Sunday, February 25, 2007

part 2 about country B

I heard 2 free medical testimonies - first one - father sick, no specialist in country B, thus government sent him on first class to UK for treatment, all expenses paid by government, and 3 family members were allowed to follow him to take care of him. The second one - friend sakit - government paid for all his treatment in Sgp ( multiple trips )

Some friends asked me if msian can migrate to Country B ? hmmm - after asking some friends. I have some updates. Msian needs to stay in Country B for min 25 years - baru can consider to apply for citizenship wor. 25 yrs - this is a huge number.... so the fastest and direct way is still via marriage eh.

Next interesting info - msian who worked in B country for 180 days, he /she does not have to pay income tax to our irb .... wow , too good to be true hor. One who stays less than 180 days in Msia - is consider non-resident for that year, B country is tax free, so need to check the Double Taxation Agreement ( DTA ) between B and Msia .... if this is true - hmm - Bahija may want to explore this option liow, since my nature of work is support and my boss is flexible that so long I can be contactable and work at the same timezone - it doesn't matter where I am physically ... so I'll get myself to work from country B for 180 days lah tiap-tiap tahun, to avoid my taxes - hmm, does this make sense ??? geee - go dreaming lah

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ringgit said...

Bahija, I have a cousin brother, around 39 year old, who is a citizen of country B and is single. He's loaded :)