Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dec 2 , 2007

Early this year , when I went on a business trip to US , there were many many schronicities sent to me - the message was real 'go baptize, go go go , u r ready' ....before that , whenever this topic came to me, I always said nope, I'm not ready ..... since Jan this year , my heart changed :) , and I was preparing mentally, spiritually and physically for my big day - the biggest event of 2007 ...... to get my water-baptism on Dec 2, 2007. Why Dec leh ? Haaa, Bahija purposely skipped the June baptism, I wanted to keep the same month as my Bday month - make it more memorable , easier to remember, plus when it comes to Dec - i celebrate 3 birthdays - my reborn, my earthy birthdate and my Lord's birthdate :) - heeee

Bahija invited all her family members , and her friends who have helped her along her spiritual walk .... to all of you who have made special trips all the way from Penang, from Singapore , from BU, fr KL & Selangor , sacrificed your valuable weekend - THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!your presence really made this day a very very very special one for me .... I told my pastor that I was preparing this day as if it was my mini-wedding ..... hee

How did it go ? hmmm, for myself , I went thru a very peaceful and meaningful baptism :) Hallelujah ...

I was blessed with many gifts - THANKS ALL .....

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