Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Places & People

Tai Poh completed her 2 mths + backpack journey, and arrived home safely :). We, ji-mui met her tonight. Tai Pok is an active girl, she hardly sit still do nothing, her life is full of things to do, to explore, in other words – she's a super busy superwoman.

It’s exciting to hear her travel stories, she’s been to all the states in USA, visited all the nice places in US, Mexico and Canada. Her recent trips - she visited France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Vatican City, Belgium, Netherland, German, Austria, Scotland, Portland and Taiwan. Completed part of her chapter of life - her dreams, now balik kampung for good – and going to start another new chapter ….before that, she needs some times to adjust herself locally dulu ... (macam New Employee Orientation - hers is Return Malaysian Orientation cum culture shock ) :P

My coming trip to FM would be quite ‘lonely’ and ‘quiet’ ….since Yaya already moved to Mid West, and Tai Poh not in San Francisco liow ….aiiiii. Ringgit once said that ‘when we travel to a place, it’s not just the place that attracted us, it is also the people surrounded us’ – which I find it true. People and places complete the whole memorable trip . Personally, I enjoyed my New York trip with Tai Poh; had a wonderful catch up moment with Yaya all the way to Pebble Beach, 17th-mile drive, Carmel, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Jose and surroundings; mysterious exciting Egypt trip with R, AR and P, guided by Habibi Mido; unforgettable ‘sin kor’ hike to Mt KK with my fellow colleagues, and many trips with my sweet Ah Mah ….when I think of those places I’ve been to, I always think of the people I went with – sweet dream :)


Kancil said...

You are not alone. I have the name list for you that going to FM:

- Brian Ho
- TC Lee
- Pinky
- Wang
- Chiat Pheng
- 2 Security Guys
- WW26, PS, Tang, JC, Poh Nyuk, Wei Chang

rotitelur said...

Interested to see NYC again? YenLo is there. He just visited Yaya not too long again, stayed at her place for the weekend. If Yaya can stand him means he is bearable la...consider that.