Sunday, December 25, 2005


Bahija's first 'real christmas' ..... the parties started 2 weeks before - lots of makan :) Stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce was so yummy. I had this > 12 yrs ago in States when I was celebrating my white christmas with Louise and Gary at Jefferson City. This year, Emily and Benji didn't come back from LA, I only have local family members with me. I cooked nasi lemak , curry chicken as my family christmas dinner. Everyone agree that for 2006 - I should prepare the turkey and gift exchange program - Bahija is so pleased that my family is with me - remembering Father.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sweet day

This week is nice, after work hours fully booked. Bahija is kind of lepaking, slow down a lot, dun really have mood to work liow - hehehe. Previous years, this day, this time, this week - usually Bahija was on leave on vacation. This year entah what happened, I didn't think of taking leave wor. I'm done with christmas shopping, done with christmas dinners preparation. Now is waiting for the time to enjoy the flow & the events :)

Anyway, THANK YOU to all my sweeties who have sent me SMSes, emails, phonecalls from around the world. It's nice to receive Hello, wishes from those who remembered me despite your busy schedule :) - so kam tong ...serious !

Tonight, a group of my old friends ajak I dinner with them. I cherish and treasure my gathering - as always - it'll be in my memory book too ...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

customer service

Bahija just completed her christmas shopping, setup her christmas tree last weekend - now I started to have the festival mood liow. Last Monday was a public holiday for Selangor, Bahija rushed to post office in Ikano, unfortunately I forgot it's located in Selangor, so it was closed. But there is a vending machine outside the post office, thus I bought the pos laju envelope and stamps. Things were working great - I put my letters and all into the pos laju envelope, wrote the address, sealed ....then I was stucked obvious, my brain is single threaded, I processed 1 thing at 1 time.... until the last step - when i need to drop the pos laju letter ( which guarantee next day delivery) - then realized there is no yellow color pos laju drop box ...aiiii - incomplete transaction, they should have thought of this little yellow drop box :) ... i didn't find any comment box either - else I would have dropped in a little note - 'please provide the yellow drop box next to the vending machine'..