Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 31

it's the last day of 2007 ..... aiii and wow - fast fast fast :) I was reading my 2006 .... kind of good to have a summary and know where the 'business' went huh ..... hmmm, my 2007 has been even more hectic, guess this year , I won't list down my 2007 ( though I should for my future recollection , aiiii - no time lah , sad hor, perhaps later kuah - haaa ) ... some of the things I did in 2006 - 2007 I have improved, increased or maturing more. Resolutions amazingly - done, haaa - I shall pad myself :) ... now I get to create new set of resolutions - hoo hooo

the highlight I want to bring forward is that - goin forward to 2008 , I already know that 2008 is a major career change for me 'again' , the last one was back in 2002 - back then - the environment factors pushed me to make decision and changed job easily .... the scenario now is so different, I am starting to miss In-Kei, the people I work with , and all the perks , work life balance which I've enjoyed for quite a long time .... life is dynamics and change is inevitable :) , hoping to march towards 2008 with great courages ..... I need the wisdom to make the right decision ....

p/s : to my spy , who shared a 'miracle' testimony with me today - 10Q so much :) , I do believe in 'miracle' , in times like this, Bahija appreciates the little little encouragement send from all my angels ..... you never know a simple thing or step each of you did, may brings lights or comfort to others :) - so always go and cheers others !

To all my readers,

Peace in your heart
Health in your body
Wealth in your life
Joy in your home
Spirit in your soul

May you always be blessed with these treasures , Happy 2008 - HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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