Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sometimes the world is so small .....

During secondary school, Rubber Trees and I were introduced to Fido Dido. He was from MBS. He had the cool Fido Dido's hairstyle. Thus, we nicknamed him Fido Dido. I had a few nice old photos of us, the SMP and MBS Cameron Highland trip. Aiyuh, all my Rubber Trees looked so 'ulu' and kolot. I had a super big square spectacle, so ugly loh. Those were the fun secondary time :o, a lot of outings, BBQ and field trips. Somehow, we loved to BBQ at Titiwangsa or Taman Tasik Perdana. I'm suppose to start a project to digitize the hardcopy photos, if done, then I'll post some of the super hillarious photos yeah :P Yaya informed that Fido Dido received his US PR 2 months ago. Great ! I also discovered tonight that Fido was Miss Angie's first sweet heart, ambui come I only knew this now? I don't keep in touch with him now, but I did met him once in US. Could be in Florida or Houston ... I had a picture of two of us, taken at an aerospace center- should be NASA space center, couldn't remembered how in the world I met him back then, have to find the photo :). The world is very small. There was an incident, I was shopping in a Chinese grocery store in Kansas City, and I met my primary school mate. He still had the same look, so I approached him, and viola, we talked and talked, it felt great to meet an old friend in a foreign land.

Closer to me now, my neighbour on my left, is Mr. T's diving friend. My neighbour on my right, is Miss Sanguine's professer. See, small world tak ?

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