Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what a day ....

In summary

morning - a friend told me her sister and brother in law are having marriage issue - they may end up getting a divorce , they have 2 young children

afternoon - a colleague have 2 slipped discs - she undergone surgery to fix them ( I urged her to try a chinese sifu to urut - hope that didn't create more problems for her - so sorry )

nite - a friend is granted with a special gift - yet she isn't prepared for that - so it's a syok and a huge decision to decide on next action plan

Here I am - feeling very tired already .... hearing all the stories, but I do pray for all of them, Sincerely hope they get out of their trouble. It's common - when one is single - you wish to get married , but after that - tends to forget how to grow each other, how to appreciate each other .... or another scenario - when our body signal maintenance needed, we ignore and don't care - until the chronic issues turned sour ... or when you wish for something badly yet don't seem to have the luck to have it , likewise something you never thought would happened, it just materialized, just like that .... life lor i guess

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不精な猫 said...

the fact is the love before marriage is diff from the love after marriage... adjustments, accomodations, patience, and tolerance play a much more important role than pre-marriage life. A lot of people just not expecting it... love after marriage needs to accomodate reality....