Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rooster Babiesssss

This year, my Rubber Trees busy contributing for Vision 2020. There are many Rooster Babies. Angie's first baby came to this world today at 8:15 am, weighed 7.5 pound. We, Rubber Trees, rejoice this great news .... a few more to come soon. I always think that a woman's life is incomplete without goin thru the 'motherhood'!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Peace be with you, do not fear ...

Judge 6:23 The Lord said "Peace be with you; do not fear" ....

Last night, after the post-modem of last weekend's problem. I finally switched off my tired mind, prepared for a good night sleep. QT, read the Daily Bread - I felt so strong that God is telling me straight to my face that 'Peace be with me, do not fear'. There I was, questioned my chosen path, and fearful of my future. I had doubt that I couldn't value add on my new job, no confidence :(. Message from Daily Bread - We all have fears of various kinds - from worms to wars. If God asks us to do something, He'll give us the strength and power to do it. To take the fear out of living, put my faith in the living God.

Father Lord, I hope this is the right door opened by You, for me to move forward, as per Your will, that You'll give me strength and power to progress and bear my fruits.


Most of my blogger kakis seem busy thesedays :). Not many new updates liow, including myself - my workload increased quite a bit this year. Then my vitamins, and some family thingy to take care of ....zzzoooommmmm, time just past by so fast. Coming to end of April, mid Q2 ....geeee.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Am I on the right path ??

Oh well, I stressed to max during last weekend - from Saturday afternoon all the way till Monday night. Why ? My so called 'dou dai' or junior escalated a problem to me, then triggered the discovery of production data issues, traced back to 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks - this was a LONG duration - or unacceptable for me, one who is suppose to keep the data/information up to date and insync at all times loh.....geeeee, all in all - it was a horrible experience recovering the production data. Couldn't sleep well, eat well, the mind, the heart - all focus how else, what other best way to handle that problems, also kept asking why , how did it happened. FEAR of losing some critical data ...aiiii, I also treasured the comfort of having another senior in my team, 2 cooks are better than 1.

During that moment, my mind kept prompted me to think hard, am I choosing the right path ? Should I still involve in supporting production environment ? Plus, going to pick up another new DBMS lagi .... aiii

Life is just ups and downs, so cheer up Bahija - rest well tonight .... i m super zombie now :)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mr Africa

Bahija didn't step into theatre for slightly > 2 months. Guess what, hectic life part I is over soon. I shall have some free time in May for movie indulgence. That also means I can catch Star Wars in KL, accompany mum thru her eye surgery, attend my Uni tai loh's wedding, complete Alpha course....then baru cross the globe :)

Semalam, went to watch a movie - Sahara. Like Indiana Jones kinda movie, tresure hunting and adventures in South Africa. Half way watching the movie - when I saw those African men - I remembered this friend of mine, whom I met during my Uni time. He's from Zimbawie. Very tall, very very dark, his body - white teeth and eyes were super outstanding sebab the rest were too dark. The funny part was - back then, Bahija selalu attracted hitam manis guys - either from India or Africa loh. I actually tried one date with this Mr Africa. How was the date ? hmmm, not as smooth as I tot. I couldn't really tuned my mind to date a super dark man, to me, it's kind of scary to see his white eyes and teeth. I - brown skinned girl vs super dark man - I just felt weird. May be you call me discriminate .... I was OK being just normal friends, but anything more than friendship - errrrrr - I cabut far far.

It's ashamed I didn't know how to nurtue those friendships then - my focus then was to complete studies within the shortest time, spent most of the time worked part-time, baca buku & buat kerja rumah. I lost contact with ALL of them (those international students/friends I met during my Uni time), too bad ....


Ringgit, Bahija is so so so guilty :( AMPUN MAAF, SO SORRY...
Other readers, I spoiled his 'kat cheong' moment with TAR (The Amazing Race). Didn't know si Ringgit belum watched this show, I sort of smsed him the ending ....aiyuh, there goes the fun part - the shock of watching this series. Now, i recalled, most of the time, he only smsed me 'TAR very kat cheong' fullstop - see, generic, high level ...that's the way to go ! About TAR season 7, I don't find it as fun or as exciting or as kat cheong as season 5 and 6 liow. But still enjoy seeing different places across different countries :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Show 'respect' for our trees ....

Early last month, some authority decided to whack all the trees along Persiaran Kewajiban (passing thru USJ and Subang Jaya). It's amazing over 1 night, all the trees were cut off, left with the bald tree trunks. We, the taxpayers, the residents, the people who enjoy the green views & shades, just couldn't comprehend why such action was carried out ???? I read a few angry comments reported in The Star, have yet to read the reply from the authority. Tonight, when I passed by at 11pm. Geeeee, another group of workers putting up the road block signs, and working on their 'cut' jobs AGAIN on another area.....GOSH, why ? Personally, I don't buy in to the general excuses:- termite problems, leaves falling down & need street cleaning, dangerous trees, even if so, just cut those affected trees, not ALL of them. Somehow, I buy in to the common reason people have been spreading - someone wants to claim OT, extra income, so working hard at night. First of all, why bother to implement plant landscape, left huge space besides the road - as walk path and plant trees. why not just tar it ? why spend money to buy or in some area, imported overseas trees, planted them, watered them for years, then one fine day, feel like changing the look - transformed into 'bodak look' ....The whole nice cool view is gone forever, it's just too rediculas. Just like the case on Shah Alam Bukit Cahaya's agricultural park - part of the gazetted park was whacked, what a silly joke this can happened. Now the recent one is the Kuala Selangor Fire Flies river ...aiii - I have another sad story to share on our heritage thingy - from a good local tour guide (she's as good as Habibi, she's knowledgable, and dare to challenge her visitors - just like Habibi) - shall blog that later.

Countries I have visited

I achieved 7% only , there are so many countries to visit, to open my eyes, to learn .....keep on dreaming, and make this figure higher :) yey .

As I selected the countries, realized I have not step onto :-
a) Central America
b) Carribean
c) South America
d) Africa (except Egpyt)

Hehehe, should try this countries next time ....

create your own visited country map
or check our Costa Rica travel guide

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

刺激, 焦急, 兴奋

When the result notification came into in my malibox. My heart beat increased, my hand gementar, my body felt cold - I slowly logged on to the website - and checked my result. It was such a kat cheong moment, just like the time when I received my SPM result loh. I suppose kat cheong was because I really cannot tell or have confident to pass the exam. U know, sometimes, when we know for sure we can achieve certain key deliveriables, we can gauge the expected result - and things work out ok, we don't feel super kat cheong or takut .... Anyway, first step done, more exams coming soon .... what a blessing, may I find joy in tackling my next certifications. Smile smile smile :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

A reminder

Bahija was at airport, waiting for boarding time. So, flipped the newspaper, the first word I saw was ‘tithe’ geeee, it said Siti Nurhaliza always pay tithes on time. Okie, how is this sync to me. I memang dah decided 3 weeks ago that I’ll start mine in April, already sealed the tithe envelope liow. Last weekend was the first weekend in April, tapi I went Qing Ming, skipped church service. So, this Sunday, I’ll give cheerfully :). I just think that it is a friendly reminder sent to me loh . Some of you sure said I ‘siow’ liow. Well, Ringgit will understand these synchronicities, the fact that Bahija got started with blogging - also because of synchronicities, history is here…..Anyway, Ringgit met a colleague from UK who is 100% like Habibi …….hmm, may be his twin brother :P - that is amazing !

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Bahija is taking a study break now – sudah hardworking for 4 hours tonight. Tomorrow have to sit for an IT processes certification exam. I enjoyed the class, especially the fun game – like Monopoly or Cash Flow :). Tapi – when it comes to exam, hmm…Geeee, I’ve been thinking hard when was the last time I had to sit down and study for examination, must be many many moons ago, I just couldn’t recalled when. One thing for sure, I don’t quite like the ‘study’ thingy now. May be sudah old, the brain & body are exhausted. Well, may be it’s a good decision not started my Master in Q1. Imagine life would be miserable, juggling between baca, kerja, spiritual vitamins, family & no personal life wor. Obviuosly, Master program is in the trash liow, haha. Tomorrow’s exam should be a simple one, the more challenging ones are coming – those are my next stepping stones, gosh – how to re-ignite the passion of ‘study’ leh ? May be I should recall those fun Uni times yeah….. time’s up, continue baca-ing …aiiiii Wish me luck ...


Aiiiii, Sepet, Million Dollar Baby, Hitch, Be Cool, Miss Congeniality 2 - these are the movies I wish to watch, yet 'no time' - really no time. I miss the 'movie time' so much ......I purposely stay at a hotel next to a mall so that I can walk over to the cinema safely & catch up with all the movies ....alamak ..... tak jadi pula :(

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sex Up your skin !

Did you know you can tell if a woman just had sex ? Ha Ha ...
To my married Rubber Trees - please discard those expensive SK-II, La Praire, Estee Lauder , try this tips :P. To my male reader - keep this in mind and practise low maintenance on your spouse ....

Our bodies produce the hormone Oestrogen during the little romps, which gives a healthy shine to the face and hair. The sweat during sex also helps cleanse our skin pores so our complexion looks cleaner and more radiant. See, no need expensive face cream & hair treatment liow ...

Farewell to the soft toys ...

2 years ago, I went to Eldorado State Fair in Eldorado County. Uncle Billy Bob played a few games, and won 4 lovely soft toys , they were very cute & adorable. He gave all of them to me. Bahija is not a 'toy' person, of all the gift you can think of, please please don't give me doll or soft toy. Since the toys were so adorable, I decided to bring home, imported them all the way thousand miles, to donate to the orphanage. Today, I finally achieved the goal - my IT department is organizing a charity donation. All I did was to import them from KL to PG, the toys will find their sweet owners pretty soon ..... after all, that's what they are for, to make someone happy, smile while carrying / playing with them :)

Watching CNN on Pope John Paul II's funeral information, and saw thousand of people queuing since 5 am, long long queue just to witness or pay respect to Him. Hmmm, sometimes, i wonder also, we, human, seem to do things after someone past away, or seem to appreciate things when they are no longer exist. Being ethutiastic, spending whole lot of time just to see Him - wouldn't it make more sense if they would also do some good deed - channel those energy, time into helping others or making someone's life better - instead of just hours of long queue, then see Him, sad a bit, then go home - what's diff does she/he make ? just my 2 cents ...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Carrot for Bahija !!

This is for myself - to motivate me - my goal is when I'm ready and ok with my christian foundation, then only I can opt for this christian pilgrimage. I'm so glad The Star's writer Wong Chun Wai listed down the details for me , hehehehe. Si Kancil - Terima Kasih Banyak2 for dropping this hint :) - this is wonderful !!!

Eye opening experience
Pilgrim's process
A journey like no other


Bahija is memang weak in General Knowledge. 2003, when I visited Italy - Vatican City, baru heard of 'Pope' and learned about Him. I was standing at St Peter's Square after visited the Basalica, I turned my heard up right, and saw John Pope II, was standing at His favourite spot, His window, waving his hands to us. So, I had an opportunity to meet Him personally, though it was quite far a few kilometers away. I believe He was a noble spritual man. May He rest in peace, be closer with Father Lord now ......

Qing Ming

This year the Qing Ming season is super crowded. We had done this for the past 8 years, there weren't many people/crowd at 6:30 - 7 am. Mum pre-warned us that this year super busy, thus we left home at 5:30 am, and still caught in slow moving bumper to bumper jam, all the way from Jln Semenyih via kampung road to Nirwana Memorial Park ..... hmmm, i can think of a few reasons :- a) Economy not so good, people eager to make their Qing Ming pilgrimage, pay respect to the dead in order to wish for better future, b) Nirwana is enjoying good business, that many people mati and buried there, c) The Chinese value family gathering more, take this as an opportunity to meet together - this morning scenes were like multiple picnics - super riuh-rendah.

The actual day is April 5, Tuesday, 1 week before and after, people can go Qing Ming. So, at this moment, we are the one who polluted the environment by burning all sorts of 'paper offerings' such as nokia phone, BMW, house, maid, mahjong, USD, passport, air ticket etc etc ..... I don't quite agree with the ways / things people are doing, but I have no right to comment....My Penang boss gave me a joke that some foreigners bought those paper items home as sourvenirs, we were laughing out loud and said 'choy choy choy'.

I QT with Father Lord, asked for my excused for missing Sunday Service today, to pay my respect to my daddy....

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Welcoming Guest No 9

Hmm, documenting the visitor list, those who have visited my little nest :). First on the list to see my raw house (fresh from developer) was Mr T.
After the facelift ( renovation ), my guests in order are :-
1) Ringgit and his mum
2) Miss Sanguine
3) Janice
4) Mr T
5) Dockers Pant & hubby
6) Wau Bulan
7) Vivien
8) A group of colleagues

And I'm now waiting for guest no 9, Kancil and his friends. They are driving south from Penang, all the way just to enjoy the musical 'Sound of Music' on Saturday. Then will rush back to Penang. I hope they enjoy the musical. It's a huge effort all the way for this ......

I'm hoping that Anti-Ringgit and Miss Dragon make it to my top 10 !

Sea water is salty one meh ?

Last weekend, I made it to Langkawi island. It was a very relaxing, fun family outing. We tried the new Langkawi Cable car - which is higher and longer than the Genting's Cable car. Langkawi is a very beautiful island, surrounded by clear crystal sea. A cable car trip up to the top station - one can view the whole Langkawi and all its surrounding islands, for just RM15. To catch the beautiful sunset, be sure to reach the top station between 6:30 - 7pm.
I was very ambitous, I wanted my sweet mummy to try snorkerling. Little did I realize that the first thing she said to me when she step into the water was - "Bahija, sea water so salty one, I cannot tahan wor ?". When I heard this statement, I was shocked. Rupa-rupanya my mum had never been to sea before ! At the age of 70, she finally got to taste sea water, great achievement for her :) It was such a blessed holiday, all of us had great time - splashing water, feeding the fishes. Joey once told me, must visit Pulau Payar Marine Park. Yeah, it's a must go spot. There are many many many fishes, including sharks and baracuda as well. We actually snorkered just besides the sharks. The sharks are very huge - 3 to 5 feets. Marine Park is suitable for everyone from young to old.
Sharks and baracuda

Sometimes the world is so small .....

During secondary school, Rubber Trees and I were introduced to Fido Dido. He was from MBS. He had the cool Fido Dido's hairstyle. Thus, we nicknamed him Fido Dido. I had a few nice old photos of us, the SMP and MBS Cameron Highland trip. Aiyuh, all my Rubber Trees looked so 'ulu' and kolot. I had a super big square spectacle, so ugly loh. Those were the fun secondary time :o, a lot of outings, BBQ and field trips. Somehow, we loved to BBQ at Titiwangsa or Taman Tasik Perdana. I'm suppose to start a project to digitize the hardcopy photos, if done, then I'll post some of the super hillarious photos yeah :P Yaya informed that Fido Dido received his US PR 2 months ago. Great ! I also discovered tonight that Fido was Miss Angie's first sweet heart, ambui come I only knew this now? I don't keep in touch with him now, but I did met him once in US. Could be in Florida or Houston ... I had a picture of two of us, taken at an aerospace center- should be NASA space center, couldn't remembered how in the world I met him back then, have to find the photo :). The world is very small. There was an incident, I was shopping in a Chinese grocery store in Kansas City, and I met my primary school mate. He still had the same look, so I approached him, and viola, we talked and talked, it felt great to meet an old friend in a foreign land.

Closer to me now, my neighbour on my left, is Mr. T's diving friend. My neighbour on my right, is Miss Sanguine's professer. See, small world tak ?

Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool ....

April 1, 1996 – Bahija reported 9 am sharp at 15th floor. Waited for 30 minutes, didn’t see anyone coming to greet me, I was worried – hey, wait a minute “was this a April Fool trick ?’. Geeeee, today I celebrated my 9th year anniversary :). I started my working life on this date. Wow , nine years – such a big figure or rather long time. My first manager, was a nice Malay lady. She’s a sporting, fun lady. There were 10 of us who joined my ex-company on April 1. All of us were fresh, young, energetic, eager to build our so called ‘career’ …..

We were brought to 19th floor to be introduced to the team – it was the Services dept , where everyone was supposed to be based offsite at the customer site. If one was sitting in office, that meaned he/she had no project, and it was deemed as ‘not efficient’. Back then, this young 10-kakis group were placed in 22nd floor. Gee, the initial first week – was super duper boring. We were given TN3290 dump terminal – those green or orange color text based terminal accessing via VM operating system. We sent online messages thru VM mail. Had so much time to kill till we read the HR employee handbook in, out, upside down, and hafal the benefits. It was that short 2 to 3 weeks that we got to know each other, after those honeymoon weeks, all of us kena ‘jual baby babi’ – assigned to various projects with different customers. Back then, the ‘in’ thing was ‘Ecommerce’, e projects….none of us wanted to do AS/400, Mainframe, scanning, Visual Basic, C programming projects. But anyway, we obeyed and took up the assigned projects. Some time in July, we attended the ‘new employee orientation program’. Ours were held in Singapore – 3 weeks of brain-washing sessions. Participants were all new hires around the Asia region. Today, most of our ’10-kakis’ have left the company, tinggal 2 orang. We celebrated our 5th year anniversary at TGIF……may be we should arrange for one next year :)

1996 was a special year for me (on my personal side on top of learning, adapting to working life). Jan 2 – was the day I returned from US (back then, I was quite reluctant to balik kampung). Q1 was the time I mend my broken heart, also busy applied jobs and attended interviews. First paycheck – managed to belanja my parents for a small dinner. It was also the first and the last treat for my beloved daddy. I wish I could have more opportunities to belanja and serve him. Unfortunately, a tragedy happened, and we lost him. My whole family had to go thru a shocking funeral experience, the after shock / after funeral situation. Getting rid of the ‘hate’ feeling on Teddy Bear, helped mum went thru the sudden changes in life. That year also Teddy Bear had a lot of serious seizures and declared a few emergencies……It was a high impact year for me. I truly believe things happened for reasons, and I know the timing was just right that I was fated to be home from States – after that incident, the migration idea is erased from my memory. So I mourned for 1 year, had to change the whole wardrobe to black, blue, white or darker color.

1996 was a good year for Greedy. Thru her, I met Ringgit, Anti-Ringgit, Joey, TLG (my sister’s school mate), and a few other industrial trainees. So kiew, 3 of her industrial trainees are my colleagues now, the world is indeed small. It is this year, I met Bootidelicious, Mr Soon To Be GM, Coolman…….It’s also this year that Janice lost her sister in a car accident, KP lost her daddy due to cancer ….I recalled very well, we talked and shared about the sorrow moment, and how all these tragedies flew into our lives…….it’s part of the journey. 1996 – I can't categoried it as bad or good year - mixture of both - a significant year in my life, and will always be an unforgettable year !!

Happy April Fool & Happy Anniversary to me :)

p/s: I read Ringgit's first blog of the year (1st working day) back in Jan 1, time zooming fast, Q1 was over, reach my turn to blog about my '1st working day'.....dahsyat - this year, I feel that time is flying super fast ....still, no matter how busy we are, please remember to value lovely people around us, and not forgeting the most important one - ourself