Thursday, December 13, 2007

my first party

Bahija moved to her house for > 5 years liow lor - wow - so fast .....I'm going to host a christmas party at my little home sweet home this saturday. Hmm, first time in my life to have a party leh - so to me, it's an important task .... disclaimer first yea - I can't afford to invite all my friends , perhaps take turn yea , as in 2007 - office friends, 2008 - movie kakies etc etc .... as I mature in life, most of the time, I attend function, go in , go out, go home - didn't really feel connected. I think hosting friends at home, is a very good alternative... firstly, allow me to go pick up some cooking skills , secondly, allow me to stay at home more often - yes yes , Bahija really misses her home a lot la ( I've not been back home very often lately , i miss every single corners of my house - haa) , thirdly , having close friends over for chit chats, meals fun and hopefully more comfortable ... The menu of the night : roast turkey , olive oil spagetti , mashed potatoes , salad, garlic bread .... first time cooking spagetti for 20 people ( takut juga leh ) ....I enjoy taking time out , slowing down my walks a bit , just do nothing but to think of what to buy, how to cook.....those who reads this blog , please have a prayer for me , may all the food turn out yummy , may my guests come and go safely , may we enjoy a good evening together'll be another 'fruitful' evening ...


ringgit said...

bahija.. you sounded like those rich tai tai.. shopping, cooking, enjoying chit chats.. it's about time you slow down your life :)

MG said...


thank you for the tamales.. :)

so nice of your boss and you :D

MerryChristmas & happy new year!