Wednesday, December 14, 2005

customer service

Bahija just completed her christmas shopping, setup her christmas tree last weekend - now I started to have the festival mood liow. Last Monday was a public holiday for Selangor, Bahija rushed to post office in Ikano, unfortunately I forgot it's located in Selangor, so it was closed. But there is a vending machine outside the post office, thus I bought the pos laju envelope and stamps. Things were working great - I put my letters and all into the pos laju envelope, wrote the address, sealed ....then I was stucked obvious, my brain is single threaded, I processed 1 thing at 1 time.... until the last step - when i need to drop the pos laju letter ( which guarantee next day delivery) - then realized there is no yellow color pos laju drop box ...aiiii - incomplete transaction, they should have thought of this little yellow drop box :) ... i didn't find any comment box either - else I would have dropped in a little note - 'please provide the yellow drop box next to the vending machine'..

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