooooooooooo

"Hello Bahija
I'm Mido
After a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time of waiting that's my email address

Your friend Mido "
sent to me, sitting in my mailbox since May 3 , HAHAHAHA

I talked to Mido last month, I called him, asked him to send me his friend's email ID, so that I can communicate to him via email. Then I didn't hear from him. I sms-ed him once to follow up ...... then , this miracle happened. Well, as I am undergoing my pre-departure symptom, He made my day. It's so cool to read / to receive his email ....hahahaha. The way he wrote 'loooooooog' - wasn't that cute ... LOL

Finally, after so many months, I can send him all the MIDO photos liow ...yey !

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pre-departure sympton

It's not my first trip. Been there many times .....previously, I would be excited and looking forward to being there .....but this time - the feeling is totally different. I am afraid, reluctant to depart - aiiii, heart macam something not right .... something is bothering me ... I suppose I too sensitive. Previous trips, I pretty much know what I was going to do, and knew very sure I have values. This round, everything is grey, uncertain of what roles to play, what tasks to do, question on my capability and ability and so on and so on ..... well, let me pray for simplicity- dun think one side aje, let me keep myself positive - adapt changes - things may be fun - don't worry too much - things may be within my control :) cheers ..... i sure home sick pretty soon ! aiiiiiii

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A soft kiss

Tell me first thing which came to your mind when you read this :P

I would dream of a real kiss of course, tapi unfortunately it wasn't. I was not the direct participant, my sweety was. Tonight raining, at a slope exit in front of the Science Center, I wasn't speeding... in fact slowed down and hit the break pad kuat-kuat, may be too kuat or may be the road too slipery or my car tyres not good liow, my car came to a full stop, but still skid and move forward, and 'kissed' the car in front of me. Aiyuh, that short moment - only sub-seconds - very very the 'out of control'. Consciously knew car stopped, but my eyes saw it was moving forward, when it hit the car, I shouted out loud, betul-betul scared. Anyway, like i said, just a soft kiss, no damage to both cars. I stepped out, bowed my head - minta maaf to the man. Luckily, he also nice nice - saw nothing happened to his car, and let me go ...... hurray !

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New vocabs

Another synchronocity - I read ‘bicker’ , ‘filial’ from Ringgit’s blog. Then, within 2 days, I read the same words from newspaper ….it happened twice liow. So, the end result was – I remembered those words – learned – captured in memory – put into practice , the beauty of sync & blog in my life - to help me improve my English ....hahahaha !

Places & People

Tai Poh completed her 2 mths + backpack journey, and arrived home safely :). We, ji-mui met her tonight. Tai Pok is an active girl, she hardly sit still do nothing, her life is full of things to do, to explore, in other words – she's a super busy superwoman.

It’s exciting to hear her travel stories, she’s been to all the states in USA, visited all the nice places in US, Mexico and Canada. Her recent trips - she visited France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Vatican City, Belgium, Netherland, German, Austria, Scotland, Portland and Taiwan. Completed part of her chapter of life - her dreams, now balik kampung for good – and going to start another new chapter ….before that, she needs some times to adjust herself locally dulu ... (macam New Employee Orientation - hers is Return Malaysian Orientation cum culture shock ) :P

My coming trip to FM would be quite ‘lonely’ and ‘quiet’ ….since Yaya already moved to Mid West, and Tai Poh not in San Francisco liow ….aiiiii. Ringgit once said that ‘when we travel to a place, it’s not just the place that attracted us, it is also the people surrounded us’ – which I find it true. People and places complete the whole memorable trip . Personally, I enjoyed my New York trip with Tai Poh; had a wonderful catch up moment with Yaya all the way to Pebble Beach, 17th-mile drive, Carmel, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Jose and surroundings; mysterious exciting Egypt trip with R, AR and P, guided by Habibi Mido; unforgettable ‘sin kor’ hike to Mt KK with my fellow colleagues, and many trips with my sweet Ah Mah ….when I think of those places I’ve been to, I always think of the people I went with – sweet dream :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

我最敬爱的母亲大人 ......

My mum was born on the year of 1935, at this place which is now called ‘The Mall’ shopping complex, opposite PWTC. Her childhood and early adulthood happened in those area called ‘Chow Kit’ or Jalan Tiong Nam or Batu Road or the Mall area. She only had 1 year of education ( standard one aje), because grand mother stopped her from schooling.

At the age of 8, she stayed at home washed clothes for customers, from early morning to late night.
At the age of 13, besides being a ‘manual dobi’, she also took on ironing tasks. Back then she need to burn hot charcoal – used the antique steel iron, can imagined the hot sweaty moments. She was sort of locked at home – at the little hut - to do wash & iron tasks until 15 years old.
At the age of 15, she worked in kilang as a factory worker, sewed luggage bags. She’d experienced World War II when Japan was invading Malaysia. Mum said she saw the dead people buried or some buried hidup2 at ‘Hanku Jaya’.
At the age of 19, she found an opportunity to work as a housekeeper for 2 English women from England. Mum enjoyed that job, because it’s an escape from the little hut, she gained independence from grand mother, stayed with the English women, took care of them. There were a few things which spice up her life – she learned some simple English, learned to eat Ham, learned to prepare English afternoon tea etc etc …
At the age of 22, she met my tall handsome daddy, dated 6 months, and viola – married. Then started the family loh , and promoted to housewife and full time mum since then.

I have high respect for my mother. She is a very capable,wonderful, amazing woman. She devoted her whole life for her family, not selfish for herself, whatever she does, they are for the benefits of her children and not herself. Having Teddy Bear around, her life is pretty much stuck with him. As I’m counting Q1, Q2 and my yearly resolutions….she's aging graciously, getting smaller and smaller. Nowadays, my sisters and I have to bring her to various doctors, pity her that she has to take a few medicines
. But at her age, she is still doing excellent on her health – she has more energy than me. Opssss.

Even though I found out that she was reluctant to stay with me. I respect her choice, but I'm still wishing hard for 'that day' to come, I just want to spend more time with her, be able to greet her daily, to shower her with loves and great company....家有一老, 有如一宝. She's work too hard to bring her children to where they are now today, we have to value, treasure her while she is still with us .... For my dearest mummy - Happy Mother's Day ! Everyday or every weekend with you is Mother's Day - love u so so so much :)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

12 weeks

Wow. Bahija completed a 12-weeks Alpha course. Started Feb 17, graduated tonight. Presented my first testimony. Only missed 1 lesson when I was on business trip. Indeed, I'm so glad that I enrolled in this course. As a young believer, it is a re-born into a new family ...there are many new things to adjust to.....a total shock sometimes, it's like a mood swing - sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes question my faith, sometimes lost, sometimes afraid, sometimes just felt so tired changing the lifestyles, sometimes sad when people around me don't support me ..... Personally, this spiritual walk is not easy at all, and it is also one of the big big major decision I've made. I'm just glad that the timing is just right for me. Things fall onto me smoothly....I've learned a lot from this Alpha course. Every week, when I attended the course, the specific key messages came to me at the right spot at the right time. The speaker shared the things a new believer will have to face or go thru ...... To me , I'm glad guidance was poured onto me - allowing me to walk the path positively. "I believe in order to understand"

Monday, May 02, 2005

Early mid-life crisis .....

Well, I'm not depress, not down or anything life is great - only a bit messy right now, I kept telling my friends - I'm busy ...... just the other day, read an email about moden life, now our lives are full with new gadgets, new technologies - all sort of state of the art helpers such as pressure-cooker, washing machine, e-banking, maid etc etc , yet ironic, still couldn't find time or have the peace of mind to focus on things that value most....anyway, back to Bahija, I know my own drawbacks, I've got to organize a bit :)

Lately, I noticed some changes in my own body, and some personal likings as well .....macam I'm in early mid-life crisis loh..hahaha, that's way too early for me hor ! Today, read this 'How old is old ?' - I've not earned the right to be wrong, I just find this article nice to read ....reminded us that , love ourself, walk thru our life journey positively , for there are many wonderful things around us .....