Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sweet day

This week is nice, after work hours fully booked. Bahija is kind of lepaking, slow down a lot, dun really have mood to work liow - hehehe. Previous years, this day, this time, this week - usually Bahija was on leave on vacation. This year entah what happened, I didn't think of taking leave wor. I'm done with christmas shopping, done with christmas dinners preparation. Now is waiting for the time to enjoy the flow & the events :)

Anyway, THANK YOU to all my sweeties who have sent me SMSes, emails, phonecalls from around the world. It's nice to receive Hello, wishes from those who remembered me despite your busy schedule :) - so kam tong ...serious !

Tonight, a group of my old friends ajak I dinner with them. I cherish and treasure my gathering - as always - it'll be in my memory book too ...

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mystic_grey said...

hey there..
have a blessed christmas and a joyful new year!!!!