Monday, July 09, 2012

preparation for vacation

In 2 weeks time, Bahija will bring his elder 'special brother' to Hong Kong, mum and eldest sister also going along.  There is a lot of preparation this round, as it is my first time bringing brother overseas,  not sure if he can tahan the 4 hours flight.  I talked to 3 doctors for opinions, the answer was ' I am taking a risk, but it is do-able'.  For this trip , I contacted airline for special arrangement, special wheelchair and lift. Bought new lightweight wheelchair, received doctor letter, received special medication just in case he has non-stop seizures during the flight ( have to cucuk back side la , I oso takut ) ....special arangement with hotel , packing diapers etc etc like packing for a baby :)

Brother is very happy, he asked me to bring him to HK... I thought it would be a good idea to just fulfil his wish, as his water baptism gift ....those of you reading my blog, appreciate a prayer or chanting on my family trip , may we have a smooth and safe traveling.  thanks !

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

welcome my new sweetie U-bee

Today June 19, 2012 - Bahija officially out of being 'blue fan'.... Bahija had been using I-kei thinkpad since 1996, 2002 onwards with In-kei ,also using it. When I started my freelance career, I also purposely bought a thinkpad ( from OZ , courtesy of a good kind friend mah lau ).  Indeed, been a faithful user.  Bye Bye - sayonara

Today, I am a proud user of 'T' ultrabook , super light, just 1 kg. using SSD - WOW , a great marvalous experience for me. Now I on and off my U-bee in 2 seconds.  logon to network in subseconds , as compared to 10 mins previosuly, very malu when customer had issues, and I needed such a long time to logon and troubleshoot...

My last 3 top options : Dell, Asus and Toshiba.  Like Dell coz it is very small, neat, sleek looking - but doesn't come with accessories. Asus memang good, but need external accessories la. whereas T all in. so I just carry the U-bee itself nia. battery life has been great, I can go to work whole day without power cord. muahahaha....

Next, I carry a black leather bag to work , so light and elegant looking, no more heavy big bag pack... definitely a good upgrade for me. Loving this new working style so far ....Yahoooooo !!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

brother water baptism ....
Today marked another great milestone for my family. It's the water baptism day for my brother. Mum was happy and glad that he was given this opportunity.  Praise the Lord.
He had the special treatment, his confession statement was in Hokkien, pastor had to call many folks, finally manage to get brother Tio, who speaks good hokkien to perform the ceremony. 

Moving forward, I hope God remembers him, remembers that he is His son who suffers seizures everyday, all we ask is protection on him, when he falls, let him landed safely, when he has seizure attacks, let him be in good place and not harmful to him....

Brother was the first special 'child' who baptised in my church. He set a good testimony. Now , I received another request from another family, I will follow up with the special child and hopefully this Dec, we have another good celebration.... Happy Birthday Brother Teddy Bear !