Sunday, January 30, 2011

non stop rains right before CNY

weird things happening all around us , especially the weather.... here in KL, usually Jan, Feb are the hottest dry month, yet this year , it's a wet and cooling month....friends who came back from OZ said they loved the cooling weather here, it's very unusual, and now we are just 4 days before the CNY, the weather is still wet. Today, it has been raining since 5 am this morning ( I think la, i was still in dream land ) ...... non stop rains, wonder if some folks are moving away from the flooded area, kesian lor ....meanwhile, Bahija quickly took a nap which is filled with fresh negative ions, it's very nice ......this is a treat which make me very happy and refreshed.

Kind Offer - part 2

Last sunday , talked about the kind offer....this sunday morning, it happened again, so as promised...this morning, when another kind gentleman asked to help , I almost wanted to say 'No' , BUT managed to stop on time ....I kindly said 'yes , please'. So the kind gentleman learnt to wheeled my fatso to the class, looked like his first time pushing a wheel chair, I was glad that he helped and he learned about one of the way to use wheelchair :) , it's not a bad experience after all. I am so used to doing most of the things by myself, the good term is called 'independent' , the bad term is called 'san fu'....I'm going to learn to let go more and let others help as and when I can la ....enjoy their company, PTL !

Monday, January 24, 2011

teddy bear is away for 5 days ....

As I am writing my post here, I am missing my teddy bear :( . I sent him to a home care last night, spent 1 night with him at the center, left the home this morning at 11 am, teddy bear looked sad when I said bye-bye to him. I know the owner of the center, met her at one of the special children center. She bought a spacious corner house, her family stayed upper level, and down stairs is for school. She takes care of any kind of special children from 9 am to 5pm. Her husband leaves the house at 7 am, drive around town to pick up the special children from Ara Damansara, Puchong, Old Klang Road and Subang. I like this idea, at least this will free the parent's or guardian's time. Teddy bear is her FIRST day-care 'business'. Teddy bear is staying in a small room downstairs. He sleeps by himself at night. Bahija have asked many people to pray for him since last week, we hope he is doing well at the center. This is a testing programme, there will be times where my mum and myself needed some break, and we need someone to take care of him. So, we hope this home care is good for him and things work out well for all of us. The good part about this place is that it is not the miserable old folks home, it is a center for the special children, the teacher will teach him some fine and cross motor activities. I hope he enjoys his stay there, missing him so much liow, sort of feeling 'kelian' for him, to send him away at a home care lor ..aiii, he's so kuay, I told him days ago about the plan, and he seem to understand the arrangement, kuay-kuay obliged padahal deep in his heart, perhaps he wish he could be cared for at his own sweet home .....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

kind offer ....

Every sunday morning, Bahija brings teddy bear to church, to attend the special children ministry aka special kids training. I am a co-teacher as well as a helper, and teddy bear is one of the student. This morning, as usual, we arrived at church around 8:45 am, I parked my car at the handicapped spot, then brought down the wheel-chair, then settled teddy bear. While doing this, a kind hearted gentleman purposely walked to me, and asked 'Do you need any help ?' ...he knew I was parking at a handicapped area with wheel chair, thus he came to offer his help....BUT BUT BUT this dumb Bahija , I was fast to reply 'no need, it's ok, thank you very much ....'. While I was walking to the class, I started to analyze...I think I should have accepted his kind offer, and let him help wheeled my teddy bear, since he was kind to ask ma ....but I didn't give face and quickly turned down his offer. See, situation like this, I should have enjoy the kind offer, macam la delegate the work a bit ...aiii - I told myself - in future, if I ever get an offer from a trustworthy person, I will be more than happy to say 'Yes, please ....' :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

tonite's dinner

Tonight managed to make a quick stop at YaYa's house, to say Bye to her before she fly back to US besok....Aii, Bahija been relatively busy lately, rushing for a new project and due next week. I didn't spend much time with YaYa and little K. Anyway, I am sure they have had a great mini vacation back home :) ....After visited her , I rushed home arrived at 6:40 pm. Went to kitchen - pin pin bla bla ....viola - our dinner was sesame udon with grilled salmon. All set in 30 mins. While boiling the udon noodles, I applied miso paste on the salmon, then grilled it in the oven for 20 mins. Then put 2 teaspoon of sesame oil , 1 teaspoon of soy sauce on a plate , when udon was ready, drained and mix together with the oil and sauce. Very easy and healthy...sesame oil is cholesterol free and good for our health... Salmon is full of calcium and omega-3, noodles can use udon or soba ( buck wheat ) - japanese and korean noodles are better choice for us than our local mee hoon or yellow noodle or kuay teow ( all these high carbo ). I banned all the local noodles at home. Readers, next time, if u are in a rush, try this recipe la ...

new starbie coffee

My friend YaYa visiting from US. She brought me a few packets of Starbie coffee....this is new, starbie decides to be like 'Lama-Town-Kopi', where we can get all the 3 in 1, 2 in 1 kopi from supermarkets. Starbie is also following this step. I got to try some of them :) ...Thanks YaYa !!