Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pre-departure sympton

It's not my first trip. Been there many times .....previously, I would be excited and looking forward to being there .....but this time - the feeling is totally different. I am afraid, reluctant to depart - aiiii, heart macam something not right .... something is bothering me ... I suppose I too sensitive. Previous trips, I pretty much know what I was going to do, and knew very sure I have values. This round, everything is grey, uncertain of what roles to play, what tasks to do, question on my capability and ability and so on and so on ..... well, let me pray for simplicity- dun think one side aje, let me keep myself positive - adapt changes - things may be fun - don't worry too much - things may be within my control :) cheers ..... i sure home sick pretty soon ! aiiiiiii

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