Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 30

Bahija was glad to attend a good friend's wedding , able to be back from business trip and made it on time for the special occasion. However, I missed the 'sien' words - heee ..... this couple is perfect for each other, both are very nice, good people , I am so glad that they are starting their next chapter of life :) . Both of them are buddhist, and at the center where they performed buddhist ceremony , one of the member said to them " they are meant for each other, their fade started long way back , and today , they are here , be husband and wife is not by chance ... " I am so agree with that statement, they are really perfect match for each other, they are soulmates for each other lor :) ... I salute the great work that the bride has done to the community , her wedding is blessed with many many good wishes from people around her, from those whom she has touched their hearts on , Myself, being a spectator , also touched during the ceremony, and cried .... sharing the joy ...... they will be a great testimony and blessing to people around them :)

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