Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 31

it's the last day of 2007 ..... aiii and wow - fast fast fast :) I was reading my 2006 .... kind of good to have a summary and know where the 'business' went huh ..... hmmm, my 2007 has been even more hectic, guess this year , I won't list down my 2007 ( though I should for my future recollection , aiiii - no time lah , sad hor, perhaps later kuah - haaa ) ... some of the things I did in 2006 - 2007 I have improved, increased or maturing more. Resolutions amazingly - done, haaa - I shall pad myself :) ... now I get to create new set of resolutions - hoo hooo

the highlight I want to bring forward is that - goin forward to 2008 , I already know that 2008 is a major career change for me 'again' , the last one was back in 2002 - back then - the environment factors pushed me to make decision and changed job easily .... the scenario now is so different, I am starting to miss In-Kei, the people I work with , and all the perks , work life balance which I've enjoyed for quite a long time .... life is dynamics and change is inevitable :) , hoping to march towards 2008 with great courages ..... I need the wisdom to make the right decision ....

p/s : to my spy , who shared a 'miracle' testimony with me today - 10Q so much :) , I do believe in 'miracle' , in times like this, Bahija appreciates the little little encouragement send from all my angels ..... you never know a simple thing or step each of you did, may brings lights or comfort to others :) - so always go and cheers others !

To all my readers,

Peace in your heart
Health in your body
Wealth in your life
Joy in your home
Spirit in your soul

May you always be blessed with these treasures , Happy 2008 - HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 30

Bahija was glad to attend a good friend's wedding , able to be back from business trip and made it on time for the special occasion. However, I missed the 'sien' words - heee ..... this couple is perfect for each other, both are very nice, good people , I am so glad that they are starting their next chapter of life :) . Both of them are buddhist, and at the center where they performed buddhist ceremony , one of the member said to them " they are meant for each other, their fade started long way back , and today , they are here , be husband and wife is not by chance ... " I am so agree with that statement, they are really perfect match for each other, they are soulmates for each other lor :) ... I salute the great work that the bride has done to the community , her wedding is blessed with many many good wishes from people around her, from those whom she has touched their hearts on , Myself, being a spectator , also touched during the ceremony, and cried .... sharing the joy ...... they will be a great testimony and blessing to people around them :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dec 25

I could be on my last business trip from In-Kei .... this trip has been an awesome one for me, as many surprises came along .... from an un-reluctant to fly out of KL symptom , to now - I just have to Thank God , for all the wonderful arrangement and blessings :) ... as this trip turned out to be one of the best and memorable one ... I spent solid wonderful bonding time with Benji @ LA- he's so cool, we are like buddy, chit chat non-stop, he brought me so many laughs , I'm so pleased to know him better ....Dockers' Pant reminded that during festival season, everyone hopes to spend time with family and friends, and I am just so blessed to be able to spend christmas with Emily and Benji ... nothing fancy , we just be together for 3 days :) ...on the cold quiet christmas day - we suddenly had a creative idea, within 30 mins, we prepared yummy dinner, setup nice table and had a wonderful meal together - all we treasure is having each other :) ....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

1st surprised party ...

Gentleman A said pick me up for dinner 6 pm. Bahija was late for 30 mins :( .... gentleman A was so 'kat cheong' - he drove over limit and very rushed ... in my mind - i was like "aiyuh, dinner nia, why rush leh , late mah late lor ..... no need to speed". Arrived at this nice Mexican restaurant at Old FM town, walked down the stairs , viola - whole bunch of folks screamed, shouted "Happy Bday - Bahija" - aiyuh, wow , speechless, stunt , shocked - Bahija big eyes and extremely surprised, red face and put into the spot ...heee - my first surprised party :) . Had a wonderful night with the great company of my fellow US co-workers and friends. It's the time near to Christmas , everyone is busy with life , yet they took their time out , waited at the restaurant since 5:30 pm , yet I arrived so late at 7 pm .... ( so 'sombong' lor - pai sek ) ... some of my guests drove 45 mins from other town, some retired and came to attend, it was such a blessing to meet with all of them , I had a short 1 week trip, didn't have time to meet with everyone, yet this small gathering - enabled me to meet with all my friends and their spouses - indeed - those was one of the memorable moment in my life ...

I was blessed with good company, good food , good laughs and many many gifts and cards - thanksssss soooo much !!!

48-hrs big day .....

I wanted to express my many many 'thanks' to all my lovely friends around the world .... every single one of you made my days ... I've been smiling , showing my sweet face for hours , and besok more ...haaa, this year - is slightly different - Bahija is in US CA now , CA time is behind KL time.... right from 12:01 KL time - Bahija already started to receive blessings , wishes .... until now, as I'm blogging - surprises still coming in, on top of that, received 2 gifts before I departed to US ... I'm really really really 感动 .... thanks thanks thanks thanks .... I couldn't sms 'thanks' to all of you - as that will cost quite some $$$ la , sorry yea .... I will email u guys instead :) heeee

Today , I was blessed with lunch and dinner with various folks & colleagues in US. This is 'sth' special as this will be my last chance to FM during December on In-Kei's expenses, enjoyed the moments and appreciated the company. So now, at CA time midnite , I crossed the official time, with an indian pakcik - haahaa. I used to have some conflict working with this pakcik ... I'm still adjusting to his lifestyle. Everyone is different , we indeed need to respect each other and value our differences ( learning to adapt positively yea) ....anyway , amazingly , Bahija spent good quality time driving around town , seeing the christmas lights decoration .... and both of us had a very good conversation. Again, same thing - this would be the last time we both get to meet each other , as we are to be 'out' of In-Kei soon.... in total , I'm celebrating 'today' for 48 hours .... how sweet , how nice eh , plus it is Msia public holiday lagi - hee

This week, my mind, my speech keep repeating this statement : 'this could be my last trip here , so bla bla bla' boss is so sick and tired with me liow .. having this mindset is very disrupting - it created the negative mood - which I didn't enjoy at all , must change - so what last trip , kan .... must work on keeping in touch ....

I thank Lord for this beautful days and all the sweet, joy moments in my life ... gtg zzzz, it's 1:30 am here ...

Back in KL , Dec 14 - a bunch of friends celebrated my bday - they blessed me with this sweet cake :)

Thanks , and Take Care all - muak !!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

my first party

Bahija moved to her house for > 5 years liow lor - wow - so fast .....I'm going to host a christmas party at my little home sweet home this saturday. Hmm, first time in my life to have a party leh - so to me, it's an important task .... disclaimer first yea - I can't afford to invite all my friends , perhaps take turn yea , as in 2007 - office friends, 2008 - movie kakies etc etc .... as I mature in life, most of the time, I attend function, go in , go out, go home - didn't really feel connected. I think hosting friends at home, is a very good alternative... firstly, allow me to go pick up some cooking skills , secondly, allow me to stay at home more often - yes yes , Bahija really misses her home a lot la ( I've not been back home very often lately , i miss every single corners of my house - haa) , thirdly , having close friends over for chit chats, meals fun and hopefully more comfortable ... The menu of the night : roast turkey , olive oil spagetti , mashed potatoes , salad, garlic bread .... first time cooking spagetti for 20 people ( takut juga leh ) ....I enjoy taking time out , slowing down my walks a bit , just do nothing but to think of what to buy, how to cook.....those who reads this blog , please have a prayer for me , may all the food turn out yummy , may my guests come and go safely , may we enjoy a good evening together'll be another 'fruitful' evening ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

away soooon .......

One of the testimony that God knows how to fully utilize me :) - this year , He is sending me to US. Timing, air tickets all gel-ed nicely into one big piece for me ... the trip is to quickly complete a one-week work transition , so that I no longer have to work for this particular team :) , in a way , it's a good thing....The real mission is to spend my christmas with my sister in LA .... the last time I spent christmas in LA was > 16 yrs ago , aiyuh - sooooo longggggg liow ah .... I am praying very hard that my christmas with her and Benji will be a fruitful, memorable one , Dockers' pant reminded me that during festive's season, everyone wish to spend quality time with family & good friends .... I'll try my best to make it a good one for them :) To all my friends in US , sorry for this short notice , I don't have much time to update you ...will give you a ring pretty soon, hang on the phone yea .... tata

take care all - Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ......

Monday, December 10, 2007

my sister 郑秀文

郑秀文 Sammy water baptised on December 10 ... heeee ... 她含泪说:“多年来以为赚钱可以填补心灵空虚,所以很努力去赚钱,但最终花了1000天,也就是3年时间才追寻到信仰。”

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dec 2 , 2007

Early this year , when I went on a business trip to US , there were many many schronicities sent to me - the message was real 'go baptize, go go go , u r ready' ....before that , whenever this topic came to me, I always said nope, I'm not ready ..... since Jan this year , my heart changed :) , and I was preparing mentally, spiritually and physically for my big day - the biggest event of 2007 ...... to get my water-baptism on Dec 2, 2007. Why Dec leh ? Haaa, Bahija purposely skipped the June baptism, I wanted to keep the same month as my Bday month - make it more memorable , easier to remember, plus when it comes to Dec - i celebrate 3 birthdays - my reborn, my earthy birthdate and my Lord's birthdate :) - heeee

Bahija invited all her family members , and her friends who have helped her along her spiritual walk .... to all of you who have made special trips all the way from Penang, from Singapore , from BU, fr KL & Selangor , sacrificed your valuable weekend - THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!your presence really made this day a very very very special one for me .... I told my pastor that I was preparing this day as if it was my mini-wedding ..... hee

How did it go ? hmmm, for myself , I went thru a very peaceful and meaningful baptism :) Hallelujah ...

I was blessed with many gifts - THANKS ALL .....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nov 13 - my decision ....

Today , Bahija submitted her decision , she decided to take separation package and say Bye to In-Kei ..... aiiii , not an easy decision boss has always been a wonderful boss , if not for him, my decision would have been so much easier .... boss been online at night, trying to reason, analyze to me - what if this, what if that , what does it takes to keep me etc etc etc ...... too bad, Bahija is not keen to relocate elsewhere at this moment .... I'll be around In-Kei for some time , my last working day is June 30, 2008 .... kinda long. After Q1'08 , I shall have ample time to sit and think wisely what would be my next destination :) .....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

my status .....

Oct 25 - Bahija attended a meeting with HR representative and my manager , guess what happened ? I got a pink letter la .... given options to think if i want to take separation package or relocation or redeployment

Nov 13 - decision date

Nov 15 - my site last annual dinner , Bahija will go with costume and enjoy to the fullest lor

Nov 16 - most of my friends shall be gone .....

my work site is shutting down, the business will relocate back to northern part....Bahija always dream of getting vss package ....those were 'talk air' time, now that I am finally one of the participant and impacted , the feeling is really not the same .... anyway, I've always believe that change is good , I am taking this positively, the only thing i need now is wisdom to make a good decision , there's no right or wrong decisions for me , it's only good or best or worst - heee ....getting to the good decision is good enough for me liow ....whatever it is , I am indeed happy that my Lord has given me peace in heart to walk thru this moment ....

I'll update you all when I have decided nanti yea :) ..... dun worry about me - stay cheers !

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Teddy Bear bday ....

Hi Hi everyone , Bahija dah hibernate or MIA ( Missing In Action ) for > 2mths - heeee. Indeed, Bahija is really busy at this moment, hope things get settle down pretty soon.... today is Teddy Bear's 42th birthday... Teddy Bear is testing new drugs now, took him 3 weeks to start seeing the side effects, aii :( .... just hope this drug is useful and working well for him la ...Happy sweet Birthday - cute giant teddy bear

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

new toy no 3 - for teddy bear

This one for Teddy Bear ...from now on - all of my family members can go anywhere , so long we wheelchaired Teddy Bear :) I won't have to worry when he gets his seizure and fall down anywhere anytime .....hippie ....this wheel chair is lightweight, cost slightly higher for being light....light as in 13kg, those normal one is 20 kg ....even 13kg also I hv hard time loading it into my car :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

new toy no 2 - LG washer and dryer combo

This item washer and dryer been on my bin list for 3 years ++ , FINALLY - I DID IT .... may be Bahija also in Merdeka Mood , taking advantage of the Merdeka sales.... Bought this LG 2 in 1 washer and dryer at Harvey Norman ( my first purchase there ) ... Why bought this, and why not the 2 separate ones ? space savings and this 2 in 1 doesn't need a special host to pipe out the dryer hot air ... my kitchen has limited space - very small mah. If dryer rosak , washer may still works, vice versa or both - hee, I'll take the risk and give it a try...I welcomed her to my house today Aug 6, 2007 ..... let see how long it can last eh :)

new toy no 1 - irobot roomba

Hi , a few of you are interested to find out more , i bought the scheduler model.... those In-Kei friends , u can get it at employee discount price. If bought locally, u get the warranty and service at your door steps, the sales and service guys will go to your house to service you but limited to Klang Valley only.... the price is close to 2k. Those who have good colleagues in US , use the US In-Kei employee discount program, there is 20% discount , condition is must order from US , charge to US address credit card and ship to US....warranty is void for irobots bought in US and brought out of US ... I bought mine for 1k. Not recommended to buy scooba ( the mop robot - water based ) from overseas - it is higher maintenance as the mop need special liquid detergent, it may need maintenance frequently ..... Bahija needs some time to setup, read the manual and get this baby up running, may give you some updates later yea

Saturday, August 04, 2007

durian feast ...

Bahija had a great evening dinner with some friends .....some of them reminded me of the I-Kei's durian feast ... I-Kei usually organized durian feast once or twice a year , came in lorry load ....we just makan-makan all the durians , as many as we could lor - very syok , i missed those fun times a lot a lot now :) I have brought with me so many wonderful sweet memories from I-Kei ...the I-kei club dinners, the annual dinners, family days , Club Med's team buildings, treasure hunts, offsite fun events , makan-makan, y2k standby oncall at office , cold storage support at data center , overnight at customer places and afraid of bad spirit ... I felt so blessed that some of my good buddies are still with I-Kei and they keep recalling those fun moments back to my brain :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

my new toy .....

2 more days ... my new toy will arrived. It's a broom robot. Yea - bahija is that lazy , I don't have time to sweep my house , and needed a robot to assist ....this new toy comes with scheduling feature , as in morning sweep living room, afternoon sweep dining room, late evening sweep kitchen etc etc ....when the tasks are completed, this baby will automatically go back to it's own 'home' aka charger lor :) ... the demo showed that it can clean very fine dirt, I'm hoping it can do me a big favor

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Firm

my company In-kei sponsoring this local version of 'The Apprentice' - it's call 'The Firm' , every sunday 9 pm @ ntv7 ... check it out , u get to see the in-kei latest 'multiply' C2D commercials .... It's interesting to compare the US and the local version. Local version - at the first 'fire' session, 3 out of 4 team members already cried, and when they had to nominate who to be fired , they didn't maintain eye-contacts - so pai sek to give the name , and said 'sorry here, sorry there' .....whereas the US version - most of the players were strong, muka tebal, argued and fight till the end. Difference in culture eh .... Tonight 's episode, I strongly think that Anrie was a good creative team leader, she's good. It's nice of her to take the blame and volunteered to be fired...yet , I also agree with the GM comment - she should have admitted her lack of experience, learned the lessons, and continue the battle to prove her ability. As a team leader, I think she knows well who is the weaker player or non performer lor ( the audiences can tell easily). In this corporate game, she shouldn't gave up so easily, at least not this round - I am sad to see her gone, wasted ...remember - check this show next sunday yea

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Last year 06-06-06 around 6 am, Bahija had a little accident at my office's carpark :) , I've fixed my sweety, given her a new paint & new bodyworks - she's looking cool now. 07-07-07 is Ronnie wedding day, he's my american brother ( my american host family) . Hey Ronnie - Congratulations - it's a nice date. 07-07-07 also known as Live Earth day -to create global warming awareness. 07-07-07 , the new 7 wonders of the world will be named - hope Bahija completed 50% of the new 7 wonders list eh .... for me - I want to make a difference on someone's life , and decided 07-07-07 - to sponsor a child .... Hope one day, I get to visit the child personally .....ciao

Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2 ....

Bahija has 3 friends who celebrate birthday today ... it's easy to ingat dee
just want to briefly describe them ....
one is goin thru a change thingy and starting the next chapter of life
one went thru challanges but still rock solid, enabled her to do things she has never thought of ..
one got her wish granted, found the treasure ....

Happy Birthday friends !

Friday, June 22, 2007

Las Carretas...

Bahija's guest sudah balik, he's a hispanic - on 2 mths sabatical, and he finally decided to visit Msia. Bahija has done a good job for my country, as a ambassador - shared with him a lot of our culture and history. Likewise, I also learned many things from him too , especially the hispanic culture - wait la, one of these day, I will visit Mexico City :) 4D3N - we did Melaka, Genting, KL city KLIA, he gave me a few hundreds - all his remaining RM and asked me to bring my mummy to a restaurant for food ... my mummy is very pandai, she said she has not try mexican ...viola - we went to Las Carretas at Taipan USJ - nice ambience , food quite tasty , slightly pricy. Bahija and Docker's pant ate quite a few times of mexican food - yum yum yum ...
Bahija is off to phuket today with TaiPoh - hippie :) ciao & cheers

Sunday, June 17, 2007

5th yr anniversary ......

Hooray, Bahija made it - solid 5 years of service with In-kei :) June 17, 2002 was the 1st day at In-Kei @ PG, never thought that I could survived this long, it's amazing how time flies ....geeeeee , 5 years are long time leh. I had 6 yrs with I-Kei, learned a lot of things, went thru a lot of various stages, met many many people and friends .... now 5 yrs here at In-kei - is very different, I've met a couple good buddies, worked with folks from various regions, on biz trips to a few places, trained in a few new areas ...I'm so blessed, so lucky to have the chance to experience the differences .... Today, I also celebrated this special day with a colleague of mine, who came all the way from FM :) , we did our toss @ chinatown , learned the mexican way of drinking beer - pour beer into a glass full of ice, and add some salt and lemon juices - not a bad idea

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

it's time to go home ....

Sayonara .... it's been a really really really busy wonderful trip. Every trip is special. Someone once told me, a place , a trip is memorable because it is surrounded with friends, people - that make the whole thing special ... this trip I met most of my friends, and spent a lot of time with Dockers' Pant, plus her family too :) Dockers' Pant is like a guardian angel , out of a sudden, she would said something - and those were exactly the things i needed to do , or places i needed to go ....We both gave thanks many times - as we truly 'received the blessings' ... one thing i failed to do , was to call my friends ....hmmm, bad bad girl. Tonight my team went to this nice japanese restaurant - Mikuni's - yummy - check out the sushi boat :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

it's time ....

The news asked consumers to mark calenders and get out the sleeping bags ....for what leh ? for camping ker ? June 29 - US start selling iphone pre-order allowed, and expecting sales to be super laku, hot cake kawan-kawan kat US already made plans, hit talk in the market , guess the scenario like Msians camping at developer office during the launch of a good housing project, will happen here on June 29 at 1800 AT&T and nearly 200 Apple stores , first come first served...usd499 and usd599, consumers must commit 2-yrs contract with AT&T , with mthly charges. Asia region - we kena tunggu lagi. Hope it's worth the wait eh :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

hello ...

Howdeee, Bahija been MIA for a while :) , very very busy at this moment .....currently, Bahija is enjoying her cruises around town with this 2007 TC sweety - leather seats, sun-roof - good enough to keep me happy other sweety ( the one which has been serving me > 11 yrs old - got a new facelift - bodyworks and repainted, plus interior wash ), I'll see her when I get back pretty soon .....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fake guava-apple ....

During my teambuilding session at Cameron Highland ( CH) , we visited the market near hotel EQ ...Bahija and friends saw bags of big bright red or bright green color apples, the skin looks smooth too, all of them pre-packed in plastic bags ....we were very curious of this kind of fruits. One of the stall owner happily opened a bag and cut out some for us to test, it's RM9 per bag for 2 pieces ...the minute I tasted it , I quickly told my friends that it's not genuine, tasted like the fruits been soaked in sugar - it's artifical - tipu punya .... The owner somemore told us that a lot of foreigners came back and bought many bags from her ..... aiyuh, today Star newspaper , there is an article on ' fake guava-apple ' - BINGO - that's the one - take a read la ... it's really true lor - tourists or visitors will think that CH produces this special hybrids , padahal - kena tipu nia ..

Last weekend, went to Chinatown, I also saw these fruits there - so beware friends, JANGAN MAKAN , JANGAN BELI ... however, no harm do a sample testing - see if you can differentiate the artificial taste tak ?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

a wonderful person....

Sometimes people asked Bahija 'what's your favourite food ?' - hmmm, Bahija sometimes pun tak tahu , sometimes also need to think hard , think high , think low to come out with an answer .... last thursday - someone came to my house - this person brought along a few dishes...when I reached home and open the containers - WOW - amazing lor - all the 4 dishes were my favourite food. At that moment, I felt so great, so blessed , and also guilty for what I've done ....there is this someone who knows me so well , and so caring to me - she's none other than my dearest mummy lor - Bahija really need to control her tongue and should appreciate her :) thanks , mummy - for all the yummy food , most important - for all the loves .....Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 11, 2007

all done in (30+ 5) mins

Here is a blog by Patrick Teoh on the Jabatan Imigresen, Cawangan Wangsa Maju which started operation since Jan 2007, the pertama complex punya sudah tutup kedai , so kawan-kawan, don't go there liow yea... Today , Bahija brought mum to another cawangan, it's the Shah Alam , Komplex PKNS branch. We arrived at 10:30 , photocopied IC , took photos - 5 mins. Went to queue for number, surprisingly super duper fast. By 11 am, application form, thumb print and payment completed , wow - Bahija impressed. Then officer asked me to go back collect the passport at 3:30 pm same day .... so we went home, balik at 3:30 , spent 5 mins to collect the new passport. Those officers I met were polite & friendly too. One happy customer here. A wish list - it would be wonderful if can collect passport within 2 hours ...macam tu , we go lepak , minum teh tarik, sembang sikit - 2 jams easy to kill :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/5 - 6/5 team building

Last weekend, Bahija attended a team building at Cameron Highland. My last visit to CH was when I was at Form Five's been a while :) . I enjoyed this trip very much, we stayed in an isolated hostel in the middle of the huge tea plantation , nice green view , quiet , we had the whole complex by ourselves. It's a wonderful neat super cheap place , only RM 10 per head nia. Why I enjoyed this trip ? well, in the office - everyone busy, focused on their own jobs or tasks, we hardly have time to this offsite event, each of us just got to spend time and we got to know the personal side of the others .... well done to the organizer committee who did this donkey jobs - bravo !!

This is the view from the hostel ..... surrounded with tea !

Spent RM5 on these whole thing eh :) ...The crystal vase was a precious gift from my last manager in i-kei. It's a good quality heavy-duty crystal vase :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April 30 and May 1

April 30 - Bahija was tested on my integrity , my tongue , my obedient and my dicipline ...... all the 3 personal events happened on this date ......

May 1 - Reading the book of James - the 3 events I encoutered the day before was brought up a few more points too

If Bahija doesn't cleanse her heart, control her tongue , gain wisdom - disaster will come ... choice is on my hand

Saturday, April 07, 2007

sweets sweets sweets .....

Heeeeee - a few of my friends will be smiling at me when they see these , thanks to all the angels who brought them over here .... enjoy !!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

one of my fav ....

For unknown reason, Bahija likes batik :) , i like the hand drawn nice creative drawings or, visited a Batik factory, and ternampak batik table cloth - wow - can't resist the temptation, and bought a batik hand-drawn 100% cotton table cloth - which was told will not fade in color when washed, and the patterns are available on both sides. Bahija visited Yunnan Province last year, I almost spent the same amount of money on one similar table cloth, luckily I didn't - as that one the color will fade , plus it's from China... today, I'm happy to put on this piece of batik cloth on my dining table ...when I host foreign visitors for meals at my home sweet home, they'll be able to see the beautiful handicrafts from my country .... plus this piece of cloth shall be passed over to the next generation ( provided it can last long la - hee ) , so to me, it's money well spent :) , it's an inheritage item in my dictionary

snack ...

A relative of Fish enjoys this 'great' snack from gurney drive .... only available at night --> take a look .... do u know what is it ???? ...... crispy fried chicken skin wor. She bought me this whole pack - and I only tasted 2 pieces .... the rest buang - haaaa. it's crispy like eating KFC chicken lah, but hor - this one only skins and the fats , plus lots of bulu ... i can see the bulu bulu everywhere - so tak ada selera liow
Folks like to eat this with beer ....those who like this, try kat PG Gurney drive la

Good Friday @ BM MCC

Rushed to cross the PG bridge, heavy traffic after office hours , late for Good Friday service, no dinner .... Bahija visited Bkt Mertajam chinese church last year's a very neat, nice small community chinese methodist church. (I like the red color long big cross ). BM is a small town, yet when Bahija walked into this church, I'm amazed with the crowd, the community that this church has :) - it's a family church, active with a lot of good activities for various groups. Tonight - i was invited to listen to a choir from Taiwan. They sang very well & shared great testimonies - and one of the singer is called 'black pearl' as she's an african lady who speaks some chinese ... at 52 yrs old, she's looking great , young and sings well, I like to imagine her as Whitney Houston (WH) .... is it wonderful that a small town like BM, the community can enjoy one peaceful evening listening to WH look and sound alike songs ? To the believers, it's time to reflect what we've done, how we should move forward daily, remembering Him, His sacrificies, His commandments, be humble, be thankful, be loving, to share love, to have faith ..... and to the non-believers - they can take this time to remind themselves that material world is not that important, learn to reset the priorities in life, or simply just sit and relax, just unwind and listen to songs :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TQ ...

Bahija had a request with Him, if I get more than a certain amount in increment, I shall give that as offering to my church Dialysis Center building fund ( the fund drive has been setup for years, until today , we still haven't collected enough fund to build the center to serve the community)...My wish was granted, I'm glad and thankful, pleased that I'm able to contribute. I think I will also sponsor a child this year (guilty as I spent on a luxury anniversary gift). Perhaps sponsor a Cambodian child , as I can get AA ticket easily and fly to meet him/her in future - heee

Swap topic , a friend of mine adopted 6 cats , 9 cats died earlier termakan by her 5 dogs , whenever she saw any abandoned cats or dogs, she'll adopt them....she just has the passion for the animals, her mthly expenses on the animals are high too, includes medication, food, cleanliness care, dog care when she's out of town....I like the animals, some are cute adorable, some can be bodyguard eg dogs for the blind..nothing against them. But given a choice, I'll rather help a human being than animal - it's just me , my style ...SPCA is not the place Bahija will visit

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 1 .....

Last year this time, Bahija treated herself a trip to Cambodia...This year, Bahija rewarded herself an expensive item, something that YaYa already did years back with her first paycheck's my 11th yr anniversary gift, I think I'll treasure this little gift ... April 3 - meeting boss to receive my performance evaluation, hope to get good news lah , most important hope I can perform the promise I made with Him la .... will see :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23 ...

2 of my friends celebrate birthday today .... Wau Bulan and Big Brother A. Both of them have left in-kei liow. Now, added baby N into today's list, he's born around 2 pm i think, I'll be seeing him and his proud parent in 2 weeks time. hippieeeee

Monday, March 19, 2007

comfort ...

Ever wonder how Great is our Lord ? I was slightly upset over the weekend, one was related to family matters, one was related to Teddy Bear - he fell and knocked his head, received 6 stitches. Hmm, I wasn't happy and didn't share with anyone. Sunday went for altar call - prayed for Miracle on teddy bear, I wish I could or able to do something extra-ordinary for him. Today , my angel Ringgit sent me an email which talked about the things in my heart, and he also ended our chat with this word 'victorious' - Haaa, that's how Great is my Lord - He sent his angel to drop hints onto me, to comfort me, to uphold me, to raise me up :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

a wiser decision

Bahija thought for the whole night , and made the decision - spent approximately $700+ on just one thing....aiiii , temptation - I'm a failure ! Here this link brings you to World Vision - a christian organization dedicated to help the poor in the world regardless of religion , ethnicity or gender. For RM600 , $50 mthly - one can sponsor a child, and help the child to have a better future. Bahija would be happier if I channel my $700++ to sponsor a child ... To my readers, if you have the heart to help the needing folks, please check out this site ...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a visit to DPC

Years ago, Bahija and Ringgit visited SPK Dmansara show house - my air liur mengalir-alir - the 2 1/2 storey house is spacious and well designed and built, equipped with 2 master bedrooms - which make sense, as many couples stay with their parents - so couple one master bedroom, their parent also have one master bedroom, the location is good and strategic. Aiii - we only get to dream about it. The other big impressive project is Desa Park City. Tonight, I drove past the area - saw the shops, the houses and condominiums - wow .....niceeeeeeeeee. This whole area indeed has developed well, and sure benefited one of my friend who stay nearby. He shld be laughing out loud, smart investment - can dream dream to upgrade to bigger house later ....

The other high class area is call Sierramas and Valencia. Sierramas project should be started may be 10 years ago - back then, out of no where , situated at Sg Buluh, facing a lot of rumah setinggan, and not so nice neighboorhood - the developer Tan & Tan which initiated this project was very smart. Knowing that BU, Dsara, PJ area already quite fully developed - thus developed this area to be super high end - catering to the rich and famous group.... I am just curious how did T&T manage to promote this area to the rich folks - getting them to purchase and move to a not so happening place back then, plus only one exit via Sg Buluh NKVE exit .... what was the magic ? Now, most people know where are Sierramas and Valencia , there are many i-kei fellows staying there too - hmmm, can someone invite Bahija to these 2 housing areas , plssssss - i want to go there and dream dream ,mengalirkan air liur ....

Next, one of my relative bought a condominium under T&T for > RM 350K. During CNY , T&T sent her a very nice new year prosperity plant - delivered all the way to her house....pandai nya to buat customer happy eh ... kan baik if can give ang pow - less a few thousand on the sales price eh, heeee

speed limit

Tonight , Bahija drove along NKVE from Shah Alam to Sg Buluh - i think the distance is about 30 KM. I wanted to check the speed limit. I paid attention to all the road signs along the way .... 'out of sight, out of mind' is a very valid statement. During my whole destination - I only managed to see one pethatic speed limit sign 110 km/j - which is located North bound after Damansara toll exit, before Kota Damansara exit. Only one speed limit sign ....hmm, when i was driving in CA - I was constantly reminded on the speed limit , as there were plenty of signs along the road - some on the left , some on the middle of the road - so the driver usually cannot NOT see the speed limit lor .... hmm, just wondering, is it better to have more reminder on the speed limit ?

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Today, after church service, Bahija rushed back to mum's house. I took Jln Damansara - then the link road to Hartamas, Mont Kiara - passed by Science center. On highway, my usual driving speed is 110 km/hr, as usual, I cruised along nicely on this scenic full of greens link road lah, then cars started to slow down - hmm, saw the road block, of course Bahija kena la ...parked next to whole bunch of BMWs, Mertz, SUVs, nice nice cars the most low-yah one - heee

My last stop was about 8 years ago at Hartamas too - for not using handphone hands-free kit. that time - my wallet only had RM5 , he pun took my last piece of cash ....

Anyway, today - when i kena stopped , I was prepared to get my saman - not worried at all ( geee - didn't know what have I eaten or done la, I calmly accepted my saman nia ) , the truth is I did speed - so I salah lah. He told me the speed limit is 80 km/hr and i was goin at 110, asked for my license - i passed to him, then turned my head away from him and listened to radio....then he shouted very loud 'cik - nak i tolong or nak saman' - I turned and stared at him - then said very calmly 'i want saman, please' .... wow - geee - what happened to me liow ? heeee. Again, i turned my head and listened to song waiting for him to capture details and pass me the saman slip la , at the same time, my brain reminded me to observe his ID & name - as I want to report this ( to support my PM punya vision mah - berhentikan or mengkurangkan corruption ) ... after a while , he knocked on my window, returned my license and said 'i let you go' .... another geeee - i supposed that was a surprise to me, that i took my license and then drove away - without saying anything to him , not even a 'terima kasih' .... not sure TQ was appropriate

My key learning is that it's a sign sent to me - reminded me to drive safely & obey speed limit - it's a good reminder - TQ

Sunday, February 25, 2007

funny 'taste'

Hmm, I may be a bit kuku liow - photos on toilet bowls ???? heee - First one taken in Japan - very high end - with sound system, seat has heater feature, it has flush, washing & drying buttons. Second picture taken in Brunei - my mum stared at them for a while , thinking how to use 2 of them. I gave it a try. First - use the right one, when done, move the butt over to the left , and push the button - wow - cold water flushed out - so cooling - butt butt felt so good , and whole body in 'shock' ( that's how I felt la , keli actually) . In Doha, Qatar, I sat on the toilet seat - and felt my butt terbakar - the weather is way too hot - until the toilet seat also super panas .... Then in China, in some ulu kampung area - their washroom is super duper dirty, smelly and open, no doors - as showned here. In Italy, the washrooms come with various types of faucets and gadgets - I need to spent time figured out how to get them to function..... Bahija just find this interesting as I get to taste the different scenarios :)

part 2 about country B

I heard 2 free medical testimonies - first one - father sick, no specialist in country B, thus government sent him on first class to UK for treatment, all expenses paid by government, and 3 family members were allowed to follow him to take care of him. The second one - friend sakit - government paid for all his treatment in Sgp ( multiple trips )

Some friends asked me if msian can migrate to Country B ? hmmm - after asking some friends. I have some updates. Msian needs to stay in Country B for min 25 years - baru can consider to apply for citizenship wor. 25 yrs - this is a huge number.... so the fastest and direct way is still via marriage eh.

Next interesting info - msian who worked in B country for 180 days, he /she does not have to pay income tax to our irb .... wow , too good to be true hor. One who stays less than 180 days in Msia - is consider non-resident for that year, B country is tax free, so need to check the Double Taxation Agreement ( DTA ) between B and Msia .... if this is true - hmm - Bahija may want to explore this option liow, since my nature of work is support and my boss is flexible that so long I can be contactable and work at the same timezone - it doesn't matter where I am physically ... so I'll get myself to work from country B for 180 days lah tiap-tiap tahun, to avoid my taxes - hmm, does this make sense ??? geee - go dreaming lah

Saturday, February 24, 2007

buah tangan ...

Western Dragon invited Bahija and friends to her house. This is her first time / first year giving ang pows - she's excited about this event, giving out 2 packets to the singles - heeee untung. Thesedays, Bahija memang lazy , i just went to my friends' houses empty handed, coz i think there is this tradition that only the married folks need to bring barang2 when they visit others. Being single, I just need to enjoy the flexibililty lah :) Anyway, tonight, Bahija was surprised to see Chinese Dragon brought a bag of buah tangan to her house lor ( as far as I could remember, ini kali pertama leh ). Chinese Dragon is obviously getting lots of 'preparation' or training for the next promotion - another new chapter of life - heeee :P

Friday, February 23, 2007

my 07 CNY vacation ....

Bahija went to this neighbour country which is on the east side, the country is 6 alphabets , starts with a B, end with a I. It's a small rich country. They don't have politicians, simple and ruled by the Sultan. The Sultan is 61 yrs old, thin and quite good looking actually ... the rakyat like their sultan very much ....I figured out why liow. Education ( from kindergarden to university) and medical ( I mean ALL the medical fees ) are FREE. Petrol is subsidized, and cost B$ 0.35 per litre. Rice supply is not enought, thus imports from Thailand, and Sultan subsidized 50%. This country is tax-free , meaning no sales tax, income tax, property tax semua tak ada - just delete the word 'tax' in the dictionary. The people also proudly told me that there is no poor people in their country, Bahija had to repeat the question 3 times to triple confirmed...the definition of poor is under poverty line. On average, people here change car every 2 years.....When I walked around the town, the town is clean, buildings, houses are well maintained and painted nicely, no grills - that means security is good. I also asked them, they said there is hardly any rompakan, theft or crime cases - wow - nice hor. The main bus terminal is clean, bus engines are off when they are parked at the terminal. My mum and I are very impressed with the locals, people from all races are very friendly, they smiled at us, offered help, and they stopped at zebra crossing, patiently waited for us to cross .... wow - never expect this to happen in an Asia country lor .... This B country is celebrating its 23th National Day today - for the rakyat there, hope all of them continue to enjoy the peace, work hard to enjoy the benefits, and not taking things for granted and be malas eh .... The not so cool thing here - no alcohol, no night life such as pub, bars, karaoke, massage centers - all those are NO NO, their newspaper nothing much to read, very nipis - every day hanya read about the royal families .... u see - country is peaceful and small, not much crime to report report the rich and famous lor, heee.... Generally people is quite rich, surprisingly their malls really really really hmmm no syok lor. This was the first trip Bahija didn't spend a single cent on shopping as there is really nothing worth to buy - haaaaa....It's a short exciting discovery trip for me and mum, we simply picked this place, because it's a new country my mum hasn't visited, it's nearby and affordable for me - I'm very 'pok kai' at this moment. My mum is excellent - this trip, we visited a national park, she walked 1226 steps up to a mountain, sat on long boat and speed boat, walked on river and made it to the waterfall - very KENG. Mat Sallehs also puji my little mummy leh

Monday, February 19, 2007

新 年 快 乐 .....

It's the time where food , more food and food :) Bahija have managed to shed some kilos for the past 2 mths. Hope I don't gain back those 'hardwork' easily.... I'll be out of town for a few days, when I'm back, Feb will be ending soon - so fast, Jan & Feb just zoom past - too fast that I don't think I've done anything significant yet ....wishing all my readers - Happy Chinese New Year !!
p/s : those who have IM-ed me and left me a message - TQ - sorry I didn't get the chance to chat with u guys :) - take care to all of you wherever u r .....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

an insult ....

Weeks ago, Bahija and sister relaxed at home while listening to TV3 news, suddenly - we saw the annoucement 'Le Tua Langkawi' bla bla bla - I told sis - that was a typo error - hmm, then later on, we realized that it's not typo - itu memang 'Le Tua' - the Malay version of Le Tour ( in French ) which means The Tour .... alamak - Le Tua pula - what a joke ... yesterday - a comment on Star - a real insult to the Malay Language - which is so true lor - I second the writer. Now in Malay , to discuss and to be flexible , you can say like this - 'untuk di-diskusi' and 'fleksibel' - what do you think ? siow or not ... bincang and mudah berubah will still be my choice of words as compared to using the 'CC' words - sound so weird ... yeeeee

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Holidays ...

Bahija needs to get some fresh air :) , went for mid-nite movie.... wish this movie 'The Holidays' screened last year during christmas and before NY lah .... perfect timing. Anyway, this movie is quite good :) , hmmm, Bahija like this guy Jude Law aka Graham cute ...oh, he was born on Dec 29, 1972 kat London... okie doot - i sign off and go sweet dream - heee

Friday, February 09, 2007

wake service

This week has been quite taxing for some friends. ML's dad is having very serious health issues - kidneys failure, diabetic , blood clogged, couldn't urine, and now latest problem - rectum bleeding .... Uncle has to put up a strong fight to get thru this critical stage..

Thursday morning - received a sms - the daughter of my ex-cell member passed away. She had leukemia since she was 9 yr olds, she fought this disease for 6 years, died at 15 yrs old. Tonight, Bahija attended her wake service, it's my first experience attended a christian wake service. It's simple (which makes perfect sense ) - we sang her fav songs .. of course we grieved over her death, but indeed we are glad that she is now with the Lord in the promised land.

This reminds me again - that I shall complete my will writing ( first draft started 2 yrs ago - still have not seal the deal yet .... ) - must get this into my personal imbo - haaaaa

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what a day ....

In summary

morning - a friend told me her sister and brother in law are having marriage issue - they may end up getting a divorce , they have 2 young children

afternoon - a colleague have 2 slipped discs - she undergone surgery to fix them ( I urged her to try a chinese sifu to urut - hope that didn't create more problems for her - so sorry )

nite - a friend is granted with a special gift - yet she isn't prepared for that - so it's a syok and a huge decision to decide on next action plan

Here I am - feeling very tired already .... hearing all the stories, but I do pray for all of them, Sincerely hope they get out of their trouble. It's common - when one is single - you wish to get married , but after that - tends to forget how to grow each other, how to appreciate each other .... or another scenario - when our body signal maintenance needed, we ignore and don't care - until the chronic issues turned sour ... or when you wish for something badly yet don't seem to have the luck to have it , likewise something you never thought would happened, it just materialized, just like that .... life lor i guess

Monday, February 05, 2007

big hole

last time, renovated and moved to new house - bought 4 air-conds, installed alarm, autogates, bought new appliances ....I forgot about the 'maintenance' part :( Now, each one of them started to merajuk and gave problems. Last week - my autogate not working, not even with manual key - thus i had to climb over the gate and use the master autogate keypad inside my house to open the gate .... called for support, Uncle teased me - he said i never service my autogate - alamak , i ter-realized about 'maintenance' then. So spent > $500 fixed autogate motor (left hand side), receiver, and alarm battery. Last month , my 2.5 HP air-cond merajuk pula, called for service, baru realized 2.5 HP, the service charge is $250 - geee, expensive nya - i also spent close to $500 to service all the air-conds... in short, it's so costly to own a house lor is the termite treatment liow - aiyuhhhhhh

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fun time babysitting ....

Today , for the first time Bahija gets to spend quality time with 2 lovely kiddoes - Andrew ( 7 yrs old) and Adel ( 4 yrs old) .... their grandfather admitted to hospital - kidney failure and a few other problems ... daddy and mummy stressed and tired taking care of things. Thus - Bahija offer a simple help - these kids truly blessed my Sunday, they amazed me with things they do :) Bahija pandai ambil hati kanak-kanak, bought them playsets, chips, ice cream, vitagen, brought them to 3 playgrounds .... until both of them so reluctant to go home - heee, Adel was crying at home and refused to go to bed...opsss. At 4 yrs old, Adel is such a strong minded girl, once she made up her mind, she doesn't change her mind. I gave them cups of water, and container to eat their chips - surprisingly , when they finished, Adel automatically took the empty cups and container, walked to my kitchen and put those dirty items in my sink, she also helped me bring my rubbish bag to the main rubbish bin outside my house ( without me asking, i was thinking to ask Andrew ). Her good behaviour truly melted my heart - okie - i shall reward her with barbie doll dresses liow ......oh, her manglish also super duper cute

Friday, January 26, 2007

happy ......

Bahija had a super duper busy business trip. Got so tired until I slept 16 hours out of the 18 hrs flight, amazing. Enjoyed the whole trip, the business meetings, the fun sightseeings, meeting the people, meeting friends, the chit chats, the food etc etc. Awesome. On my personal agenda, the most important thing was able to visit my favourite church, enjoyed every moment, it's my birthday gift from Father. HeeHee. Right now back home, again, pick up the usual busy life - there are just so many things to do eh, I don't have time to complete so many tasks ...hee, however, I'm indulging myself with some lovely songs, they helped calm me down ... i love this CD - one of my fav christmas present - Thanks to 'you' for sending this wonderful companion over :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2 yrs old ....

Today I'm 2 yrs old :) ... Praise God - He fulfilled my wishlist , given me a good gift - a sudden business trip, thus I'm able to visit my favourate church in FM - Lakeside church :) hoo hoo - so wonderful. I'm looking forward to this coming Sunday. On my first year, I learned fruit of spirit from my own church, and 7 deadly sins from Lakeside church. I'm so thrilled for this golden opportunity ....heeeeeeeee

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

better medical report .....

HaHaHa - good news again , my post dated Feb 13, 2005 - my cholesterol LDL was 4.2. I was so malu to visit my family doctor then .... Today, received my Dec 2006 blood test result - LDL is at 3.7 ( acceptable range is 2.0 - 3.9 ), uric acid also dropped to normal :) - HaHaHa ....

I'm still a lazy girl - still not active in exercise. The changes I made is to take oatmeal for breakfast, and eat simple meals - more on vegetables.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Teddy Bear goin to school ......

Good news .... this center provides various training for the mentally challenged kids. Teddy Bear doesn't belong to those 'smart' mentally challenged category , thus he can only attend the severe catrgory, which is once a week on Wednesday 1:30 - 5pm. Bahija tried to get him into this class 3 yrs ago, back then, my request was rejected, as lack of teachers. Today, is the first Saturday of the year, when I walked into the center ( I've been MIA for many months last year ) ... i saw many smiling faces, everyone welcomed me back. Person in charged invited my mum and Teddy Bear to try out the wednesday class - hahaha. Viola, there are some adjustment or sacrifices needed to be done among the family members, arranging transportations for mum and TB, including myself - I will have to ask for permission to work from home on Wednesday, so that I can send them to the center during my lunch time. We hope TB can get to socialize and learn something useful in 2007 ....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Jan 1, 2007

Howdeeeee, it's new year, it's Jan 1 ..... I tipu :) told everyone not going for countdown. Hahaha. padahal baru reached home. Had a great sumptuos dinner at Dragon-I restaurant, I like the 'siew long pow' and the honey fried eel. Most important, I enjoyed the small company ( Sanguine, Ms IM, Yuriko and Silverman ). We started dinner at 7:30, finished at 10:30. Then, walked past Baskin Robbin, suddenly had the urge to sample some icy cold ice cream, walked in to the super crowded store , luck was with us ....there was long queue, queue number was at 541. When I asked people where to get the number, a pakcik turned around and gave us a number - it was 538 , wow - haha. Within a few mins, we got to place our orders :) Bahija wasn't suppose to stay back for countdown, but since the night started out well, been having fun learning so much from the conversations, I decided to join the crowd, and drove back to Yuriko's nice home. Reached her house at 11:55, just in time for countdown and fireworks. Tonight I met 2 gentlemen who shared their overseas experiences or observation, it's fun listening to their talks, allowing me to hear things from another perspective. i got to zzzz, got to attend sunrise service at 6:30 am sooooonnnnn... cioa ....