Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 31

it's the last day of 2007 ..... aiii and wow - fast fast fast :) I was reading my 2006 .... kind of good to have a summary and know where the 'business' went huh ..... hmmm, my 2007 has been even more hectic, guess this year , I won't list down my 2007 ( though I should for my future recollection , aiiii - no time lah , sad hor, perhaps later kuah - haaa ) ... some of the things I did in 2006 - 2007 I have improved, increased or maturing more. Resolutions amazingly - done, haaa - I shall pad myself :) ... now I get to create new set of resolutions - hoo hooo

the highlight I want to bring forward is that - goin forward to 2008 , I already know that 2008 is a major career change for me 'again' , the last one was back in 2002 - back then - the environment factors pushed me to make decision and changed job easily .... the scenario now is so different, I am starting to miss In-Kei, the people I work with , and all the perks , work life balance which I've enjoyed for quite a long time .... life is dynamics and change is inevitable :) , hoping to march towards 2008 with great courages ..... I need the wisdom to make the right decision ....

p/s : to my spy , who shared a 'miracle' testimony with me today - 10Q so much :) , I do believe in 'miracle' , in times like this, Bahija appreciates the little little encouragement send from all my angels ..... you never know a simple thing or step each of you did, may brings lights or comfort to others :) - so always go and cheers others !

To all my readers,

Peace in your heart
Health in your body
Wealth in your life
Joy in your home
Spirit in your soul

May you always be blessed with these treasures , Happy 2008 - HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 30

Bahija was glad to attend a good friend's wedding , able to be back from business trip and made it on time for the special occasion. However, I missed the 'sien' words - heee ..... this couple is perfect for each other, both are very nice, good people , I am so glad that they are starting their next chapter of life :) . Both of them are buddhist, and at the center where they performed buddhist ceremony , one of the member said to them " they are meant for each other, their fade started long way back , and today , they are here , be husband and wife is not by chance ... " I am so agree with that statement, they are really perfect match for each other, they are soulmates for each other lor :) ... I salute the great work that the bride has done to the community , her wedding is blessed with many many good wishes from people around her, from those whom she has touched their hearts on , Myself, being a spectator , also touched during the ceremony, and cried .... sharing the joy ...... they will be a great testimony and blessing to people around them :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dec 25

I could be on my last business trip from In-Kei .... this trip has been an awesome one for me, as many surprises came along .... from an un-reluctant to fly out of KL symptom , to now - I just have to Thank God , for all the wonderful arrangement and blessings :) ... as this trip turned out to be one of the best and memorable one ... I spent solid wonderful bonding time with Benji @ LA- he's so cool, we are like buddy, chit chat non-stop, he brought me so many laughs , I'm so pleased to know him better ....Dockers' Pant reminded that during festival season, everyone hopes to spend time with family and friends, and I am just so blessed to be able to spend christmas with Emily and Benji ... nothing fancy , we just be together for 3 days :) ...on the cold quiet christmas day - we suddenly had a creative idea, within 30 mins, we prepared yummy dinner, setup nice table and had a wonderful meal together - all we treasure is having each other :) ....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

1st surprised party ...

Gentleman A said pick me up for dinner 6 pm. Bahija was late for 30 mins :( .... gentleman A was so 'kat cheong' - he drove over limit and very rushed ... in my mind - i was like "aiyuh, dinner nia, why rush leh , late mah late lor ..... no need to speed". Arrived at this nice Mexican restaurant at Old FM town, walked down the stairs , viola - whole bunch of folks screamed, shouted "Happy Bday - Bahija" - aiyuh, wow , speechless, stunt , shocked - Bahija big eyes and extremely surprised, red face and put into the spot ...heee - my first surprised party :) . Had a wonderful night with the great company of my fellow US co-workers and friends. It's the time near to Christmas , everyone is busy with life , yet they took their time out , waited at the restaurant since 5:30 pm , yet I arrived so late at 7 pm .... ( so 'sombong' lor - pai sek ) ... some of my guests drove 45 mins from other town, some retired and came to attend, it was such a blessing to meet with all of them , I had a short 1 week trip, didn't have time to meet with everyone, yet this small gathering - enabled me to meet with all my friends and their spouses - indeed - those was one of the memorable moment in my life ...

I was blessed with good company, good food , good laughs and many many gifts and cards - thanksssss soooo much !!!

48-hrs big day .....

I wanted to express my many many 'thanks' to all my lovely friends around the world .... every single one of you made my days ... I've been smiling , showing my sweet face for hours , and besok more ...haaa, this year - is slightly different - Bahija is in US CA now , CA time is behind KL time.... right from 12:01 KL time - Bahija already started to receive blessings , wishes .... until now, as I'm blogging - surprises still coming in, on top of that, received 2 gifts before I departed to US ... I'm really really really 感动 .... thanks thanks thanks thanks .... I couldn't sms 'thanks' to all of you - as that will cost quite some $$$ la , sorry yea .... I will email u guys instead :) heeee

Today , I was blessed with lunch and dinner with various folks & colleagues in US. This is 'sth' special as this will be my last chance to FM during December on In-Kei's expenses, enjoyed the moments and appreciated the company. So now, at CA time midnite , I crossed the official time, with an indian pakcik - haahaa. I used to have some conflict working with this pakcik ... I'm still adjusting to his lifestyle. Everyone is different , we indeed need to respect each other and value our differences ( learning to adapt positively yea) ....anyway , amazingly , Bahija spent good quality time driving around town , seeing the christmas lights decoration .... and both of us had a very good conversation. Again, same thing - this would be the last time we both get to meet each other , as we are to be 'out' of In-Kei soon.... in total , I'm celebrating 'today' for 48 hours .... how sweet , how nice eh , plus it is Msia public holiday lagi - hee

This week, my mind, my speech keep repeating this statement : 'this could be my last trip here , so bla bla bla' boss is so sick and tired with me liow .. having this mindset is very disrupting - it created the negative mood - which I didn't enjoy at all , must change - so what last trip , kan .... must work on keeping in touch ....

I thank Lord for this beautful days and all the sweet, joy moments in my life ... gtg zzzz, it's 1:30 am here ...

Back in KL , Dec 14 - a bunch of friends celebrated my bday - they blessed me with this sweet cake :)

Thanks , and Take Care all - muak !!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

my first party

Bahija moved to her house for > 5 years liow lor - wow - so fast .....I'm going to host a christmas party at my little home sweet home this saturday. Hmm, first time in my life to have a party leh - so to me, it's an important task .... disclaimer first yea - I can't afford to invite all my friends , perhaps take turn yea , as in 2007 - office friends, 2008 - movie kakies etc etc .... as I mature in life, most of the time, I attend function, go in , go out, go home - didn't really feel connected. I think hosting friends at home, is a very good alternative... firstly, allow me to go pick up some cooking skills , secondly, allow me to stay at home more often - yes yes , Bahija really misses her home a lot la ( I've not been back home very often lately , i miss every single corners of my house - haa) , thirdly , having close friends over for chit chats, meals fun and hopefully more comfortable ... The menu of the night : roast turkey , olive oil spagetti , mashed potatoes , salad, garlic bread .... first time cooking spagetti for 20 people ( takut juga leh ) ....I enjoy taking time out , slowing down my walks a bit , just do nothing but to think of what to buy, how to cook.....those who reads this blog , please have a prayer for me , may all the food turn out yummy , may my guests come and go safely , may we enjoy a good evening together'll be another 'fruitful' evening ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

away soooon .......

One of the testimony that God knows how to fully utilize me :) - this year , He is sending me to US. Timing, air tickets all gel-ed nicely into one big piece for me ... the trip is to quickly complete a one-week work transition , so that I no longer have to work for this particular team :) , in a way , it's a good thing....The real mission is to spend my christmas with my sister in LA .... the last time I spent christmas in LA was > 16 yrs ago , aiyuh - sooooo longggggg liow ah .... I am praying very hard that my christmas with her and Benji will be a fruitful, memorable one , Dockers' pant reminded me that during festive's season, everyone wish to spend quality time with family & good friends .... I'll try my best to make it a good one for them :) To all my friends in US , sorry for this short notice , I don't have much time to update you ...will give you a ring pretty soon, hang on the phone yea .... tata

take care all - Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ......

Monday, December 10, 2007

my sister 郑秀文

郑秀文 Sammy water baptised on December 10 ... heeee ... 她含泪说:“多年来以为赚钱可以填补心灵空虚,所以很努力去赚钱,但最终花了1000天,也就是3年时间才追寻到信仰。”

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dec 2 , 2007

Early this year , when I went on a business trip to US , there were many many schronicities sent to me - the message was real 'go baptize, go go go , u r ready' ....before that , whenever this topic came to me, I always said nope, I'm not ready ..... since Jan this year , my heart changed :) , and I was preparing mentally, spiritually and physically for my big day - the biggest event of 2007 ...... to get my water-baptism on Dec 2, 2007. Why Dec leh ? Haaa, Bahija purposely skipped the June baptism, I wanted to keep the same month as my Bday month - make it more memorable , easier to remember, plus when it comes to Dec - i celebrate 3 birthdays - my reborn, my earthy birthdate and my Lord's birthdate :) - heeee

Bahija invited all her family members , and her friends who have helped her along her spiritual walk .... to all of you who have made special trips all the way from Penang, from Singapore , from BU, fr KL & Selangor , sacrificed your valuable weekend - THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!your presence really made this day a very very very special one for me .... I told my pastor that I was preparing this day as if it was my mini-wedding ..... hee

How did it go ? hmmm, for myself , I went thru a very peaceful and meaningful baptism :) Hallelujah ...

I was blessed with many gifts - THANKS ALL .....