Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A soft kiss

Tell me first thing which came to your mind when you read this :P

I would dream of a real kiss of course, tapi unfortunately it wasn't. I was not the direct participant, my sweety was. Tonight raining, at a slope exit in front of the Science Center, I wasn't speeding... in fact slowed down and hit the break pad kuat-kuat, may be too kuat or may be the road too slipery or my car tyres not good liow, my car came to a full stop, but still skid and move forward, and 'kissed' the car in front of me. Aiyuh, that short moment - only sub-seconds - very very the 'out of control'. Consciously knew car stopped, but my eyes saw it was moving forward, when it hit the car, I shouted out loud, betul-betul scared. Anyway, like i said, just a soft kiss, no damage to both cars. I stepped out, bowed my head - minta maaf to the man. Luckily, he also nice nice - saw nothing happened to his car, and let me go ...... hurray !


ringgit said...

This would have been avoided if our cars are equipped with ABS. Unfortunately, shitty Malaysian cars do not have ABS so when you jammed your brakes, your car will naturally skid because of inertia. Damn Proton Wira!

The first thing that came to my mind when I read 'soft kiss' was, of course, a gentle kiss on Anne's lips :P :P

Kancil said...

check your breaks and tyres.

rotitelur said...

Oh my dear, thank God it was just a soft kiss. Drive safely yah.