Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sea water is salty one meh ?

Last weekend, I made it to Langkawi island. It was a very relaxing, fun family outing. We tried the new Langkawi Cable car - which is higher and longer than the Genting's Cable car. Langkawi is a very beautiful island, surrounded by clear crystal sea. A cable car trip up to the top station - one can view the whole Langkawi and all its surrounding islands, for just RM15. To catch the beautiful sunset, be sure to reach the top station between 6:30 - 7pm.
I was very ambitous, I wanted my sweet mummy to try snorkerling. Little did I realize that the first thing she said to me when she step into the water was - "Bahija, sea water so salty one, I cannot tahan wor ?". When I heard this statement, I was shocked. Rupa-rupanya my mum had never been to sea before ! At the age of 70, she finally got to taste sea water, great achievement for her :) It was such a blessed holiday, all of us had great time - splashing water, feeding the fishes. Joey once told me, must visit Pulau Payar Marine Park. Yeah, it's a must go spot. There are many many many fishes, including sharks and baracuda as well. We actually snorkered just besides the sharks. The sharks are very huge - 3 to 5 feets. Marine Park is suitable for everyone from young to old.
Sharks and baracuda

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