Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mr Africa

Bahija didn't step into theatre for slightly > 2 months. Guess what, hectic life part I is over soon. I shall have some free time in May for movie indulgence. That also means I can catch Star Wars in KL, accompany mum thru her eye surgery, attend my Uni tai loh's wedding, complete Alpha course....then baru cross the globe :)

Semalam, went to watch a movie - Sahara. Like Indiana Jones kinda movie, tresure hunting and adventures in South Africa. Half way watching the movie - when I saw those African men - I remembered this friend of mine, whom I met during my Uni time. He's from Zimbawie. Very tall, very very dark, his body - white teeth and eyes were super outstanding sebab the rest were too dark. The funny part was - back then, Bahija selalu attracted hitam manis guys - either from India or Africa loh. I actually tried one date with this Mr Africa. How was the date ? hmmm, not as smooth as I tot. I couldn't really tuned my mind to date a super dark man, to me, it's kind of scary to see his white eyes and teeth. I - brown skinned girl vs super dark man - I just felt weird. May be you call me discriminate .... I was OK being just normal friends, but anything more than friendship - errrrrr - I cabut far far.

It's ashamed I didn't know how to nurtue those friendships then - my focus then was to complete studies within the shortest time, spent most of the time worked part-time, baca buku & buat kerja rumah. I lost contact with ALL of them (those international students/friends I met during my Uni time), too bad ....

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ringgit said...

Maybe you are fated with Mr Darkie... hint hint hint :)