Saturday, February 24, 2007

buah tangan ...

Western Dragon invited Bahija and friends to her house. This is her first time / first year giving ang pows - she's excited about this event, giving out 2 packets to the singles - heeee untung. Thesedays, Bahija memang lazy , i just went to my friends' houses empty handed, coz i think there is this tradition that only the married folks need to bring barang2 when they visit others. Being single, I just need to enjoy the flexibililty lah :) Anyway, tonight, Bahija was surprised to see Chinese Dragon brought a bag of buah tangan to her house lor ( as far as I could remember, ini kali pertama leh ). Chinese Dragon is obviously getting lots of 'preparation' or training for the next promotion - another new chapter of life - heeee :P

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